Il Volo to Il Centro (video)

Recorded after the press conference on July 25, 2014 in Pescara. Gianluca talked about the amount of Arrosticini that Ignazio can eat. Piero seems to have eaten more :)

video by @allaboutilvolo

Article on Il Centreo: Musica, il trio Il Volo pronto allo sbarco in Abruzzo / Video – by Jolanda Ferrara to Il Centro

Il Volo on Antenna 10 – Italy

Reports of the Il Volo concerts – the Italian Tour – and the press conference in Pescara.

video by Paolo di Vincenzo

Thank you Paolo di Vincenzo for sharing this awesome news!

Translation to English by Madeline Bugeja

The conference starts off with beautiful video of the boys singing El Triste.
And the we hear a male voice say, that Italy has confirmed what the rest of the world already said, that Il Volo are a great success, Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto, Gianluca Ginoble, with their looks, their music, and their shows, they travelled and they conquered the passionate fellowship of three generations, the three teenagers will be at the theater of D’ Anunzio, on the 5th September after a registered sold out on the 20th and the 21st of July at the old Creek Theater of Taormina, at the local Council here, the presentation of the concert was held.

Gianluca. said, that the people knew them as the three young tenors of Antonella Clerici, and I have to state, Gian said, that now everything has changed, we are not that anymore, Gian explained, here Gianluca, wants to say, that that image has changed, and that they are more than that now, and that they have success that some people were not aware of, as they knew them only as Gian said, the three young tenors, of the Clerici. Continue reading

Il Volo on LAQTV L’Aquila July 25, 2014

:: by Noemi Cococcia to LAQTV L’Aquila:

by all about il volo (alternative)

l Volo” conquista il mondo e torna a esibirsi in Italia – original video

:: by Noemi Cococcia to LAQTV L’Aquila:

by all about il volo (alternative)

“Il Volo” ritratto da Michele Torpedine – original video

Il Volo conquer the world and now Italy

Reports of the Il Volo concerts – the Italian Tour – and the press conference in Pescara.

:: On TG Sera of July 25, 2014 – Il Volo – TelePonte (video)

:: On TG Max of July 25, 2014Il Volo on TG Max – by Leda D’Alonzo and TeleMax (video)

Thank you Paolo di Vincenzo for sharing this awesome news!


:: On more video of the press conference in Pescara:

Alessandra Portinari

Il Volo links and news for July 25, 2014

links and news:: July 25, 2014 – Dopo il sold out di luglio a Taormina “Il Volo” incanta di nuovo il pubblico italiano a Pescara – on L’Opinionista (in Italian) – interview and announcement of the concert in Abruzzo.

:: July 25, 2014 – Musica, Il Volo in concerto a Pescara il 5 settembre – on La Città (in Italian) – announcing the Il Volo concert in Pescara.

– by Alessandra Renzetti on Abruzzo Web (in Italian) – about the Italian Tour of Il Volo.

:: July 25, 2014 – DANIELE FALASCA: IL ROSETANO CON LA FISARMONICA – on (in Italian) – Interview with Daniele Falasca. Il Volo concert in Taormina mentioned.

:: July 25, 2014 – Concerto del trio “Il Volo” il 5 settembre a Pescara – on Abruzzo 24ore (in Italian) – Announcing the Il Volo concert in Pescara.

:: July 25, 2014 – “Il volo”, concerto in Abruzzo – on Inabruzzo (in Italian) – about the concert of Il Volo in Pescara next September.

:: July 23, 2014 – Il tour italiano del Volo decolla da Taormina – by Valerio Barghini on L’Arena (in Italian) – review of the Il Volo concert in Taormina

Il Volo in Pescara – video

From Rete8 TV – Il Volo press conference in Pescara.

by Rete8 TV

Translation to English by Madeline Bugeja

We see the boys saying their names looking great, and he lady said they were boys from the Italian Province, united by the passion for music, who grew up with music, Il Volo Two tenors and a Baritone (YESSSSSSSS) they are the trio born on the stage of Rai Uno, on the talent show of Ti Lascio Una Canzone, and who came to be thanks to the premonition, of Michele Torpedine, and now an emblem in Italy with contracts with record companies in 56 countries, with recognition awards, and collaborations with artist like Placido Domingo and Barbara Streisand, from North America, to South America, from Europe to Australia, and Asia, and after the success of the tours, they returned to Italy, with a success in Taormina, and now a concert in Pescara. On the 5th of September, we find Gianluca Ginoble, who would be playing home this time, he comes from Roseto degli Abruzzi.

We see Gianluca, and he said, that he cannot wait, because he comes from Roseto, just two steps away from Pescara, Gian said with a delightful smile on his face, Gian continued, that he had desired this concert very much, and he wished to stress that, because after two concerts in Sicily, Taormina which were both a success, he said he just cannot wait to sing, said an excited Gianluca smiling.

The Lady turned to Ignazio and remarked to him how they all had started out young. Ignazio said that they have to thank their families who always support them, and because every morning when they are abroad and call home, they always tell them to keep their feet on the ground, therefore keeping them in line, because Ignazio said, theirs is not an easy life, it is a frantic life, he said. Continue reading

Il Volo links and news for July 24, 2014

links and news:: July 24, 2014 – EVENTOS MASIVOS DEL FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL CHIHUAHUA 2014 @CHIHUAHUA. – on Conciertos de Chihuahua (in Spanish)

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:: July 24, 2014 – Il Volo in concerto a Pescara. Domani la presentazione del concerto in Comune – on Segui La Notizia (in Italian) – about the Il Volo concert in Pescara and announcing a press conference on July 25, 2014 at Giunta di Comune (Council of the City Hall)

:: July 24, 2014 – Concerti estate 2014 a Napoli: Emma e Gigi d’Alessio all’Arena Flegres – on Rete 24 (in Italian) – announcing the summer season at Arena Flegrea. Il Volo on September 12, 2014.

:: July , 22 2014 – Taormina/ “Il volo” entusiasma al Teatro Antico. Ora Gianluca, Piero e Ignazio canteranno in giro per l’Italia – by Graziella Maugeri on La Voce dell’Jonio (in Italian) – about the Il Volo concert in Taormina.

Il Volo links and news for July 22, 2014

links and news:: Taormina. “Il volo”: cena a base di pesce per festeggiare due giorni di “sold out” al Teatro Antico. Al brindisi presenti anche Salvo La Rosa, Antonella Clerici e Massimo Giletti – Il Volo at La Baronessa – dinner with Salvo La Rosa, Antonella Clerici, Bruno Vespa e Massimo Giletti – on Vai Taormina (in Italian) nice photo gallery

:: July 22, 2014 – Anche la Clerici a Taormina per Il Volo – La Sicilia July 22, 2014 (in Italian) – about the concert in Taormina (July 20)

:: July 22, 2014 – Il cielo di Taormina brilla di note – on Sicilia Journal – (in Italian) – about the Il Volo concert in Taormina.

:: July 22, 2014 – Arena flegrea: il programma dei concerti dell’Estate 2014 – on Napole Vivere (in Italian) – calendar Arena Flegrea

:: July 22, 2014 – IL VOLO | TEATRO D’ANNUNZIO – PESCARA – on Ciao Tickets – announcing the Il Volo concert in Pescara on September 5, 2014.

:: July 21, 2014 – Taormina. “TaoModa” al Teatro Antico: una scommessa vinta – on Vai Taormina (in Italian) – about the ceremony of Tao Awards

:: July 20, 2014 – Taormina e la Moda, un connubio vincente – on Mi Lorenteggio (in Italias) – about the ceremony of Tao Awards at Teatro Antico on July 19.

Tao Awards for Michele Torpedine and Il Volo

A well deserved recognition!


Yesterday at Teatro Antico in Taormina, took place the ending ceremony of Tao Moda 2014: the delivery of Tao Awards to personalities who stand out on fashion, journalism, entertainment, culture, business, science and television. This year the event happened from July 13 to July 19, 2014, organized by the Associazione Talenti & Dintorni inside the project “Taormina Arte”.

Il Volo on the ceremony

video by Andrea Jakomin

video by Sestarete (Il Volo at 1:15)

video by MagazineTeleWeb (Il Volo at 1:10)

See also our photo gallery

Il Volo in Taormina … almost Live

Teatro Antico - Tao Awards

Teatro Antico – Tao Awards

At this moment Il Volo are in the Teatro Antico receiving the Tao Award along with Michele Torpedine. The well deserved awards for Music and for Musical Production is almost in their hands and we miss not being there Live.

But we are lucky to have special reporters in Taormina, Ilvolovers who will attend the concert,  and they will keep us updated with exclusive content about this wonderful days.

Soon after the rehearsals, our boys are tired but excited for the long evening that had already started.  Our correspondent talked a little bit with Piero and Gianluca.

waiting for Il Volo

waiting for Il Volo

Later, when they arrived to the hotel and have a rest, she could talk with them about this exciting moments in Taormina.

They are ready to go to Tao Awards ceremony, and Piero and Ignazio, along with Mariagrazia and Francesco talked with our reporter.

Ignazio said that they are very excited to perform in Italy, mainly in Sicily, in front of the family and friends. A dream come true, he said.  Piero agree with him and add that this moment is very special and important to their career.

Then they went to take photos (that already are on the networks). Our exclusive photos will be on the site soon. For now we post some “photos of photos”, only to keep you here :)

:: Soon more news about this wonderful time!

(to be updated soon)

Il Volo links and news for July 18/19

Links and News:: July 19, 2014 – Marostica in Volo con tre tenorini da sogno – by Lisa Sommacale on Il Giornale di Vicenza (in Italian)

:: July 18, 2014 – Design e impresa a Taomoda. Le start up nell’universo fashion – On M Magazine (In Italian) – about the Tao Wards event

:: July 18, 2014 – Ischia Global Fest, “a tu per tu” con Paolo Virzì – by Mimmo Sica on Il Desk – The article mention Il Volo when talked about Tony Renis. (in Italian)

:: July 18, 2014 – Tao Awards 2014 al Teatro Antico di Taormina – on ViviSicilia (in Italian)

:: July 18, 2014 – Daniele Falasca a Taormina il 20 e 21 luglio con Gianluca Ginoble – by Piergiorgio Stacchiotti on Eidos News (in Italian)

Gianluca Ginoble e Daniele Falasca:: July 17, 2014 – Daniele Falasca a Taormina con Gianluca Ginoble del Volo – on (in Italian)

:: July 17, 2014 – 20 e 21 luglio: Daniele Falasca ospite di Gianluca Ginoble del Volo a Taormina! – on Synpress44 (in Italian)

Napoli – press conference video

Another video of the press conference in Naples where Il Volo and the Comune di Napoli announced the concert on September 12, 2014 at Arena Flegrea.

video edit by All About Il Volo – credits to La Reppublica

Article and original video:

July 18, 2014 – Il Volo dedica il concerto a Salvatore Giordano – by Anna Laura de Rosa on La Reppublica (in Italian)

Translation of the note by Adriana Mendoza (Humildemente Ilvolover)

They conquered the United States with a crossover which spread Opera and other musical genres. Today they return to Naples like stars to present a concert scheduled for September 12 in the Arena Flegrea. The three Tenors of “Il Volo”, born thanks to the television program “Ti lascio a canzone”, will dedicate the event to Salvatore, the boy of Marano killed by the rain of debris that fall from the Umberto Gallery. And we ask the Mayor Magistris to dedicate the gallery to him.

Il Volo press conference in Napoli

July 17, 2014 – Il Volo interview and press conference in Napoli

video by Pupia Campania

Thanks to Pupia TV

Em português: Itália confirmou o que o mundo já havia decretado: Il Volo é um trio de grande sucesso. Piero, Ignazio e Gianluca com a sua música e seus espetáculos agradam a um vastíssimo público de até três gerações.

… os três jovens chegam a Arena Flegrea in Napoli no próximo 12 de setembro, depois do “sold out” registrado nas duas primeiras datas italianas de 20 e 21 de Julho no Teatro Antico de Taormina. O extraordinário talento vocal do Il Volo os conduziu a uma interminável turnê onde cantaram nos maiores teatros e arenas dos Estados Unidos e América do Sul.

Esta manhã com eles vimos porque deste sucesso.

Gianluca: Estamos recém retornando de uma turnê nos Estados Unidos e Canadá e não só da América do Sul. Foi realmente um grande sucesso e nós também estamos orgulhosos disso porque, em poucos anos, têm acontecido coisas maravilhosas, tantas coisas.

Piero: Sobretudo canções napolitanas, mas rearranjadas de uma maneira mais leve porque somos três jovens de 18 19 e 20 anos. Então, nosso objetivo é levar a nossa bela música ao redor do mundo, mas especialmente aos jovens, à geração jovem. E hoje podemos dizer que em nosso concertos estão três gerações: crianças, mães e avós.

Ignazio: O nosso gênero, que cantamos, digamos.. a Itália está cheia. Talvez digam: estamos fartos deste gênero. É por isso que estamos crescendo muito lentamente comparando com outros países. Então podemos dizer que o remédio é crer e valorizar o que temos e o nosso talento.

O de Il Volo será um dos tantos espetáculos no verão em Nápoles, conforme confirmou esta manhã a secretária de jovens da prefeitura de Nápoles, Alessandra Clemente, ao nosso microfone.

Alessandra: O verão em Nápoles é ele mesmo um apelo. Este ano, trabalhamos como cidade num programa muito rico, cheio de eventos internacionais. O agradecimento vai aos produtores, mas também vai todo direto ao coração destes jovens, um trio perfeitamente inserido no tema de nosso verão. O tema do conto de fadas, porque são jovens que contam uma história real, uma fábula feita de degraus a serem galgados mesmo que com esforço. Porque o sucesso é, certamente, feito de regras, mas eles são jovens que dizem coisas significativas para a Itália. É bom tê-los em Nápoles para este grande evento, e agradecemos por estarem aqui, com o desejo de descobrir juntos quais serão as emoções desta bela noite de verão. Além disso, em um local maravilhoso de nossa cidade, que é a nossa Arena Flegrea, que no final de julho estará repleta de eventos, com um calendário muito importante, ao qual nós adicionamos em 12 este ápice.

In English:

Italy has confirmed what the world had already decreed: Il Volo is a trio of great success. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca with his music and his shows appeal to a vast audience of up to three generations.

The three young men arrive at Arena Flegrea in Napoli next September 12, after the “sold out” registered in the first two Italian dates of July 20 and 21 at Teatro Antico in Taormina. The extraordinary vocal talent of Il Volo led them to a long tour where they sang in the major theaters and arenas in the United States and South America.

This morning we saw the reason of this success.

Gianluca: We recently returned from a tour in United States and Canada, not South America. It was really a great success and we are also proud of it because in a few years, wonderful things have happened, … so many things.

Piero: Above all Neapolitan songs, but rearranged in a lighter way, because we are three young men of 18 19 and 20 years. So, our goal is to bring our beautiful music around the world, but especially to the young, the young generation. And today we can say that on our concerts are three generations: children, mothers and grandmothers.

Ignazio: Our genre, the genre we sing, … Italy is full. Perhaps you may say “we are tired of this genre”. That is why we are growing very slowly compared with other countries. So we can say that the remedy is to believe and appreciate what we have and our talent.

The Il Volo concert will be one of the many shows in the summer in Naples, as confirmed this morning the secretary for youth of Naples, Alessandra Clemente, on our microphone.

Alessandra: The summer in Naples is itself an appeal. This year, we worked as a city on a very rich program full of international events. The thanks goes to producers, but also goes direct to the heart of these young people, a trio perfectly inserted in the theme of our summer. The theme of the fairy tale, because they are young people that tell a real story, a fable of steps to be achieved even with effort. Because success is certainly made ​​of rules, but they are young people who say meaningful things to Italy. It’s good to have them in Naples for this great event, and we thank them for being here with the desire to discover together what are the emotions of this beautiful summer night. Moreover, in a wonderful location of our city, which is our Arena Flegrea, which in late July will be eventful, with a very important calendar, to which we added this summit on July 12.
(to be revised…)

Il Volo in Napoli – press conference

Links and NewsJuly 17, 2014 – According to Massimo Fregnani:

“It’s about to start the press conference in Naples at Palazzo San Giacomo for the show of september 12th and the Artists will make their appearance! It has also started the press conference of the show of Marostica on september 16th!!”

See also:

:: Comunicato Stampa della Giunta del 16/07/2014 – on Comune di Napoli

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Il Volo links and news to July 14, 2014

links and news:: July 14, 2014 – Un’estate all’insegna dello sport e non solo al Lido La Vela – by Piergiorgio Stacchiotti on Eidos News (in Italian) – Gianluca Ginoble is mentioned on this article that talks about the sport activities on the Lido La Vela in Roseto. (beautiful photos) Em Português: Gianluca Ginoble é mencionado neste artigo que fala as atividades esportivas no Lido La Vela em Roseto. (lindas fotos) – Thanks to Lisa Joy and Ercole Ginoble for the news!

:: July 14, 2014 -  Il chitarrista marsalese Gino De Vita parte in tour con “Il Volo”… e dice la sua sulle manifestazioni dell’estate marsalese – by Claudia Marchetti on Itaca Notizie (Marsala) (in Italia) – Gino De Vita, one of the most respected guitarists of Marsala, whose work – like the one with the Katania Quintet – have the credits John Scofield, among others. Now De Vita, arrives as a special guest on the tour of “Il Volo, the trio formed by our other talent: Ignazio Boschetto, along with Piero Barone and Gianluca Ginoble. Awaiting them are the two concerts on 20 and 21 July in Taormina.
Português: Gino De Vita, um dos mais respeitados guitarristas de Marsala, cujo trabalho – como o com o Quinteto Katania – tem a aprovação de John Scofield, entre outros. Agora, De Vita chega como convidado especial na turnê do Il Volo, o trio formado por outro talento local, Ignazio Boschetto, juntamente com Piero Barone e Gianluca Ginoble. Esperando por eles os dois concertos em 20 e 21 de Julho em Taormina.

:: July 14, 2014 – Names of Foreign Stars “New Wave 2014″ (Photos e Video) – on MixNews (in Russian) – Article talking about the “New Wave 2014″, bringing photos and videos of the Stars, including Il Volo.

:: July 2014 – New Wave 2014 (Wikipedia) –Новая_волна_2014 (in Russian) – (in Italian)

Il Volo links and news for July 8, 2014

links and news:: July 8, 2014 – Il Volo al Teatro D’Annunzio il 5 settembre 2014 – on Il Pescara (in Italian)

:: July 8, 2014 – I Nostri Angeli – I Nostri Angeli (Premio Luchetta) will be aired on July 14, 2014.

:: July 8, 2014 – Il Trio Il Volo Live all Teatro D’Annunzio – on La Città (in Italian) – article announcing the concert in Pescara as well as talking about the last performances of Il Volo. (thanks to Paolo di Vincenzo and Morena Pompignoli for the link)

:: July 7, 2014 – Premio Luchetta, gala televisivo su Rai 1 – on Il Friuli (in Italian) – The article talked about the Premio Luchetta and announced that the event of July 3, 2014 will be aired on July 14, 2014, 11:10pm on RAI1. (already on our Agenda)

:: Il Volo raddoppia al Teatro Antico anche il 21 luglio – on Corriere Jonico (in Italian) – announcing Il Volo concerts in Taormina.

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links and news:: July 4, 2014 – Il Volo in tour in Italia, annunciati nuovi concerti estivi: info date e biglietti – by Claudia Gagliardi on Optimagazine (in Italian) – announcing the Italian tour of Il Volo.

:: July 4, 2014 – I “tre tenorini” de IL VOLO in tour anche in Italia – on All Music Italia (in Italian) – about the Italian tour of Il Volo: dates and tickets.

:: July 3, 2014 – Il Volo, tour in Italia: 5 date tra luglio e settembre – on Velvet Music (in Italian) – about the Italian tour of Il Volo, bringing as well a nice photo gallery of early performances of the group.

:: July 3, 2014 – Busca Municipio aportar 5 mdp para Festival Internacional Chihuahua – on El Diario mx/Juarez (in Spanish) – “En esta ocasión, señaló que la apertura del Festival será por los artistas italianos Il Volo y otros que no es común que estén al alcance de la comunidad. De acuerdo con datos difundidos por el Gobierno del Estado, el evento se llevará a cabo del 1 al 24 de agosto próximos. Los artistas italianos abrirán la fiesta primero en Juárez y después el día 2 en la capital de Chihuahua. Este trío de cantantes de música pop-lírica, está integrado por Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto y Gianluca Ginoble quienes interpretan temas clásicos de su país así como canciones pop en español, inglés, francés, alemán e italiano.” – announcing that Il Volo will be on the opening of the 10º Festival Internacional Chihuahua on August 1 (Juarez) and 2 (Chihuahua).

Il Volo links and news for July 3, 2014

rp_linknews3a-300x181.jpg:: Il Premio Luchetta stasera prende “Il Volo” – by Sara Del Sal on Il Piccolo (in Italian) – article announcing the performance of Il Volo on the event I Nostri Angeli in Trieste with a little interview.

:: Il Premio Luchetta per i bimbi dimenticati del pianeta – more about the Premio Luchetta.

:: SERATA SPECIALE “I NOSTRI ANGELI” 2014 – on Tergestum (in Italian) – announcing the Il Volo performance on the Luchetta Award in Trieste.

:: Il Rapper Miura ospite al Premio Luchetta – “Con Miura si esibiranno anche ‘Il Volo’, la formazione dei tre giovani tenori Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto e Gianluca Ginoble, scoperti nel 2009 grazie al talent show di Rai 1 “Ti lascio una canzone” e Ilaria Porceddu, l’interprete rivelazione di Sanremo Giovani. – on Festival Biblico (in Italian) – The article announced the Il Volo performance on the Luchetta Award in Trieste.