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Il Volo @ Plaza Satélite

Il Volo instore in Mexico

ph by Sanborns

On Friday, October 21st, 2016 Plaza Satélite in Naucalpan, México witnessed one of the most eclectic fandom it has ever seen. The appointment was at 6pm but during the entire day ilvolovers were arriving from all over the city and even from nearby cities and states. – Read in English.

Venerdì 21 ottobre 2016 Plaza Satélite di Naucalpan, in Messico, è stata testimone di uno dei fandom più eclettici che si siano mai visti. L’appuntamento era alle 18 ma durante l’intera giornata gli ilvolovers sono arrivati da tutta la città ed anche dalle città e stati vicini. – Leggi in Italiano.

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Il Volo daily – Jun 27, 2014

Last night Il Volo Summer Tour 2014 reached its end.

In cases like this, I’m not sure what to say. I’m going to go with “I’m happy”. The Tour was a success, there were some difficulties on the way, but that’s part of the show isn’t it? We are humans and we can’t be cool and charming all the time…
The guys rocked at each and every venue, along this Tour they proved us that they have grown and matured as artists, their voices are more educated, more powerful, and they can imprint even more emotion to their performances if that can be posible… They look more confident at stage, they seem to enjoy their solos more, although there are some times, when the three are performing, when they can’t agree on what to do, but I think that’s normal, they have now three well-defined personalities and now they need to learn how to deal with it.

Soon they will be heading to Italy, Piero tweeted yesterday to his family and friends “see you in three days!”, so they might rest today in Philly and start the come-back tomorrow…

And while they go to their houses, to rest and get ready for July that brings with it some important things on their career; just early today was announced a new date on Italy: September 12 in Napoli, and yesterday two dates in México but not as part of a tour, they were invited to the 10th edition of the “Festival Internacional Chihuahua 2014” in Chihuahua, México so the rest of 2014 is taking form…
For the rest of us, once again, next step will be dealing with post-tour-withdrawal symptoms. A lucky group -to which I belong- have the World Cup to keep our minds busy for two more weeks, then we will be facing all the blues together and we are going to need more from Il Volo to cope with it… a complete vicious circle

I still owe you my impressions of my “Il Volo trip” to Califonia, I’m working on it but I’m having troubles with keeping it in an aceptable lenght… it’s just that it was so amazing!…

Little by little we will be recovering our usual pace, vacations are almost over and I just want to say, thank you for staying around and for your support!!

Thank you for reading me and until the next time!

¡¡Feliz Cumpleaños 21, Piero!!

Tanti Auguri¿Cómo poder escribir esta pequeña nota cuando las palabras no son suficientes para describir todo lo que he llegado a sentir por ti? Es increíble, indescriptible lo que tu persona y tu voz han hecho por mi. Es por eso que hoy quisiera saber: ¿Qué podría hacer yo para devolverte un poco de lo mucho que me has dado? Hoy, sólo puedo desearte que tu vida esté llena de amor y de luz, que puedas seguir viviendo con intensidad pero al mismo tiempo con la calma necesaria para asimilar cada día vivido.

Es gracioso, pero verás como a partir de hoy el tiempo va a dejar de ser de la forma en que lo has conocido y empezará a correr más rápido cada vez – un efecto de la adultéz – y aunque tal vez eso no te pase, porque tu vida es ya de por si agitada, mi deseo es que logres ajustar ese nuevo tiempo para que no te pierdas nada.

Gracias Piero, por compartirte con nosotros, por ser luz y música, por ser aire fresco, por devolver a mi vida (y a muchas tantas) emociones que se fueron quedando en el camino y que yo había olvidado como sentir.

Feliz cumeaños Piero!! Empieza una nueva etapa para ti y te deseo de corazón una vida plena. Besos y abrazos!!!

Con amor, Hazel

All About… Il Volo Summer Tour 2014. Prologue

What to say and how to say it when words are not enough for describing the mixture of emotions in your soul?

Now that the sounds are just echoes and the things we just lived start to become part of the memory, I find myself in the need to write about all this that I can’t explain in words…

When Il Volo Summer Tour 2014 was announced I had never thought that I could be part of it. But as you all know we were, and I want to share with all of you all about it, because – as it came clear for me at some point at the Greek Teather – this whole thing is not only about these guys known as Il Volo, but also about all of us, the Ilvolover Community. This strange, magic and tight sisterhood (with the correspondant exceptions of course, there are also some men, but women are majority) that has proven me that there still are some nice, sensitive and reliable people out there, and that some of us really enjoy to belong to a group where on the surface we are so different but you don´t have to go too deep to see we share the same joys, the same worries, the same needs, the same love.

You are going to need to be patient with me, this has been quite a journey and the main reason why I have been away from the site, but now I’m ready and willing to continue around them and you. To keep belonging and be more involved with all this, with them and you, because now it’s all part of my life, because it’s real, this time…

The guys are in the middle of the tour, they just left Nashville and are going to Detroit for the next concert and every second new footages from the different venues come out. Our boys have become men and artists in front of our eyes. The songs are the same, but their voices give them new emotion, new intensity. With every interpretation they just show us who are they now… But, I don’t want to go any further, I want be as chronologic as I’m able and the story -the way I will be telling it- starts with a message to Il Volo Miami and me thinking it’s now or never

But, because there is always a “but”, not all is going to be great, sadly for me I don’t have the pictures to support the story. Mari Russu took all and her and her camera are still traveling around, but please, go to our Facebook page to look at them, they are so beautiful! And little by little we will be placing them where they correspond.

Thank you for reading, see you the next time and…It’s good to be back!!!

Il Volo on KSDY

On June 9, while the boys were in San Diego for their concert on Humphrey’s Concerts by the Bay, they attended this interview for KSDY (Channel 50). It’s a short interview where thaey talk a little about everything. the images inbetween are actual footage of that day’s concert, and the most important thing…. AAIV Team was right there when this interview was taking place!!!!

El 9 de junio, mientras los chicos estaban en San Diego para su concierto en Humphrey’s Concerts by the Bay, hicieron ésta entrevista para KSDY (Canal 50). Es una pequeña entrevista en donde hablan un poco de todo, Gianluca admite ser fan de Luis Miguel y las imágenes de ellos cantando son del concierto de ese día… sin embargo, lo más importante es que el equipo de AAIV estaba justo al lado durante la entrevista!!
¡¡Que la disfruten!!

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Il Volo (not a) Daily – up to May 9, 2014

Hi there beloved readers!!! I’m beyond sorry for abandon you but my duties at work have completely sucked in all my time and my energy, so that’s is why you haven’t heard from me in a long time but I hope I can make it up to you, a bit now and a bit later 😉

I couldn’t even try to enumerate the things that have happened in the last days, that even though haven’t been many, most of them I couldn’t follow close and I just saw the comments and pictures later.

Il Volo - L'Arena May 4, 2014One of those things was the presentation of the guys on L’Arena on May 4th, actually of that just saw things later when we posted the English summary. I have never had the opportunity to watch the show live but it always looks like an emotional show, where the guests feel comfortable enough to open their hearts to the audience. The guys were great: comfy, funny, charming and ultra talented… Mari put together a gallery worthy of a heart attack. Continue reading

Ilvolotherapy: an actual medical speciality #TB

As some of you must know, here on the #ilvolosphere we have grupal therapy. It is called #ilvolotherapy and helps all #ilvolovers to deal with all the intensity that Il Volo brings to our lives.

But it has been brought to our attention that #ilvolotherapy is an actual therapy.

Our fairy godmother Joanie (@joanzmonkee) has shared with us a note of 2011 titled: “Il Volo doctors of smile”, where they talk that on May, 2011 Il Volo joined the Ansabbio Association to visit Young patients in the Instituto Rizzoli di Bologna as a part of the program “star-therapy” created by the “Doctor Smile”: Dario Cirrone, president of Ansabbio Association

Soon the translation of the article…

Il Volo Daily – May 2, 2014 – A day to remember

Where does the time go and why is it in such a rush? I ask that because as you must know by now, Mari and I have had some crazy days, loads to do, so little time to do it and if that weren’t enough I’m starting to feel that the days have at least 2 hours less than usual. but well… that’s how life is…

GG follow us today :)Sadly we have had to slow down our activities here in All About Il Volo, we are trying to organise ourselves to continue giving you quality even if we have to sacrifice quantity, and we are taking advantage of the fact that the guys are in Italy, since when they are home, things are more relaxed. They hang out with friends, they visit each other, they take pictures (and Mari Russu edits them 😛 ) and in general they do regular stuff.

Regular stuff for Gianluca is being on his media, making all #Ginolovers (do you like the term?) happy, answering tweets, sharing selfies, etc.
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Il Volo Daily – Abr 23, 2014 – Un Nuevo Día with Il Volo

Hi there!!! These have been exciting days hum? Having all these pics, tweets, appeareances of the guys and everything… I bet it has been even better for ilvolovers in Miami, with the opportunity of “casually” bumping into them at sushi place or so… LOL (Note: I’m so envious of all of you Miami ilvolovers :mrgreen: )

Il Volo on Un Nuevo Día - Telemundo


Two important things were scheduled for today, one of them was the appeareance of the guys in the morning show Un Nuevo Día, so everybody at 7 am Miami time was with the TV on, waiting for them. For those who haven’t seen footage of the show, they blended perfectly. The mood of the show is very light and playful, two things that fit perfectly with the guys personality and the result is delightful. Here we have the highlights of the show.

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Un Nuevo Día for Il Volo

Today, on Un Nuevo Día, the morning show on Telemundo hosted by Adamari López, Rashel Díaz, Daniel Sarcos, Diego Schöening, Ana María Canseco, Alessandra Villegas y Ramón Zayas, Il Volo was an example of charm and good mood. They perfectly adapted themselves to the tone of the show and danced, joked, cooked – a part that they seem to enjoy every time – and even presented one of the segments of the show. Watch here their best moments:

video by Humildemente Ilvolover
Credits to Un Nuevo Día – Telemundo

:: see also the Photo Gallery

Thank you to all #ilvolovers for tagging us!

English translation by Gaby Dion (first part)

Interviewer: Friends: Talent, voices, youth, what else can happen to these young singers. We still remember years ago when they were here at the studio, and how many wonderful things they had lived. They are Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, Il Volo. Let’s see guys, you have become part of Telemundo family and have given us one of the most memorable presentations at the Billboard Awards. Continue reading