Il Volo in Spain – last day / Il Volo in Spagna – ultimo giorno

Il Volo in Spain 2015Today was the last day of Il Volo in Madrid – Spain. A busy journey since October 3rd when they left Rome. Three days  full of interviews and performances on the most popular Tv shows of the Spanish television.

We published many of this events and many others soon will be released.

Oggi era l’ultimo giorno de Il Volo a Madrid – Spagna. Un viaggio ricco di impegni da quando hanno lasciato Roma il 3 ottobre. Tre giorni pieni di interviste e di esibizioni nei più popolari show televisivi della televisione spagnola.

Abbiamo pubblicato molti di questi eventi e molti altri lo saranno presto.


And they spent the last night showing us a little of their relax time and also confirming some news: tomorrow they are going to Los Angeles to continue the promotion of the new albums. Watch the periscope (first video translated to English by Martina Maggi / soon the second):

E hanno passato la notte scorsa mostrandoci un po’ dei loro momenti di relax e ci hanno anche confermato alcune notizie: domani andranno a Los Angeles per continuare la promozione del nuovo album. Guardate il periscope (il primo video è tradotto in inglese da Martina Maggi/ presto arriverà il secondo):

AAIV videos

Il Volo daily – from September 14th

Piero and Ignazio with Roberta Vinci

Piero and Ignazio with Roberta Vinci

September 14th – They arrived on Italy coming back from a successful week in US.

Gianluca was received by the family in Rome.

Piero and Ignazio continued travel to Palermo. They published a photo with Roberta Vinci, that was returning from the US Open.

“Proud to be Italian”, they said. The airport of Palermo also received well the celebrities.

Look this small gallery:

September 15th – Ignazio made two beyond beautiful periscopes: don’t miss!

We have subtitles in English in one of them by now.

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were home and appear on some fans photos shared on the networks. The also published some:

September 16th – Il Volo announced a surprise: in less than 24 hours the new site will be online and in less than a month the Official Fan Club will be launched. Great news! The Il Volo website was needing for so many time this reconstruction: clear, complete information. We hope a clean and accessible layout. A website is the public profile, the image of a band! Important!

Il Volo New SiteSeptember 17th – The new website is on! In a first look: WordPress platform (as AAIV, nice choice!), clean, beautiful and with good information about the tour dates, but not an agenda.

I liked the media section with galleries of photos and videos (need to revise, because many photos are in the wrong gallery). Welcome also the “news section”: if this section received on time updates it will be awesome!

Piero on the RoadSeptember 18th – Piero is on the road and published a photo near  Isole del Cantone (Genova). Soon after he published another photo and said:

“It seems yesterday when we were three kids, maybe a bit ‘out of place, that slowly began to get used to the stage, to the public in the front, to the flash of photographers, to moving away from home and the days full of commitments … But time passes and you do not even feel it, and now I’m here, waiting for a special week, full of important dates… From the concert on Monday at the Arena di Verona… Until the release of a new album on which we worked so hard and with heart! And even if the years have passed and our appearance is no more that of children of that time … In the eyes is always the same emotion.”

Il Volo in Treviso

ph Teatro Delle Voci

September 19th – While RAI Gulp was transmitting an recorded appearance of Il Volo, they were already together at the Teatro Delle Voci in Treviso rehearsing for the concert on September 21st.

It will be a special concert where they will present the New Album and RAI will record for a special that will be aired on September 23rd.

September 20th – Verona is taking flight!  Early morning or late yesterday night in Testimoni e Protagonisti on RAI 1 a special about Il Volo with many guests. (soon on AAIV)

The TV show L’Arena di Giletti on La Vita in Diretta (RAI 1) presented an interview with Il Volo. A link and the studios and the Arena di Verona conducted by Massimo Giletti. (soon on the site) All ready for the big event tomorrow. A milestone on the Il Volo career and All About Il Volo will be there.

* photos without reference were published by Il Volo



Il Volo in Miami and soon in Latin America!

Il Volo and Tony Dandrades

Il Volo and Tony Dandrades

A neutral press is a chimera! All communications are based on personal beliefs and ideas, even when we try to be impartial. It is the same when we listen: – I don’t talk about politics, I am not politic… This affirmation is a clear politic position itself 🙂 So… when we talk about ideas and communication we have to be prepared to live the differences.

Here on our office we agree and disagree about many things. It is good to have this diversity of ideas, taste etc. All About Il Volo gives us freedom to express this diversity in our texts. As example, I disagree of Martina about the “social” character of Ignazio. I think Ignazio is very ‘social’, but in a selective way. He is more ‘social’ (may say communicative) when he is very happy or sad. Different kinds of communication, of course.

Now, his happiness are giving us “periscopiates” and it is amazing! Tell us why are you so happy, Igazio !!! And also gives us a lot of news. Yesterday late night (office already closed) Ignazio led a “periscopiate” direct from Churrascaria Fogo de Chão in Miami. A happy group was having dinner (a churrasco Gaúcho needs at least an ambulance waiting outside… just in case…) and talking about the next commitments of Il Volo to the fans through “periscope”. Continue reading

Il Volo landed in US and… – last news

Il Volo going to US - Sep 7, 2015Good morning. Yesterday when Bradamente entered our office with the news about the website of Il Volo, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were already flying to New York.

After the performance on the Grand Prix of Monza, they left Milan in direction of the US.

The interval on the Summer Tour was only for a few days, when the guys could stay with their families on their home towns.

Il Volo going to US - Sep 7, 2015Piero played tenis and walked around Naro and the region.

Gianluca enjoyed the beach and the wine festival in Montepagano.

Ignazio was in love riding his horse Walter by the roads of Marsala and Petrosino. And also playing soccer with the friends.

All them having nice days with the ones they love. Not calm days as it used to be, because the movement of fans increased a lot (this deserve a entire article about).

And not a “without news” Il Volo days of course, because: L’amore si muove nel Cerchio della Vita / Love moves in the Circle of Life

Il Volo going to US - Sep 7, 2015Yesterday they landed in New York and were received for fans in the airport.

According to a tweet of their road manager, Barbara Vitali, they are now in Hartford, Connecticut.

We have no official information about their schedule in the US by now, but one of the possibilities is a second round visiting the PBS Stations and promoting the DVD recorded in Pompeii that is airing now in US.

Il Volo site - new layoutWhile this, according to official information, their website enter an ‘under construction’ time. Yesterday, the URL was redirecting to and a brand new layout let us see the work in progress.

As a “under construction” work, there are many mistakes, specially on the informations,  tour dates as example, and we recommend the fans to wait for the official release of the site. We welcome the changes on the site, essential to show the work of the group. As we pointed many times: the social networks are important – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram -, but only anchored in the solid and permanent information of a website.

Sometimes the social networks (more quick and easy) can share first the news, but only the accurate, more reflexive and permanent information of a website will really keep the history of a group. As example: have a look on our Archives in the right bar >>, explore them. Find out what Il Volo was doing in September 8, 2014.

It is why, even in the social networks, All About Il Volo do not publish any photo, any news, without evaluate its role and importance on the Il Volo career and history and also on the good and enjoyable information of our readers. As we have pointed several times: we are not a Fan Club, we are a publication, a non periodical magazine, a small media dedicated to one theme.

So… we are waiting for news of US in a week full of news, instead it was ‘almost’ a relax week for Il Volo.

Il Volo through space and time!

FonoprintMaybe some of you are missing our “daily/weekly” chronicles about Il Volo. The movement around them is so strong that to recover the time is a good way to be informed.

After May 23rd – the Final of Eurovision 2015 – Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca arrived to Bologna and did not stop to work. They were recording for the new album to be released in September.

While they are working, the news continue to appear on the networks, as the promo videos of the Partita del Cuore; the release of a new date on the Italian tour: the concert in Roccaraso and the announcement of a performance on a charity concert in Assisi in benefit of the refugees of Iraq, the Franciscan missions in India and the Franciscan soup kitchens in Italy.

The block where Fonoprint is located became a new tourist spot in Bologna. The fans camped there for all the days Il Volo were recording and enjoyed the moments when they came out to kindly greet everybody.

Continue reading

Eurovision Daily – Day 6 – May 22, 2015

Il Volo - recital Ramon VargasA day to not forget! I think that the emotions of Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero stressed today to the limit. I hope they understand the limits like me, as lighthouses, as guides, not as fences. All the team here waited for the high note of Ignazio on the 1st rehearsal (today) and nothing.

Maybe only for one shoot? The very last note of the competition? Il Volo knows… Until now no videos of the jury rehearsal were released and we only know what are on the reviews. Soon we will talk about this.

Today is the great day and the schedule is:

:: May 23, 2015Eurovision Song Contest – Vienna (Austria) – Grand Final – on RAI 2 Live 21:00 or channel 501 HD – Commented by: Federico Russo and Valentina Correani. Also on Rai Radio 2 (Filippo Solibello and Marco Ardemagni).

:: Live stream: 2015 Eurovision Song Contest: Grand Final.

… And the “Day 6”?

The invitation of the Eurovision Song Contest:

* photo by Monika Fellner – Il Volo with Mariavittoria Rava (Charity event May 21st)

Eurovision Daily – Day 5 – May 21, 2015

Il Volo interview - 2nd semifinalThe 5th day of the Eurovision Song Contest is over and along with Il Volo we experienced many emotions.

Vienna is like a Brave New World for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca and also to all who can feel the electricity and the amazing winds of freedom that blow in this event.

A great opportunity to learn and to amplify horizons. Not to put limits like fences but as lighthouses in the night.


:: May 22, 2015 – Il Volo will attend the dress rehearsal scheduled at 14:00 and the dress rehearsal for the jury vote at 21:00.

And today? (If you miss any step of Il Volo, you will find it here:)

and…. Bona Notti!

Eurovision Daily – Day 4 – May 20th!

Day 4 gallery

photo of Georg Hitsch

Vienna, May 20, 2015 – Who saw the huge applause of the crowd in Rathausplatz for Il Volo yesterday? A great moment for Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio in Vienna!

First, what are the schedule for today?

:: May 21, 2015Il Volo signing session at the EMI Records Store in Vienna – at 15:00. On Facebook: Il Volo Autogrammstunde / Signing Session / Firmano Autografi.

:: May 21, 2015Il Volo will on the special Meet & Greet by Charity Buzz – Embassy of Italy – Vienna.

:: May 21, 2015 – Eurovision Song Contest – Vienna (Austria) – 2nd semi-final: RAI 4 (channel 21) – 21:00 – Commented by: Filippo Solibello and Marco Ardemagni. Also on Rai Radio 2 and Live streaming: Eurovision Tv. (remember, Il Volo won’t compete, because part of the Big 5)

But the day began early with all commitments in the Wiener Stadthalle. The more expected:

:: The second dress rehearsal, reposted by us here: Il Volo – second rehearsal. And reviewed by many media: Il Volo – second rehearsal reviews.

:: The press conference and the draw of the running order to the Final: Il Volo press conference – May 20th, 2015.

Il Volo at EurovillageThen if you read our Links & News you knew that Il Volo attended along other contestants the event at the Eurovillage in Rathausplatz at 17:00. A rainy day for an awesome concert that brought the contestants of Eurovision to the people of Austria. Il Volo was there and made a great job! AAIV-Vienna was there too and sent us photos. Don’t miss this exclusive gallery: Il Volo – Eurovillage gallery.

And more of yesterday:

:: Tv Sorrisi with Il Volo at the Eurovision – first daily video
:: Il Volo on Eurovision 2015 – Day 4 gallery

Eurovision Daily – Day 3 – a day to talk…

Il Volo interview - WiwibloggsVienna, May 19, 2015 – For sure Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero are living amazing days. And we can imagine, almost feel all that movement in Vienna: the professionals, the technical part and also the several performances all over. The word is just this: performance. Like a suspension of the life as we know and the arrival of something that is like a dream in a dream.

First let’s remember what is going on tomorrow. The schedule of Il Volo:

  • 10:00 – 10:20 – Second rehearsal
  • 10:30 – 10:50 – Viewing room
  • 11:00 – 11:20 – Press conference

…and do not forget that tomorrow:
May 20, 2015 – TV: Eurovision Song Contest1st semi-final will be aired on RAI 4 (pre-recorded broadcast) – 22:50 – Commented by: Filippo Solibello and Marco Ardemagni.

Today for Il Volo was a day of many interviews. Although they repeated many things they had said in the last interviews, it is a pleasure to see them talking, joking, getting lost 🙂 and recovering. We made a special playlist with videos of the interviews released today and step by step we are adding translation to Italian. Read here: Il Volo – interviews / videos released on May 19, 2015.

The main news of the day you can read here: Il Volo links & news for May 19, 2015.

* on the photo: Il Volo and the staff of Wiwibloggs

Eurovision Daily – Day 2 – a quiet (?) day…

Il Volo - Red Carpet EurovisionAlthough the things seems to slow down for Il Volo in Vienna, the consequences of two days of interviews and events are still popping everywhere. Photos, videos, interviews…

Today ORF published some images of Il Volo on the opening ceremony: an interview taken by Andi Knoll: Il Volo interview – Andi Knoll; and inside the City Hall: Wien heute (they appear after 00:40) and on La Vita in Diretta (RAI1) was aired an interview recorded before the Eurovision. (soon video)

Today was released the backstage video of Il Volo when they where interviewed by Tv Sorrisi on the last April 23th. Good to remember this recent interview. A beautiful photo shoot and a great video. Our guys almost “volando” at the airport. So many photos released that we decide to make 2 more galleries: Press Meet & Greet and Red Carpet – Opening ceremony. Remember also our album on the Facebook page. This album is constantly updated in real time, due to not miss neither a second of Il Volo starring in this thrilling experience: IL VOLO – Eurovision 2015 #NonFateviLaBarba.

At 19:00 Italy/Vienna time, they connected to answer questions of the fans. The hashtag #Askilvolo went trend topic in Italy easily. No breaking news on the answers 🙂 only sweetness. At 22:00 the special on RAI4: Eurovision Song Contest Story (soon video). Unfortunately RAI International do not aired the special.

And to end the day (or night) our guys went to the Ottakringer Brewery, that hosted the Euroclub, to hang out with artists and fans. Photos are popping! (just saying 🙂 )

Don’t forget that tomorrow, 19th May (Day 3), there will be the first semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest. You would be able to see that on streaming on the site Eurovision Tv.