Il Volo first rehearsal at the Ariston in Sanremo – gallery and video


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Yesterday Il Volo made his first rehearsal with the Orchestra of Sanremo at the Teatro Ariston. La Presse / Oggi published beautiful photos and also a nice video report. video by metroitalia Photos by Adriano Conte – La Presse and … Continue reading

Il Volo links & news for Jan 27, 2015

Sanremo 2015, ospiti e cantanti arrivano all'Ariston

by Adriano Conte/LaPresse

Yesterday was an Il Volo busy day for us. Although we are not in Italy and depending on the news published by other media, we publish the main news about Il Volo first than many Itaian sites and newspapers. It is not important on itself but it give us the certainty we are doing a good job here. During the day we update the article including more sources and trying to the incoherences. For those who are still lost on the news:

  • The Il Volo EP, which will be released on February 24, contains 7 songs: Grande amore, Ancora (Eduardo De Crescenzo), L’immensità (Don Backy), Piove (Ciao Ciao Bambina) (Domenico Modugno), Vacanze romane (Matia Bazar), Romantica (Tony Dallara) e Canzone per te (Sergio Endrigo).
  • Il Volo will release another production, an international album, later this year (some sites said at the end of the year) with some unreleased songs and different bonus tracks depending on the country of publication.
  • Il Volo will make an Italian tour through 10 cities including Taormina, Verona and Pompeii, on many prestigious venues. Some sources said that will be in summer. Michele Torpedine said that the dates will be published this week.
  • Il Volo will be in Beijing for the opening of the Chinese New Year. It means they will travel today.

Let’s go to the news!

19:00 – Nice article about Il Volo on Cultura & Culture. The informations are the same of the press conference already published, but is was written in a nice and sensible way. – Il Volo e il Grande Amore per Sanremo e l’Italia – by Silvia Marchetti on Cultura & Culture (jan 27, 2015 in Italian)

Sanremo 2015, ospiti e cantanti arrivano all'Ariston17:00 – Nice video published by AskaNews of the press conference attended by Il Volo in Milan, yesterday. – Il Volo a Sanremo con “Grande amore”: pop lirico parla ai giovani (youtube Jan 27, 2015 in Italian) – They talk about Sanremo and the new EP, as we already publish here: Il Volo great News! Italian tour and more!

16:50 – Il Volo interview on Witty Tv, Jan 26, 2015. Milan – video: In linea diretta con… Il Volo (Jan 27, 2015 in Itaiian)

16:30 – On the archive of Sanremo 2015 on RAI 1 we can find the videos of the first rehearsals. Today more “big” artists were on the Teatro Ariston: Sanremo 2015 archive.

15:30 – Chi Magazine announced an special surprise to Il Volo tomorrow. The journalist Valerio Palmieri tweeted: Domani su @chimagazine bellissima sorpresa per gli amici de @ilvolo, vero @GianGinoble? Ne sai qualcosa? Ah ah. Well … let’s wait :)

14:00 – The contestants of Sanremo 2015 and the social networks – Adnkronos brought to us the numers of Facebook, Twitter, …: The most popular on facebook are Nesli (938.000 followers), Anna Tatangelo (872.000) and Il Volo (825.000). On twitter we have Anna Tatangelo (383.000), Irene Grandi (361.000) and Il Volo (245.000). The most popular considering the interactions and the active fans is again Anna Tatangelo, according to the institute Reputation Manager. – Tatangelo con Nesli e Il Volo i big più social a Sanremo – on Adnkronos (Jan 27, 2015 in Italian)

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Il Volo links & news for Jan 26, 2015

Links and NewsWe are living times of many links and news! Sanremo is literally blooming. Sometimes not in a nice way. I am surprised with the low level of the almost all articles about Sanremo: one repeat another (sometimes copying wrong!); they use a lot of metaphors instead solid arguments; in general, some articles seem to be written by amateurs and not professional music critics. Reading the reviews about the first presentation of the 20 “big” songs to Sanremo we continue without a way to build an opinion. Well, in times where people use only images instead words (even if sometimes an image speaks better then words) is not surprise that metaphors (that also have their space) are used instead arguments.

A song is not a puzzle of text and music. A song is the magic created by text, music, arrangements, interpretation. Sanremo songs will exist only on the Ariston stage through the emotion of the audience there and all over RAI arrives.

Let’s go, it is Monday as Piero said :)

18:00 – Spreading Il Volo in Brazil! – The fan club Ilvolovers Brasiliane are literally seeding our favorite ‘virus’ on the streets of Guarulhos, São Paulo. On Jan 22, was the first action, from 6pm to 9:30pm – Watch the video: Espalhando Il Volo Pelo Brasil – Vídeo Inicial/Dicas – by Ilvolovers Brasiliane – Read also an article on the Brazilian website Grande Amor Il Volo“Espalhando Il Volo pelo Brasil

15:00 – Yahoo Celebrity published a video report of LOL News (with photos of Il Volo) about the performance of Il Volo as winner on Sanremo 2015, according to the number of the main  Agencies – l Volo al Festival di Sanremo 2015. Vinceranno loro? – video by LOL News

14:00 – Festival di Sanremo announced on facebook that today the artists will be rehearsing at the Teatro Ariston. Maybe Il Volo is already there.

11:20 – Just published by TV Zap an interview with Il Volo that brings more mystery to the Chinese affair. According to the article Il Volo will fly to Beijing tomorrow (?) and many many news about #ilvolograndeamore #sanremograndeamore Don’t miss the special article: Il Volo great News! Italian tour and more! (with more sources) – from Sanremo 2015, Il Volo sul palco ‘per riaffermare la nostra italianità’ – by Zelia Pastore on TV Zap. Continue reading

Il Volo links & news for Jan 25, 2015

Il Volo links & newsOn February 9, 2015 Il Volo will probably attend the Sanremo Festival Gran Galà, a traditional event during the Festival, where will take place the 5th edition of Premio Dietro Le Quinte, the 2nd edition of Premio Speciale Numeri 1 – Città di Sanremo, the Super Premio Speciale U.N.C.L.A. and the special award L’Europa al Festival. The ceremony will take place at Royal Hotel Sanremo, 18:00 (ITA), Salone Ibiscus.

Premio Dietro Le Quinte is an award to recognize those who work behind the scenes of the 65º Festival della Canzone Italiana. the Premio Speciale Numeri 1 – Città di Sanremo is an award that is assigned, since last year, to personalities and performers who lived highlight moments of the history of the event. This year the award goes to Albano Carrisi. The Super Premio Speciale U.N.C.L.A will be assigned to several personalities related to the world of the entertainment. The award “L’Europa al Festival” goes to Lara Fabian for her courage to compete on Sanremo 2015. All the awards are made by Michele Affidato, the goldsmith master of Crotone. Special guests expected on the event: Il Volo, Elisabetta Gregoracci, Beppe Vessicchio and Anna Falchi. – source: GRAN GALÀ DEL FESTIVAL – by Silvia Berlinguer on Il Foglio Italiano (Jan 20, 2015 in Italian)

. we have no news about the performance in China and we realize that there was some mistake on the news published by the press and commented by us here two weeks ago. At least about the date. No time enough for arrive in China for a performance tomorrow.

Il Volo link and news for Jan 24, 2015

Sanremo 2015 links & newsA day to read the reviews about the presentation of the 20 unreleased songs for Sanremo 2015 and one more time to be a little … relief to see that, although they talk a lot of “more of the same” and “nothing really new” the press also wrote “more of the same” and “nothing new”or more than clichés. A few have the courage to say what they really thought – good or bad -, and you have to deal with people trying to be cool, trying to look inserted into the musical context, but with a lack of originality and overwhelming courage. Do not like it? Say it without subterfuge and with solid arguments. Metaphors must be used with some knowledge of the facts. But it is understandable…, many people have a high resistance to recognize their mistakes later so it is easy to remain behind words of unclear meaning.

Let’s go the news:

16:00 – Gianluca Ginoble mentioned in an article about the Festival dell’Adriatico 2015. they said that through time the festival received many contestants that after became famous, as Gianluca Ginoble, the winner of 2008 on the ‘Young Category’, now protagonist of the fantastic trio Il Volo. – Festival dell’Adriatico 2015, apertura ufficiale iscrizioni – on Picenotime (Jan 24, 2015)

14:00 Radio Festival is a web radio enterely dedicated to the Sanremo Festival. The radio can be listened online on and on smartphones and tablets, thanks to the APP Mobile Radio 105. The radio offers every day, 24 hours 24, born on the stage of the classic festival in the City of Flowers, with the performance of the winners and losers from 1951 to today, the curiosities, the background, and, Live from Sanremo House – the official “hospitality” area of the show most followed by Italians – interviews with Beppe Cuva with all the protagonists of the 2015 edition, the new presenter and artistic director Carlo Conti, who has unveiled on Radio Festival the secrets of the Festival number 65 and all Big and New proposals in the competition.

8:30 – Questo è un Festival da incubo
Canzoni mediocri e uniformi
– by Giuseppe Attardi on La Sicilia – Review about the 20 unreleased songs for Sanremo 2015. “A Sanremo nightmare is to be held on February 10 to 14 at the Teatro Ariston. The uniformity prevails. A molasses in the music and lyrics. The ballad melodic reigns in its classic structure: delicate intro, emphatic opening to start the voice and exploit the orchestra. And love, in all its facets…” Il Volo: “And then “Il Volo”, whose tenor voices will peel the hands of the Sanremo audience. Throats unfolded, the three singers are presented with a great love song with a development to Europe (those of The Final Countdown): on the edge of kitsch, between musical and pop romance.”

7:00 – SANREMO 2015, MELODIA E AMORE PROTAGONISTI SUL PALCO DELL’ARISTON – on RAI News – Article about the preview of the 20 unreleased songs for Sanremo 2015, talking about the predominance of the “Love”as theme of the songs typical of festival. Carlo Conti announced the comedians Alessandro Siani, Angelo Pintus and Luca & Paolo as guests on Sanremo 2015. (Jan 23, 2015)

Il Volo links & news for Jan 23, 2015

links and newsOne day more close to Sanremo 2015 and one day after a quiet day on the Ilvolosphere broken only by the happiness to see Il Volo leading the polls and highly-rated on bets. Sanremo works over ‘rumors’ and real or fake anticipations, on the waves created by the press.

14:00 – About the preview of the 20 “Big” songs for Sanremo 2015, Il Gazzettino said that almost all are love songs, but no one can leave you open-mouthed. About Il Volo: “il Volo già destinati ai primi posti con una grande canzone da musical a tre voci sull’amore assoluto” – or Il Volo already designed to the first places with a great song at three voices about the absolute love”. They also are well surprised with Grazia and Platinette with a song about the intimate emotions of a woman in a man’s body. – Svelate le canzoni di Sanremo: ecco chi può vincere davvero – on Il Gazzettino (Jan 23, 2015 in Italian)

11:40 – Today we will publish (in a few hours) a great article about “Grande Amore” – #Sanremo2015, Il Volo and… – wait! It will be a surprise. Stay tuned! #ilvolograndeamore

10:30 – Abruzzo al Festival di Sanremo 2015 – on Monday Jan 26, will be publicly presented the initiative “L’Abruzzo al 65° Festival della Canzone italiana” – Let’s keep an eye on it! – on L’Impronta (Jan 23, 2014 in Italian)

Sanremo songs preview10:15 – According with TV Blog (Blogo) today took place expected the first listening of the Big songs of the Sanremo Festival. TV Blog was blogging Live and adding their impressions about the songs. They seemed to be not impressed with the songs, saying that their favorite are Di Michele-Coruzzi, Malika, Nina Zilli, Biggio and Mandelli and the other are more or less boring. They said that “the small closed event will be held in the presence of the artistic director of the Festival, as well as conductor, Carlo Conti”. Continue reading

Il Volo links & news for January 22, 2015

Links and NewsBuongiorno! After I went to sleep yesterday or, better, today early, Gianluca Ginoble confirmed on twitter that Il Volo is really going to China next week.

13:05 – The Agenzia Giornalistica sul Mercato del Gioco (AGIMEC) confirms the information of Il Velino: Il Volo is now on the first place among the favorites to win Sanremo 2015. The rank: Il Volo 5, Lorenzo Fragola 6, Dear Jack 8. – Scommesse: Sanremo 2015 è delle giovani leve. I pronostici mettono sul podio Il Volo, Lorenzo Fragola e Dear Jack – AGIMEC (Jan 22, 2015 in Italian)

11:30 According to Il Velino there is a change on the bookmakers data about the favorites to win Sanremo 2015. Now Il Volo is on the first place with 5, followed by Lorenzo Fragola with 6 and Dear Jack with 8. Not mentioned the sources of the information. – Sanremo: trio Il Volo favorito insieme a Lorenzo Fragola – on Il Velino (Jan 22, 2015 in Italian)

07:30 Article on Vanity Fair that list the ‘romances’ surrounding Sanremo 2015. About Il Volo they only said that they have a “Grande Amore” – Sanremo 2015, l’inventario sentimentale – on Vanity Fair (Jan 22, 2015 in Italian)

Il Volo New Album “Sanremo Grande Amore” will be released after Sanremo 2015

Il VoloAccording to Cristian Scarpone on All Music Italia the new album of Il VoloSanremo Grande Amore – will be released on February 24, 2015 just after the 65º Festival della Canzone ItalianaSanremo 2015. The most expected news was published today, only 29 minutes ago and needs to be confirmed by Il Volo.

On the article:

“Grande Amore tells about the love experienced by the twentysomethings. It’s a song that combines pop and classical, but it is not lyrical, it reflects our style and that in Italy you hear very few” – Il Volo said.

Still according to the article the song Grande Amore was proposed by Orietta Berti on a previous edition of Sanremo and refused.  Although not confirmed, the Album should contain, in addition to Grande Amore, covers songs that have made history on the Sanremo Festival.

The article ends saying that now Il Volo are ready to conquer the victory in Sanremo, that would launch them permanently and that the odds of the bookmakers seem to confirm that.



* photo by Pamela Rovaris on the Emporio Armani Fashion Show

Il Volo links & news for Jan 21, 2014

Placido DomingoLet’s begin the news wishing a Happy Birthday to Placido Domingo, amazing singer and a warm and kind person. May this new year of life be all that are in your dreams Maestro!

* the photo is from his facebook page: Placido Domingo

And let’s go to the news on Il Volo, Sanremo, the Ilvolosphere … all about Il Volo :)

Aired today on La Vita in Diretta a short (very short) interview with Il VoloFestival di Sanremo: io su quel palco voglio andarci a cantare! – complete video on RAI (Il Volo on 2:02) – Piero said “We thought, here is the music passion, Sanremo is an Italian event, the event that all the Italian expected.” – short video on our instagram.

All the “sanremosphere” are talking about the special guests for the contest that will taake place from February 10 to 14, 2015. Rumors and Rumors and a few confirmations. On the press conference Carlo Conti confirmed the group Imagine Dragons on the stage of the Teatro Ariston. Yesterday, Reality Show (Blogo) published that Giovanni Allevi said that he was happy with the invitation and hope to bring Love – his new album – to the event. The names of Tiziano Ferro and Gianna Nannini are strong on the rumors, according to All Songs TV, but not officially confirmed yet. Other names mentioned: the actor Will Smith, Romina and Al Bano. Update: Vanity Fair published that Carlo Conti confirmed Al Bano and Romina in an interview to RTL – Sanremo 2015, Al Bano e Romina ospiti (in Italian, just now)

IL VOLO: DOPO IL FESTIVAL ARRIVA L’ALBUM “SANREMO GRANDE AMORE” – by Cristian Scarpone on All Music Italia – According to the article, the Il Volo New Album – Sanremo Grande Amore – will be released on February 24, 2015. Read more: Il Volo New Album “Sanremo Grande Amore” will be released after Sanremo 2015. Continue reading

Il Volo on TV Sorrisi e Canzoni n.4

TV Sorrisi e Canzoni n.4 Jan 2015Released the new edition of TV Sorrisi e Canzoni with a report of the meeting for the traditional photo of all the protagonists of Sanremo 2015TV Sorrisi e Canzoni nº 4 – Jan 24 – 30.

Sanremo… al via
Tutti insieme per le foto di Sorrisi

The magazine is on newsstands and we have some images. Il Volo is living the Italian dream and we can see this in all the details and close attention that the press is giving to Sanremo 2015 and its protagonists.

On the article on TV Sorrisi e Canzoni about the backstage of the photo shooting for the special cover for Sanremo 2015 edition was said that this Sanremo will be a party, according with the atmosphere on the set! A long day with all the “big”: makeup room, dressing room, individual pictures. In between all this they attended interviews and have the opportunity to know better each other. “Finally, the historic group photo. Which this year will surprise you: wait and see!” – wrote TV Sorrisi e Canzoni. Of course we will wait!

* photos of Anna Tatangelo and Lucy Maugeri
** gallery updated with the photos published on Jan 21, 2015 by TV Sorrisi – Photographer Stefano Torrione – SANREMO 2015, IL BACKSTAGE DELLE FOTO DI SORRISI CON TUTTI I CAMPIONI DEL FESTIVAL.

Il Volo links & news for Jan 20, 2015

links and newsThe last news we have from Il Volo yesterday is that all them are going home.  Piero and Gianluca tweeted they are arriving early today. On the ilvolosphere many videos, photos and comments about their participation on the Emporio Armani Show yesterday in Milan among many other celebrities like Podolski and Lorenzo Fragola, beyond the mythical Giorgio Armani. Highlights to the ease of Gianluca during the interviews: casual, clear, elegant.

The Sanremo 2015 official site included the biographies of all the contestants. The Il Volo bio is based on the informations of the Italian Wikipedia on the topic. – Il Volo – Sanremo 2015 site RAI

Davide Maggio published about the prognosis to Sanremo 2015 informing that on this beginning of the week the data of SNAI point to the grow of Il Volo on the preferences to win Sanremo. They began with 16, then 9 and now 7 of share. According to the article Il Volo could achieve a surprising success on their first participation on the contest. The favorite remain Lorenzo Fragola, the winner of X-Factor, with 5.5. Alex Britti, Malika and Dear Jack are on 9. – DM LIVE24: 20 GENNAIO 2015. SANREMO 2015: SI SCOMMETTE SULLA VITTORIA DE IL VOLO – ANCHE L’AIART CONTRO FORTE FORTE FORTE – UNA FAMIGLIA… QUASI PERFETTA SU LA5 – on Davide Maggio (Jan 20, 2015 in Italian) – Source: AGIMEG – Scommesse: i giocatori di Snai sembrano dare fiducia al trio Il Volo.

Kika Press published a big photo gallery of Il Volo outfit proving on Armani – Milano, on the occasion of the Emporio Armani Show. Photos of Marco Piraccini – Alle sfilate di Milano la moda prende… Il Volo (Jan 19, 2015 in Italian) – info by Gaby Dion.

A new video published by Enzo De Paola with images of the children of the Orchestra Sinfonica dei Quartieri Spagnoli guests a Palazzo Madama during the rehearsals for the Concerto di Natale del Senato. Il Volo appear on a few moments. – Concerto di Natale – Senato della Repubblica on youtube (Jan 19, 2015)

There is a new site on the Ilvolosphere. The Fan Club Ilvolovers Brasiliane lauched a Tumblr site with reports in Portuguese about our favorite guys: Ilvolovers Brasiliane.  Beautiful layout and texts written with lightness and humor, but with consistence, too.

Il Volo links & news for Jan 19, 2015

links and news

Il Volo & Sanremo News!

Today Il Volo attended the presentation of the Armani’s Autumn-Winter collection 2015-2016, an event part of the Milan Menswear Fashion Week. We did a small report here: Il Volo on Emporio Armani Show.

Ignazio Boschetto was mentioned on an article about Mauro Marino – a young musician of Marsala that won the audition to the Orchestra Giovanile Italiana. The article was published by Itaca Notizie and said that Ignazio realized “Il Volo” in all the senses. – Il marsalese Mauro Marino nell’Orchestra Giovanile Italiana. Vince e va in finale all’EUYO – by Claudia Marchetti on Itaca Notizie (Jan 19, 2015 in Italian)

Agrigento Notizie published about the adventures of Il Volo in Millan. The Sunday of Il Volo and the presence of Gianluca and Piero at  San Siro Stadium to the soccer match Milan x Atalanta. The article mention the sushi dinner with Lorenzo Fragola and Podolski in Milan. – La domenica de “Il Volo” a Milano: “San Siro” prima, Podolski poi – by Federica Barbadoro to Agrigento Notizie (Jan 19 in Italian)

Europazzia News published a big article about Il Volo, part of the series about the Sanremo 2015 contestants. The article, based on the Italian Wikipedia, is very accurate and brings the main topics of their career, the same you can find on the official site of Il Volo or here on AAIV. – Sanremo 2015 – Campioni: Il Volo – Grande amore – (Jan 19 in Italian)

Il Volo links & news for Jan 18, 2015

Il Volo links & newsYes, they have scattered after Sanremo and Milan adventures: Gianluca stood in Milan, Piero went to Turin and Ignazio came back to Marsala.

But the news continued to appear, mainly about Sanremo 2015.

armaniArmani announced for tomorrow 10:30 (GMT+1) Live on his site: – ‪#‎EmporioArmani‬ Fall / Winter 2015/2016 men’s fashion show. Piero published that they are preparing to the show, so Il Volo must be there. (waiting for more details)


:: Sanremo 2015:

According to Box Musica, Maria De Filippi said that although she is cheering for the contestants that came from the talent show Amici, she thinks that Il Volo will win Sanremo 2015, because they are really very good. – Maria de Filippi: “Tifo i miei ma a Sanremo vincerà Il Volo” – on Box Musica (Jan 17, 2014 in Italian)

Another prognostic published by Blasting News announce Lorenzo Fragola, Dear Jack and Alex Britti as the possible winners of Sanremo 2015, considering the data os SNAI. According to the article by Domenico Mungiguerra there is a few margins of victory for Annalisa, Chiara Galiazzo and Moreno, as well as for the group Il Volo. On the social networks the preferences of the public goes to Dear Jack, followed by Lorenzo Fragola and Moreno. – Sanremo 2015 pronostico vincitore: favoriti Lorenzo Fragola, Dear Jack e Alex Britti

Comment: As you all can see the winds are coming from the north and south at the same time :) No surprise for those who know the press role on events like Sanremo or other kinds of competitions.

:: Il Volo news:

A #throwback  today on youtube. Magazine Tele Web published a video report of the TAO AWARDS that took place in Taormina, July 2014. Il Volo appears on the audience and receiving the award.

video by Magazine Tele Web

Il Volo links & news for Jan 17, 2015

Francesco BaroneTanti Auguri, Francesco Barone! May this new year of life be full of joy and success on all your projects! Happy Birthday!

And now the news!
:: Maniglio Botti on his article on RMF Online said that Il Volo is a certainty or at least a hope, a guarantee of success. Il Volo are the standard-bearers of Italian song, in the same way that Caruso, Pavarotti or Bocelli, “adding due to their young age lightheartedness, and even a bit of irony.” The article also include topics about the Festival along its more than 50 years, the presence of television, the changes and the continuities in this traditional event. – on RMF Online (Jan 16, 2014 in Italian)

to be updated!

Il Volo links & news for Jan 16, 2015

Piero and Ignazio wearing QuattrocentoAs yesterday let’s start our ‘links & news’ with something special. This time a detail of the style composition that drew our attention.

Quattrocento – an Italian brand for eye wear -, are the responsible for the amazing look of our favorite guys, considering the eyeglasses, a important part of the outfit. Recently included on the top 15 startups you need to know for 2015 (Forbes), young as Il Volo, the company created by Sharon Ezra and Eugenio Pugliese produce a high quality eyewear collection with reasonable prices, the opposite of mass production, on the spirit of the Italian artisans. (the image is a edition of the photos shared by Piero and Ignazio)

. update: Quattrocento published on facebook the photo of Piero with a special offer: “Hello there you awesome Piero Barone of il Volo Our glasses Quattrocento are just perfect on you. Use coupon code: ILVOLO400 and get optical glasses with € 20 OFF, until this Sunday.
Enter now:
Il Volo #ilvolo #ilvolomusic #ilvolograndeamore” (thank you to Gaby Dion for the link)

:: Sanremo 2015 news:

. LecceSette replay the information that Carolina Bubbico will conduct the Orchestra for the presentations of Serena Brancale and Il Volo on the 65º Festival della Canzone Italiana. According to the article journalist, critics and musicians believe that Il Volo will win Sanremo 2015, considering the great success that the group achieved abroad many sold out concerts. About Carolina Bubbico are said that despite her young age, she has many important collaborations and musical experiences. her song “La vita è tutta mia” was among the finalists for Sanremo last year, although not on the finals. – La salentina Carolina Bubbico a Sanremo, dirigerà l’orchestra per Il Volo e Serena Brancale – on LecceSette (Jan 16, 2015 in Italian)

. The official page of Sanremo 2015 is hosted on RAI: Sanremo – 65º Festival della Canzone Italiana, but there were several sites covering the news about the festival, like:

. Vanity Fair published an article with the main informations of the press conference of #sanremo2015 highlighting the presence of two singers as hostess along with Carlo ContiArisa and Emma Marrone. The article also include a nice photo gallery of the 20 “big” with the songs that they will perform on Sanremo. (go there and tweet Il Volo!) – Sanremo 2015, le vallette cantanti – by Cecilia Uzzo on Vanity Fair (Jan 15, 2015 in Italian)

Il Volo preparing for Sanremo 2015

A single post for a 15s video but as Il Volo we are very excited! Just after recording the videoclip of Grande Amore, Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero took a time to talk to us.

video of Il Volo – edited by AAIV

Ignazio: Hi, guys! We just arrived from recording the video of
All: Grande Amore!!!
Piero: I don’t tell you nothing. Here, there is a bow tie. Silence!!!
Gianluca: Many beautiful news coming about Sanremo and not only.
All: Pssssss
Gianluca: I recommend to follow us…
Piero: Guys! We love you!
All: Bye!
Ignazio: see you soon!

#ilvolograndeamore << I like this!!! Let’s use #ilvolovers ?

* translation to be revised :)

Il Volo links & news – Jan 15, 2015

Eleonora Ginoble

Eleonora e Gianluca Ginoble

:: Today is the birthday of Eleonora Ginoble and we wish her a great new year of life, full of dreams that came true and, above all, full of new dreams to cultivate together with her family and friends.

Gianluca and his beautiful mom – the birthday girl! – will be the cover of our news today.

Tanti Auguri, Eleonora!

:: Sanremo News:

. Today, Carlo Conti will be a guest on the radio program “The Flight” on RTL 102.5 at 16:30 (ITA) – with Fabrizio Ferrari and La Zac – source RTL 102.5 Schedule

. Opti Magazine publishes the selfies shared yesterday on the photo shooting to TV Sorrisi e Canzoni – Sanremo 2015 a tutto selfie: le foto dei Big in gara sul set del primo shooting – by Claudia Gagliardi on Opti Magazine. (Il Volo is there!)

. Carlo Conti interviewed by Radio DeeJay – Carlo said that all the artists were there for the official photo yesterday. Talking about the voting system he said that on the 2 last episodes the voting by Experts, Televoting and Opinion Poll will balance the results, differently of the previous editions were the popular vote had more weight. Then he talked about the 3 hostess for Sanremo 2015, highlighting that on the stage of the Aristo there will be 2 former winners of the Festival. He also explained that the organization of the Festival occurred in 3 steps: 1 – the rules, the general format of the Festival; 2 – the audiences for the new proposals; 3 – the selection of the 20 “big”. News: on the last episode, Valentine’s Day, we will see for the first time on the stage one song of the musical “Romeo and Juliet”. – Article and video on Radio DeeJay: CARLO CONTI SU SANREMO: “PORTERÒ ROMEO E GIULIETTA SUL PALCO DELL’ARISTON”

. Area Sanremo, the contest that brings young talents to Sanremo, will be a TV event. The news was announced during the press conference to Sanremo 2015 on Jan 13, 2015. The goal is to give more visibility to the “new proposals”. At the end of 2015 would be aired a first episode with the participants to the next editon of the Sanremo Festival. – video by VideoImperiaTV – AREA SANREMO : FORMAT PER I GIOVANI (in Italian)

. Carlo Ponti, interviewed by several journalists, after the press conference on Jan 13, 2015, talked about the Festival. He said that he is calm, serene and relaxed to lead tha Festival. He explained that for him the most important was the selection of the 20 artists for the competition, but now he is sure that the selected will make a great Sanremo. He also talked about the 3 hostess, Arisa, Emma Marrone and Rocio Morales, and said that they expected to do a funny and relaxed Festival, a Sanremo to be singed. Carlo said he feel home presenting Sanremo, that he dreamt to be there. The Festival that remains in his memory was the edition of 1971 with Lucio Dalla singing. Then he talked about the scenography, presented as a computerized version, and said that it was very close to the reality and that the lights will be the main protagonists. He ends confirming the award for the winner cover song: a brand new flower offered by Sanremo breeders. –  report shared by Redazione Il Nazionale – video (Italian) – Festival 2015 – Intervista a Carlo Conti. (Jan 13, 2015)

Jan 13, 2015 – Il Volo links & news

links and news:: Sanremo 2015 press conference – watch LIVE here.

:: Sanremo News announces the press conference that will be held today at Teatro dell’Opera del Casinò in Sanremo with the presence of Carlo Conti – presenter and Artistic Director -, and the RAI’s directors. Before the conference will take place a meeting between Alberto Biancheri, the Mayor of Sanremo, Giancarlo Leone, the Director of RAI 1, and Carlo Conti. They will discuss details of the festival as the “red carpet” event that involves all the city on the festival, as well as Palazzo Bellevue from where will be possible to see the stars coming out of the Teatro Ariston.

Meanwhile Arisa and Emma Marrone are confirmed as hostess, helping Carlo Conti on the stage of the Ariston and today they will be there on the press conference. Biancheri proposes to dedicated a new flower hybrid produced by local master breeders to the winner of the Festival. With the change of the set designer of Sanremo, there is an expectation about the return of the flowers to the stage, and this is the hope of the administration of Sanremo city, that also are making efforts to promote the flowers of Sanremo on the side events of the Festival.- @Sanremo 2015: oggi la presentazione ufficiale del Festival, le proposte del Sindaco Biancheri alla Rai (Jan 13, 2015 in Italian)

:: Il Volo is already in Sanremo! The press conference will be broadcated Live by RAI 1 –

:: According to Lei Chic, Irina Shayk may be will join Arisa and Emma Marrone on the Ariston stage. – Festival di Sanremo 2015: Irina Shayk sul palco dell’Ariston con Arisa ed Emma Marrone? – Lei Chic (Jan 13, 2015 in Italian)