Il Volo on Tale e Quale Show :)

Tale e Quale ShowSeptember 26, 2014 – Several TV sites announced that Il Volo will be on the 4th episode of Tale e Quale – a TV show of RAI 1, conducted by Carlo Conti. Not personally as we would love by like a challenge for Gabriele Cirilli: he must imitate Il Volo. Well… lets see this on Oct 3th, 2014. – on Contatto News: Tale e quale show 2014: il vincitore della terza puntata Valerio Scanu, con imitazione di Stevie Wonder; on Televisionando: Tale e quale show 4 su Rai Uno, terza puntata in diretta live 26 settembre 2014. Watch the video on facebook: Il Volo on Tale e Quale.

* The photo is a screen shot of the video.
* The Show is available on RAI on Demand or via the site of Tale e Quale (link above)

Il Volo links & news for September 25, 2014

Set list - Il Volo in Moscow:: September 25, 2014 – Our friends of Il Volo Russia, Maria and Tatyana, shared the set list for the Il Volo concert in Moscow. Only one solo by each one and 17 songs at all. (on the photo – click to enlarge)

:: September 24, 2014 – Il Volo – on Kommersant – “The charming Italian trio called Il Volo, consisting of Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto (tenors) and Gianluca Ginoble (baritone), will appear one day to the audience in Barvikha, Moscow, to present not only the new program, but the fall-winter collection of Brioni. The age of the trio is more close to ballet than opera: the eldest, Pietro Barone, recently turned 21, Gianluca 19, and Ignazio Boschetto the very day of the concert will celebrate his 20th anniversary. But for four years working together, they have already managed to be famous worldwide in a democratic genre of “pop opera”, releasing eight albums and wining dozens of awards. The musical program for the evening artists do not reveal, but it can be assumed that the evening will not be without a trio of Italian specialties for folk songs, classical arias and Latin American music, for which Il Volo was awarded this year with the Latin Billboard Music Award. – Barvikha Luxury Village, Oct 4h, 7pm”

Il Volo links & news for September 22, 2014

links and news:: Not exactly about Il Volo, the news abou Ti Lascio Una Canzone are not good: the talent show was suspended by RAI 1. The new edition will not occur and the reasons are not given clearly yet. The AGE – Associazione Italiana Genitori received with gladness this news, commenting that for many years several parents associations had complain about the program that, in their opinion, took the kids to take manners and attitudes of adults. On the other side, there were those who think that the reasons are only commercial behind the suspension. Read more on: Rai, sospeso programma di Antonella Clerici – on Diretta News (in Italian) – and on Ti Lascio una Canzone sospeso, l’Associazione Genitori soddisfatta (ma non sa che tornerà…) – on TV Blog (in Italian). It is not easy to judge, if we consider the birth of Il Volo and what this show meant on it. But we also have to agree that, when we deal with children, all the care is not enough.

Il Volo links & news for September 20

links and news:: Dimensione Azzurro, a site about Napoli – its people, art, sports and daily life – published this great reviews about the Il Volo concert in Napoli written by Pino SondelliIl Volo – parte I and Il Volo – parte II – Sep 20, 2014.

:: The Russian press and fashion sites continue to announce the Il Volo concert on October 4, 2014, that wil occur along with the presentation of the autumn-winter collection of the Maison Brioni. – Il Volo concert in Moscow – on Harper’s Bazaar on Sep 19, 2014 (in Russian)

:: Vanity Fair site publishes a small report about the wedding of Arianna Bergamaschi and Olivier François that took place in Venice on Sep . Il Volo attended the event and performed along with the bride – Sep 18, 2014 – Arianna Bergamaschi e Olivier François, nozze da favola (veneziana) – (in Italian) – Today, Arianna shared on her facebook the photos of the paper edition of the magazine: photo 1 – and – photo 2 (Il Volo). And Marianna Cataldi publishes a beautiful photo with Il Volo on the party.

Il Volo links & news for Sep 15, 2014

Il Giornale di Vicenza Sep 14, 2014

:: September 15, 2014 – RAI1: LA VITA IN DIRETTA CON I TENORINI DE “IL VOLO” – on RAI Ufficio Stampa – Il Volo on La Vita in Diretta (RAI) from Marostica on Sep 16, 2014, 4pm. Confirmed.

:: September 15, 2014 – Mondo Rai /appuntamenti e novita’ – on Yahoo Notizie – “The three ‘tenorini’ of Ti Lascio una Canzone, who returned to Italy after the sold-out tour “Il Volo” abroad from the United States to Singapore, will be guests of Cristina Parodi and Marco Liorni in the episode “La Vita in Diretta” broadcasted on RAI 1 tomorrow, September 16, at 4pm. In connection with Marostica (VI), the very young Ignazio Boschetto, Piero Barone and Gianluca Ginoble, few hours before getting the stage once again, will talk about a year of great achievements, successes and exciting encounters.”

:: Sep 15, 2014 – Il Volo – concert in Moscow – on (in Russian) – According with this announcement, the Il Volo concert in Moscow will be at/with the presentation of the Brioni’s New Collection autumn-winter 2014/15. (still waiting for details)

:: Sep 14, 2014 – Concert Hall Events – Il Volo – announcement of an Il Volo concert in Moscow, scheduled for October 4, 2014 at 7pm. via Maria Sergeeva, Il Volo Russia – waiting for more informations, not confirmed by Il Volo until now. update on Sep 16: The concert was confirmed by the Executive Assistant of the Barvikha Concert Hall by email.

:: Il Volo, il trio “attera” all’Arena Flegrea di Napoli – review by Martina Di Guida on Contrordine (in Italian)

:: Sep 14, 2014 – Noi cantiamo per tutti dai nonni ai loro nipoti – Il Giornale Di Vicenza – photo beside – Interview with Il Volo

:: Sep 14, 2014 – Il Volo – concert in Marostica – on (in Italian) – announcing the Il Volo concert in Marostica on Sep 16, 2014.

Il Volo on TG Campania about the concert in Napoli

On Sep 13, 2014, short report on TG Campania night edition about the Il Volo concert in Napoli that took place on Sep 12.

video by AAIV

Summary and not literal: The presenter said that the 3 tenors of Il Volo, launched through Ti lascio Una Canzone and very famous abroad, performed in Napoli. Then, Antonella Maffei said that was a great expectation at Arena Flegrea after the almost 4000 tickets sold to the concert on the Mostra D’Oltremare. She also said that the ‘tenorini’ took flight on a magical night with the special guest Daniele Falasca.

Comment: Finally, after years of hard work, the Italian media is paying attention to the immense talent of Il Volo, even though not in the same way we are used to. For example, despite the fact that the guys have asked countless times not be referred to as “I tre tenorini”, the shadow of that nickname is still haunting them, not to mention that in Italy “from TLUC” is still their last name. Or disclosing information as the presence of Daniele Falasca at the concert, which in this case was not confirmed. There is still a long path to walk but Il Volo is taking it with the confidence that their talent ensures.

:: original source: TG CAMPANIA EDIZIONE DELLA NOTTE – min 2:50

Il Volo links & news for Sep 12, 2014

links and news:: Sep 12, 2014 – Lirica e buona tavola, nasce la pizza “il Volo” – on La Repubblica Napoli – Nice article about the presence of Il Volo at the Pizzeria Brandi, where Paolo Pagnani – the owner – had prepared a special pizza called Il Volo :) Gianluca and Ignazio were delighted tasting all kinds of wonderful pizzas, but Piero Barone, intolerant to pasta or bread, preferred calamari and prawns roasted. The evening was full of joy and music.

:: Insieme a te: Daniele Falasca con Il volo a Marostica“ – on Vicenza Today, announcing the Il Volo concert in Marostica.

:: Sep 12, 2014 – Stasera all’Arena Flegrea “Il Volo” – on La Stampa del Mezzogiorno. The concert on Napoli.

:: Sep 11, 2014 – Il Volo, 3 tenori pop all’Arena flegrea – on Corriere del Mezzogiorno – Il Volo will be recording between Bologna, Miami and Los Angeles, according with the small interview published.

:: Sep 11, 2014 – Daniele Falasca con “Il Volo” all’Arena Flegrea – on Napoli Flash

Il Volo News – in Napoli!

Il Volo in NapoliWe think it is a good idea to open this post for publishing here all the news that of course will appear on all networks. The Il Volo concert in Napoli will be tomorrow and they already are there.

This afternoon they were on Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli and also appear on the TGR Campania 2pm edition. The City Hall of Napoli published a press release with a announcement that Il Volo had confirmed Live on TGR:

“Tomorrow, Friday, September 12, at 12pm, on the Ludoteca at Piazza dei Miracoli, the Department for Children, Creativity and Innovation promotes an encounter between the guys of the Ludoteca, the students of the Youth Choir directed by Carlo Morelli and the guys from the group “Il Volo”, in concert in Napoli for their first Italian tour.” – Comunicato Stampa della Giunta del 11/09/2014 – Comune di Napoli – Alessandra Clemente, Councillor for Youth.

Then, according with the producer Massimo Fregnani, they are rehearsing:

.. the photos of the rehearsals by Massimo Fregnani
.. the photo on the top is a screen shot of TGR video

Also a new little video shared on a report about the concert on Il Mattino – Arriva «Il Volo» all’Arena Flegrea: tappa napoletana per i tre tenori – Il Volo at Arena Flegrea: Neapolitan stage for the three tenors.

to be updated!!!

Il Volo – great news!

Il Volo concert sold outWhile several articles about the Il Volo concerts are published on Italian press or Events sites, we received  wonderful news: Mr Massimo Fregnani, producer of Il Volo in Italy, announced today that the concert in Marostica is SOLD OUT! Congratulations to all Il Volo family for the success. Il Volo in Italy is a reality and we can confirm this, because the Italian visits to our site increased a lot since Taormina.

Another awesome news como to us via Il Volo FC Campobello di Licata “Città D’Arte”:   RAI 2 UNICI will be recording in Napoli on the concert of Il Volo – we already do not know if it will be a Live transmission or if they will be recording for the program. UNICI is an Italian television program aired since 2013 on RAI 2 and dedicated to artists who made history in the world of entertainment.

And more! Tomorrow, Sep 11, 2014 Il Volo will be interviewed on Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli at 4pm (Italian Time) – IL TRIO ‘IL VOLO’ OSPITE NEI NOSTRI STUDI GIOVEDI’ 11 SETTEMBRE – on Radio Kiss Kiss

Il Volo links & news for Sep 10, 2014

links and news:: Sep 10, 2014 – Ignazio’s Birthday Project – on Il Volo Flight Crew – another awesome news! Il Volo Flight Crew is launching a project for the Birthday of Ignazio Boschetto (soon in Octobre 4!)

:: Sep 10, 2014 – The Brazilian FC, We Are Love Brasil, is also planning a surprise for the birthday of Ignazio Boschetto. Run to their page on facebook for more information.

:: Sep 10, 2014 – Il Volo a Napoli con special guest Daniele Falasca – on Napoli Today – announcing the Il Volo concert in Napoli

:: Sep 10, 2014 – FIORELLA E DANIELE FALASCA: IL VOLO VERSO IL MATRIMONIO. – by Lucca Maggitti on Roseto.Com – “On the concert in Pescara, a marriage proposal to his beloved fiancee by the accordionist Rosetano Daniele Falasca. It is not the first time at the Teatro D’Annunzio.”

Il Volo links & news for Sep 9, 2014

links and news:: Sep 9, 2014 – DANIELE FALASCA E IL VOLO IN CONCERTO ALL’ARENA FLEGREA – on TGCOM 24 – announcing the Il Volo concert in Napoli with the special guest Daniele Falasca.

:: Sep 9, 2014 – Insieme a te: Daniele Falasca con il Volo a Napoli – on RadioWebItalia – about the new album of Daniele Falasca and his participation as a special guest on the Il Volo concert in Napoli.

:: Sep 8, 2014 – Daniele Falasca con il Volo a Napoli – on XXI Secolo – another announcement related to the concerto of Il Volo in Napoli.

… to be updated ….

Il Volo links & news for September 8, 2014

links and news:: Sep 8, 2014 – Talent show per baby star e quel mattoncino Lego dimenticato – on Il Giornale Digitale (in Italian) – about the talent show “The Voice of Italy Kids” doing a critic about this kind of show and its influence over the children. Mention Il Volo talking about their transformation since Ti Lascio Una Canzone, almost a production of 3 latin lovers boasting about the massacre of women hearts and grabbing standing ovations all over.

:: Sep 8, 2014 – Il Volo a Napoli con special Guest Daniele Falasca, all’Arena Flegrea – on Napoli Magazine – about the Il Volo concert in Napoli with the specia appearance of Daniele Falasca on Sep 12, 2014. – also published on – Daniele Falasca con il Volo a Napoli il 12 settembre.

Sep 7, 2014 – Il trio dei piccoli tenori fa tappa all’Arena Flegrea – on Vesuvio Live – about the concert of Il Volo in Napoli at Arena Flegrea. One more time the press call them “little tenors”.

Sep 7, 2014 – Gianluca de Il Volo: “¡Venezuela, te extraño!” – on El Universal – talking about the enchantment of Gianluca Ginoble with Venezuela, several times expressed on the social networks.

Il Volo on the Italian press – gallery


This gallery contains 9 photos.

Gallery with images of articles and reports about Il Volo on Italian newspapers on the occasion of their concert in Pescara. Thank you to all people who shared the news and to all the friends who tag us, in special … Continue reading

Il Volo links & news for September 7, 2014

links and news:: September 7, 2014 – SANREMO 2015: e se fosse il ritorno in coppia di ALBANO e ROMINA? – on All Music Italia – according with the article and its sources, Albano will be on Sanremo 2015 and he intends to duet with Il Volo on the Ariston Theater stage. On the other hand, there may be pressure from RAI to Romina Power to be the duo of Albano, on a revival of earlier times. Lets see.

:: September 7, 2014 – Il Volo fa impazzire il teatro D’Annunzio – on La Città – review of the Il Volo concert in Pescara (in Italian)

Il Volo links and news for September 6, 2014

links and news:: September 6, 2014 – Da Aznavour a Claudio Villa le grandi voci a Pescara con Il Volo – on Il Centro (in Italian) – review about the concert in Pescara

:: September 6, 2014 – MUSICA: ‘IL VOLO’, PIENONE AL ‘D’ANNUNZIO’ DA CLAUDIO VILLA AGLI U2, IL TIO – on AbruzzoWeb (in Italian) – review about the concert in Pescara (reproduction)

:: September 6, 2014 – GIANLUCA GINOBLE E IL VOLO A PESCARA – by Lucca Maggitti on

:: September 5, 2014 – Hill resident now heads Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia – by Michael Caruso on Chestnut Hill Local (in English) – inside an article about the Josh Groban’s concert at The Mann on the last August 27, Michael Caruso compares the management of the Il Volo concert related to the Orchestra and repertoire with the Josh Groban’s concert. To read and discuss :)

Il Volo links and news for September 4, 2014

links and news:: September 4, 2014 – Pescara, Orchestra Regionale Filarmonia Veneta con “Il Volo” – on Prima Pagina News – announcing the Il Volo concert in Pescara with a summary of their career. The article also brings the highlights of the Orchestra Filarmonia Veneta career. (also shared on the facebook page of the Orchestra)

:: September 4, 2014 – MUSICA: IL VOLO ‘ATTERRA’ Al TEATRO ‘D’ANNUNZIO’ PESCARA, SOLD OUT PER IL CONCERTO DELLA BAND – on Abruzzo Web – announcing the Il Volo concert tomorrow at the Teatro D’Annunzio in Pescara. The article also talked about the tribute that Roseto degli Abruzzi are paying to Il Volo this afternoon.

Il Volo will be honored in Roseto degli Abruzzi

Gianluca Ginoble and the Mayor of RosetoTomorrow, September 4, 2014, the city of Roseto degli Abruzzi will host and honor Il Volo. On the eve of the concert in Pescara, the people of Gianluca Ginoble’s hometown will recognize the talent of his fellow citizen and of his two Sicilian partners, Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto.

The highest authorities of the city will be present on the Council Hall to the ceremony. Enio Pavone, mayor of Roseto said:

“For us it is a real honor to host in Roseto degli Abruzzi these young singers who, in recent years, led around the World the good name of our country’s Bel Canto. It will be an opportunity to know them more closely and to make once again a tribute to our fellow Gianluca Ginoble, a great artist, but above all, a wonderful guy who always keep his city on the heart and never fails on remembering it.”

The ceremony will be at 6pm.


:: Il Volo ospite dell’Amministrazione rosetana domani 4 settembre – on Eidos News

Piero Barone – meeting with the mayor of Naro

Piero Barone and the mayor Lillo Cremona

Piero Barone and the mayor Dr. Lillo Cremona

On September 3, 2014, the mayor Dr. Lillo Cremona received the tenor Piero Barone, of the group Il Volo and a fellow citizen of Naro. The meeting have the aim to start the process that will culminate with the ceremony that will honor Piero Barone with the title of Ambassador of Naro on the World.

A well deserved recognition to the talent of this young artist who is taking the name of the city all over the world, honoring its history, its natural beauty and its people. The ceremony will be scheduled according with the Il Volo agenda and will be a remarkable event on the city, with the presence of authorities and the press, on a proper location and with a ceremonial in agreement with the granting of this important title.

Piero, on the eve of leaving for the sequence of the Italian tour of Il Volo, expressed to be very happy and thrilled with the recognition of his hometown.

Source: Associazione Ideafolle – Maria Dispinseri
Photo: Lillo Cremona

:::: Read: In Italiano – Em Português Continue reading

Il Volo links and news for Sep 2nd, 2014

– by Alessandra Renzetti on Abruzzo Web – translated: Sold out for Il Volo in Pescara – Great emotion to Gianluca!.

:: Tutto esaurito per il concerto de Il Volo – on Abruzzo Popolare (in Italian) – announcing the sold out for the Il Volo concert in Pescara.

to be updated :)

Il Volo links and news for September 1st, 2014

Links and News:: September 1st, 2014 – Tutto esaurito per il concerto del trio Il Volo – on La Città – announcing that the Il Volo concert in Pescara is already sold out.

:: September 1st, 2014 – “Il Volo”, tutto esaurito per il concerto a Pescara del 5 settembre – by Carmine Perantuono on Rete 8 – The manager Michele Torpedine and the Producer Massimo Fregnani announce the SOLD OUT of the Il Volo concert in Pescara on Sep 5, 2014. Il Volo will be accompanied by the Orchestra Filarmonia Veneta conducted by the Maestro Diego Basso.

:: September 1st, 2014 – Musica, la bacchetta di Diego Basso in tour con “Il Volo” – on Prima Pagina News – article announcing that the Maestro Diego Basso will conduct the orchestra on all Il Volo concerts in Italy.