Il Volo in Roccaraso – Notte Magica Tour – gallery & videos


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:: May 3, 2017 – Italia – Il Volo concert in Roccaraso (AQ) at the Palasport G. Bolino, 9pm. :: 3 maggio 2017 – Italia – Concerto de Il Volo a Roccaraso (AQ) al Palasport G. Bolino, ore 21. :: Photos/Foto: Pescara Post / Tiziana Nardone / … Continue reading

Il Volo – being the best at Barnes & Noble / Il Volo – dando il meglio di sè da Barnes & Noble / Il Volo – sendo o máximo na Barnes & Noble

Il Volo at Barnes & NobleOn December 6, 2016, Il Volo attended a signing session at Barnes & Noble Booksellers, The Grove, Los Angeles, CA. Hundreds of fans lined up to meet Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca and to have their signature on Notte Magica – a tribute to the three tenors. Let’s have a look on!

Il 6 dicembre 2016 Il Volo ha partecipato a un firmacopie alla libreria Barnes & Noble, The Grove, a Los Angeles, California. Centinaia di fans si sono messi in fila per incontrare Piero, Ignazio e Gianluca e avere il loro autografo su Notte Magica – a tribute to the three tenor. Diamoci uno sguardo!

Em 6 de dezembro de 2016, o Il Volo esteve numa sessão de autógrafos na livraria Barnes & Noble, filial do The Grove, em Los Angeles, CA. Centenas de fãs formaram fila para encontrar Piero, Ignazio e Gianluca e ter assinado o seu DVD Notte Magica – a tribute to the three tenors. Vamos ver o que aconteceu!
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A magical night with Il Volo in Miami / Una notte magica con Il Volo a Miami / Uma noite mágica com Il Volo em Miami

Il Volo in Miami - WLRN & IlVoloMiamiOn December 2nd, 2016 Il Volo was in Miami for another promotional event, this time at the studios of WLRN. The Fan Club IlVoloMiami, one of the most traditional and actives groups of fans, was there as hostess along with WLRN team. We of All About Il Volo are proud to publish this cheerful review, in the same way we are ready to highlight all good work about Il Volo. For the IlVoloMiami admins and members it was really a magical night: Read in English.

Il 2 dicembre 2016 Il Volo era a Miami per in altro evento promozionale, questa volta negli studi di WLRN. Il Fan Club IlVoloMiami, uno dei gruppi di fan più tradizionali e attivi, era lì ad intervistarli insieme al team di WLRN. Noi di All About Il Volo siamo orgogliosi di pubblicare questa recensione piena di gioia, nello stesso modo in cui siamo pronti ad evidenziare tutti i bei lavori che riguardano Il Volo. Per gli amministratori e membri de IlVoloMiami é stata davvero una notte magica: Leggi in Italiano.

Em 2 de dezembro de 2016, o Il Volo estava em Miami para mais um evento promossional, desta vez nos estúdios da WLRN. O Fã Club IlVoloMiami, um dos mais tradicionais e ativos grupos de fãs, estava lá para recepcioná-los juntamente com o time da WLRN. Nós do All About Il Volo estamos orgulhosas de publicar esta alegre resenha, do mesmo modo que estamos prontas para destacar todo o bom trabalho sobre o Il Volo. Para as administradoras e membros do IlVoloMiami foi realmente uma noite mágica: Leia em Português.
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Il Volo: ok… it is work, but they have a lot of fun! / Il Volo: ok… è lavoro, ma si divertono un sacco! / Il Volo: tá certo… é trabalho, mas eles se divertem muito!

Il Volo in MiamiOur guys – at least Piero and Gianluca – really enjoyed Miami last night. After the many work commitments, the night was short for so many fun commitments. We can see this by the so many “instagram stories”. No matter if they will fade quickly 🙂 Your fans recorded everything 😀 Well, we also recorded a lot of things here: – Read in English.

I nostri ragazzi, o quantomeno Piero e Gianluca, si sono davvero divertiti ieri sera a Miami. Dopo i molti impegni di lavoro, la serata è stata breve per così tanti impegni di divertimento. Possiamo capirlo dalle molte “instagram stories”. Non importa se spariranno velocemente 🙂 I vostri fan hanno già registrato tutto 😀 Bene, anche noi abbiamo registrato molte cose qui: – Leggi in Italiano.

Nossos guris se divertiram para valer ontem em Miami. Depois os muitos compromissos de trabalho, a noite foi curta para os compromissos com a diversão. Podemos ver pelas muitas, mas muitas mesmo, “histórias do Instagram”! Não importa se elas vão sumir em breve 🙂 As suas fãs gravaram tudo 😀 Bem, nós também registramos um monte de coisas aqui: – Leia em Português.

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Il Volo world tour 2016 – Washington – gallery & video


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February 19, 2016 – Il Volo concert at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC. Credits: Olga Akhmetova. Il 19 febbraio 2016 – Il Volo in concerto al John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing … Continue reading

Il Volo world tour 2016 – Wallingford – gallery & video


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Feb 12, 2016 – Il Volo concert in Wallingford, CT Toyota Presents Oakdale Theatre. Credits to Jack Gorlin – Oakdale Theatre. Il 12 febbraio 2016 – Il Volo in concerto a Wallingford, CT Toyota Presents Oakdale Theatre. Credits: Jack Gorlin – Oakdale … Continue reading

Il Volo world tour 2016 – Buffalo – gallery & video


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February 5, 2016 – Il Volo in concert at the Kleinhans Music Hall in Buffalo, NY. Credits on the photos. Il 5 febbraio 2016 – Il Volo in concerto al Kleinhans Music Hall a Buffalo, NY. Credits sulle foto. :: … Continue reading

Il Volo – Tigo Music Meet & Greet – gallery


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On October 23, 2015 Il Volo visited the Tigo Music studios in Bogota – Colombia. The fans who won the contest held by Tigo Music on Twitter could meet and greet Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca and also watch the DVD … Continue reading

Margherita met Il Volo in Pescara!

Marghy and Il Voloby Margherita

The 25th of February was the best day of my life! I arrived by train in Pescara at three o’clock and I went to eat something because I was coming directly from school. At four o’clock my two friends and I began to queue. It was so long and it was raining. We queued for almost three hours. When we arrived close to the window of the book shop we were able to see the back of the boys! They often turned and look at the great amount of people queuing for them. The made a pause and they stood up and drank some water.

Marghy and Il VoloAt a quarter to seven it was my turn! The security took my CD and gave it to them. In my left hand I had three letters which contained a present for them and in my right hand I had a drawing I wanted them to sign. I entered with my two friends and the first thing I did was hugging and kissing Ignazio! Then I wasn’t able to understand anything and the photographer took a picture in which I wasn’t very concentrated.

I arrived to Gianluca and I gave him the three envelopes and I told him: ‘these are for you!’ and he looked at me and said ‘graaaaazie!’. In that moment I was shocked but I still had the drawing so I gave it to them and they signed it! I went out the book shop and the first thing I said was: ‘I don’t remember anything!!’. I was flipping out and I saw my sister queuing. She saw that I was sooooo moved and she told me: ‘take my CD and enter again!’. I couldn’t believe it and I began again to queue. I asked my friend her iPhone and it was again my turn.

Marghy and Il VoloWhen I entered the first thing I did was asking Ignazio if we could take a selfie. He took the iPhone from my hands and we took a selfie! Then I hugged Piero and then I hugged and kissed Gianluca! I went out the book shop and I was freaking out!! Then my friends and I splattered against the window of the shop and made hearts with our hands and Gianluca saw us and waved at us! Then my friend sent a kiss to Piero and he sent it back! It was a quarter to eight and everything was finished, they were wearing their coats and so we decided to follow them to the entrance. We thought that they couldn’t exit from the main entrance so we want to the back door and here, together with other girls, we found a black van that was waiting for them. When the men of the security saw us they told us that they boys weren’t going to go out till we weren’t gone, but we didn’t go away. We waited for them and we saw them entering the car. They were so kind and greeted us. In the meantime it began raining again.

This was THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! I got what I wanted to get and I realize that I had so much luck! All my dreams came true and I still can’t believe it! The only thing I’m worried for is that I hope that they received my letters and my gifts, but I think that they always get what we give to them. So in conclusion it was really the best day ever and I wish all the #IlVolovers all around the world the possibility of getting what I had the chance to get!

Il Volo signing session in Marcianise (CE)

Il Volo signing session MarcianiseOn March 3rd, 2015 at the Mondadori Megastore of the Centro Commerciale Campania in Marcianise – Caserta took place the last signing session announced by Il Volo.

They signed the EP Sanremo Grande Amore for hundreds of fans that early crowded the mall. It was an amazing afternoon!

In Italiano tradotto da Martina Maggi

La sessione di autografi de Il Volo a Marcianise (CE)

Il 3 marzo 2015 al Megastore Mondadori del Centro Commerciale Campania a Marcianise (provincia di Caserta) si è tenuta l’ultima sessione di autografi programmata dal Volo.
I ragazzi hanno firmato l’EP Sanremo Grande Amore per centinaia di fan che hanno affollato il centro commerciale fin dal primo pomeriggio. È stata una stupenda giornata!

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. Bagno di folla al Centro Commerciale Campania per IL VOLO – Caserta Ce (March 3rd, 2015 in Italian)