Il Volo links and news for August 18, 2014

links and news:: August 18, 2014 – Le prevendite prendono Il Volo. Che mossa in piazza degli Scacchi – on Il Giornale di Vicenza – summary article about the Il Volo concert in Marostica. Tickets almost sold out!

:: August 18, 2014 – Daniele Falasca in tour italiano con il Volo! Pescara, Napoli e Marostica – on Music Press (in Italian) – announcing the Il Volo concerts in Italy with the guest Daniele Falasca.

:: August 17, 2014 – Il Volo – Teatro D’Annunzio – Pescara – on Portalle Della Notte – announcing the Italian tour of Il Volo.

Fashion Show – Piero Barone special guest

MG Fashion Show
Campobello di Licata, tutto pronto per il “Fashion show”: Piero Barone ospite d’onore – by Davide Difazio on Canicatti Web

Summary translation by Il Volo Dallas

It will take place tomorrow evening in Piazza XX Settembre in Campobello di Licata, the fashion show “Fashion Show” organised by MG Eventi of Maria Grazia Scicolone.
The event, organized down to the smallest details by Giuseppe Gloria e Maria Grazia Scicolone, will perform on stage several beauties of hinterland that parade in casual clothes and stylish. The winner of the contest will award a one-year deal with the Cine Worl Corporation of Livio Facciponte, next autumn, will launch several television projects in regional context.

Guest of honor will be the singer Piero Barone, known internationally thanks to “Il Volo”.
President of the jury will be the same President of the Cwc, Livio Facciponte.
The event, organized with the collaboration of the municipal administration and local operators, will begin at 20.30 Italy time.

*photo by MG Eventi

Il Volo news! – Premios Tu Mundo and Ricardo Montaner

Il Volo - Los Angeles June 7, 2014Great news!

1 – Il Volo is on the finals of Premios Tu Mundo – all our #ilvoloverspower worth! Premios Tu Mundo is an award for the celebrities who are part of ‘Your World’ and who you admire. In categories such as Novels, Music, Sports, Film and Popular Culture. Il Volo, Camila México, Chino e Nacho and Reik are the finalists on the category Duo o Grupo Favorito.The ceremony will take place on August 21, 2014 in Miami – 8pm (waiting for info about a possible participation of Il Volo) The whole list of the finalists >> Premios Tu Mundo

2 – Ricardo Montaner announced today that on his new CD will be a song in collaboration with Il Volo. He said on twitter: “There is a new song that I wrote with Ricky [his son]  which will have Spanish and Italian versions and the collaboration of Il Volo”. Lets wait for more info!

Beverly Olson (Il Volo Toronto)  reminded us that a few months ago Gianluca posted photos with Ricky and Evaluna – Ricky’s sister, also a singer.

Il Volo links & news for August 12, 2014

links and news:: August 11, 2014 – Pescara, a gonfie vele la prevendita per il concerto de “Il Volo” – by Francesco Rapino on L’Opinionista (in Italian) – The article talked about the Il Volo concert in Pescara and also the dates in Marostica and Napoli. The recent mini tour in Mexico was mentioned, in special the huge audience that attended the event. According to the author, Il Volo will be recording the new album at the end of September on several studios and will be searching for new locations in North and South America and preparing a new tour. At Christmas time they will be on US.

:: August 11, 2014 – Il Volo. Sulle ali del successo – by Sally Blank – preview of a book about Il Volo by Sally Blank. The author had several small biographies of celebrities published. The release date ‘was’ February, 2014 according to the site, but the book is still forthcoming.

Il Volo links and news for Aug 7, 2014

Il Volo Links and News:: August 7, 2014 – Gaetano Monachello prende “Il Volo” verso Lanciano: “Sfida affascinante” – on Agrigento Notizie (in Italian) – Piero Barone is mentioned on this article about Gaetano Monachello. The soccer player from Palma di Montechiaro is almost signing with a team from Abruzzo.

:: August 7, 2014 – Monticelli (PD), esprime apprezzamento per il giovane tenore Gianluca Ginoble – on Abruzzo 24 Ore (in Italian) – The chairman of the IV Commission, Luciano Monticelli, sent a letter to the President of the Regional Council, Luciano D’Alfonso, to highlight the talents of the young tenor of Roseto, Gianluca Ginoble, considering the important statement obtained outside the region. A great international success thanks to Il Volo, the operatic pop trio that also include Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto. Monticelli afirms that Gianluca is already the highest expression of Roseto and Abruzzo known in five Continents. (Monticelli, residente da IV Comissão, enviou uma carta ao presidente do Conselho regional, Luciano A’Alfonso, para por em evidência os talentos do jovem tenor Rosetano, Gianluca Ginoble, considerando a sua importante afirmação obtida fora da região. Um grande sucesso internacional graças ao Il Volo, o trio pop lírico que também inclui Piero Barone e Ignazio Boschetto. Monticelli aforma que Gianluca já é a maior expressão de Roseto e de Abruzzo conhecida em 5 continentes. (summary – resumo)

August 7, 2014 – Il Volo, gran concerto a Napoli: cresce l’attesa per l’Arena Flegrea – on Velvet Music – the article talked about the Italian Tour and the concert of Il Volo at Arena Flegrea in Napoli. Have a nice gallery of all time Il Volo photos.

Il Volo links and news for Aug 6, 2014

links and news:: August 5, 2014 – Per i ragazzi del «Volo» tappa napoletana all’Arena Flegrea – on Il Mattino (in Italian) – about the Italian Tour – Napoli

:: August 6, 2014 – Daniele Falasca in tour italiano con il Vol – on Comunicati Musicali (in Italian) – Daniele Falasca will be with Il Volo in the concerts of the Italian Tour, performing with the entire group. In Taormina he accompanied Gianluca Ginoble in a presentation that was noticed by the producers.

:: August 6, 2014 – Il volo all’Arena Flegrea – on Il Tacco di Bacco – announcing the Il Volo concert of September 12, 2014. (Napoli)

to be updated :)

Il Volo in Juarez – reviews

On August 4, 2014 , Televisa Ciudad Juarez and Canal Cuarenta Cuatro shared reports about the opening of the 10º Festival Internacional Chihuahua with a concert of Il Volo.

:: Canal Cuarenta Cuatro – The report was conducted by Hugo Argumedo. Watch the video:

video by Canal Cuarenta Cuatro

:: Televisa Ciudad Juarez Oficial

video by Televisa Ciudad Juarez Oficial

Por si te lo perdiste: Il Volo en Cd. Juárez

Il Volo links and news for Aug 4, 2014

Links and NewsItalian Tour

:: August 4, 2014 – IL MAESTRO DIEGO BASSO DIRIGE “IL VOLO” – in Eventi News 24 (in Italian) – about the Il Volo concert in Marostica, where the Orchestra Regionale Filarmonia Veneta will be conducted by the Maestro Diego Basso. (in Italian)

:: August 4, 2014 – via Paolo Di Vincenzo – IL VOLO: don’t miss the special of Anna Di Giorgio, which will be aired on Rete8 today – 10pm; Aug 6 – 8:30pm; Aug 7 – 11:30pm.


:: August 4, 2014 – Record en noche inaugural del FICH; reúne IL VOLO a más de 19 mil personas – on La Parada Digital – review of the Il Volo concert in Chihuahua (in Spanish)

:: August, 3 2014 – Reportan récord en la noche inaugural del Festival Internacional Chihuahua – on La Crónica de Chihuahua – review of the Il Volo concert in Chihuahua (in Spanish)

:: August 3, 2014 – SE PRESENTÓ IL VOLO ANTE MÁS DE 20 MIL PERSONAS EN CHIHUAHUA – on Noticias al Dia (in Spanish)

:: August 1, 2014 – MILES DE JUARENSES APLAUDEN A IL VOLO EN LA INAUGURACION DEL 10o. FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL CHIHUAHUA – on Puerta Notícias – review of the Il Volo concert in Juarez (in Spanish)

Il Volo links and news for Aug 1 and 2

links and news:: August 2, 2014 – Enloquecen miles de jovencitas con opera pop de Il Volo en Festival Internacional – by Carlos Hernández on La Opción (in Spanish)

:: August 2, 2014 – Vibra el Fich con “Il Volo” en la ciudad de Chihuahua – by Omar Rubio on Net Noticias

:: August 2, 2014 – IL Volo, la opera pop que enloqueció a Chihuahua – by Nancy De León on Entrelíneas (in Spanish)

:: August 2, 2014 – IL VOLO causa sensación en Chihuahua – on Al Contacto (in Spanish) Continue reading

Il Volo on Gente – “Fateci i complimenti non solo per la voce”

Il Volo is in a four pages special report on the weekly magazine Gente – Hearst Group . (August 2014 – n1)

via Paolo Di Vincenzo

Il Volo to Il Centro (video)

Recorded after the press conference on July 25, 2014 in Pescara. Gianluca talked about the amount of Arrosticini that Ignazio can eat. Piero seems to have eaten more :)

video by @allaboutilvolo

Article on Il Centreo: Musica, il trio Il Volo pronto allo sbarco in Abruzzo / Video – by Jolanda Ferrara to Il Centro

Translation by Madeline Bugeja:

The Boys said Ciao we are Il Volo, and they said that they will see them on the 5th of September at the D’ Annunzzio theatre. The man said, “And the Artosticini?” and Gian, said, that yesterday he took Ignazio and Piero for a meal of Arosticini, and Piero remarked that they were so good, Gian said they had them at Montepagano, and Ignazio said, BEEEEEE VERY GOOD!

LOL, Gian, said that Ignazio alone ate 60 of them, haha, and we see Ignazio vanish behind his hand, you don’t see him do you, just say no, and he will blush less, and told us to be the judge, well Gian, Ignazio is very tall, and he needs more calories to feed his bones, No? The lady remarked to Gianluca that he had just graduated, and asked how that was, and Gianluca, said yes, and that he did well, in Latin and Greek, and the lady said, and English? to which Gianluca answered in English to that, saying he spoke it very well, and said that he also spoke Spanish, saying that both in English and in Spanish, and adding that so do the other two, and the three of them spoke both Languages. Continue reading

Il Volo on Antenna 10 – Italy

Reports of the Il Volo concerts – the Italian Tour – and the press conference in Pescara.

video by Paolo di Vincenzo

Thank you Paolo di Vincenzo for sharing this awesome news!

Translation to English by Madeline Bugeja

The conference starts off with beautiful video of the boys singing El Triste.
And the we hear a male voice say, that Italy has confirmed what the rest of the world already said, that Il Volo are a great success, Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto, Gianluca Ginoble, with their looks, their music, and their shows, they travelled and they conquered the passionate fellowship of three generations, the three teenagers will be at the theater of D’ Anunzio, on the 5th September after a registered sold out on the 20th and the 21st of July at the old Creek Theater of Taormina, at the local Council here, the presentation of the concert was held.

Gianluca. said, that the people knew them as the three young tenors of Antonella Clerici, and I have to state, Gian said, that now everything has changed, we are not that anymore, Gian explained, here Gianluca, wants to say, that that image has changed, and that they are more than that now, and that they have success that some people were not aware of, as they knew them only as Gian said, the three young tenors, of the Clerici. Continue reading

Il Volo on LAQTV L’Aquila July 25, 2014

:: by Noemi Cococcia to LAQTV L’Aquila:

by all about il volo (alternative)

l Volo” conquista il mondo e torna a esibirsi in Italia – original video

:: by Noemi Cococcia to LAQTV L’Aquila:

by all about il volo (alternative)

“Il Volo” ritratto da Michele Torpedine – original video

Il Volo conquer the world and now Italy

Reports of the Il Volo concerts – the Italian Tour – and the press conference in Pescara.

:: On TG Sera of July 25, 2014 – Il Volo – TelePonte (video)

:: On TG Max of July 25, 2014Il Volo on TG Max – by Leda D’Alonzo and TeleMax (video)

Thank you Paolo di Vincenzo for sharing this awesome news!


:: On more video of the press conference in Pescara:

Alessandra Portinari