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  1. Do you have any idea of when the Buon Natale PBS special will be airing in Minneapolis/St. Paul??? I have e-mailed our local PBS station twice and have not received a reply. I tried doing a search on our local listings, but come up with nothing. Your daily newsletter is wonderful and you are SO on top of things! Hope you can help me out with this question. Thanks for all of your hard work, Hazel!

    • Hi Laura!
      Thank you for your comment! We will try to find when Buon Natale will be airing in Minneapolis and we will email you.


    • Laura, Thank you so much for your words, all we want is to keep you informed about this marvelous guys… and we love to know you are enjoying what we do.

  2. When will Il Volo visit Portland, Oregon? We would love to listen to their gifted angelic voices here soon! I lead an Angel group and we would get together several of the people if they have a concert.

    • Hi Linda!

      We don’t know their Agenda in advance. In their site is no information about their next tour. We think that they will tell something after the end of this year. All we know is published here.
      (forgive some errors in my English :))
      Mari Russu

  3. Gostaria de se avisada da agenda dos meninos, pois nãoposso perder nenhuma apresentação, se bem que , eu sei que será impossível ver todas. Mas se for para o you tube eu encontro. Beijos a todos e muito, muito sucesso. Da nona brasileira Norma

    • Prezada Norma!

      Agradecemos a sua visita !
      A agenda do Il Volo será atualizada sempre que tivermos informações de novos eventos. Diariamente tentamos obter estas informações.

      Para receberes as notícias na hora podes seguir o nosso twitter @allaboutilvolo , que divulga sempre que uma novidade entra aqui no site. Ou curtir nossa página no Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/allaboutilvolo

      Ou, ainda, manter o link da agenda nos seus favoritos 🙂

      abraços e esperamos te encontrar sempre por aqui. Seus comentários ajudam a tornar esta página melhor.

      Mari Russu

  4. I have been hearing that Il Volo will soon be releasing a new CD. Can you provide any information about that?

    Thank you so much,
    Beverly Olson

    • Hi Beverly, we have heard the same but there is no official confirmation on this issue yet!!

      Kisses, Athena

  5. It is so great to really find the total Agenda of IL VOLO concerts, appearances in TV or Radio, simply every date in your blog! Wonderful! I tried so much to get those data collected myself but never managed it satisfactorily. But you did it! Congratulations!

    Did I tell you may be earlier that I like your blog very much? It looks very professional . The design is very modern and the writing for the single days or stories is done so lovingly for IL VOLO. It is a pleasure to visit your blog. I wish you much success with it!

    Thank you very much!

    • Geerti, I have no enough words to thank you for your beautiful comments! The Agenda here is continuously updated so keep an eye on it. Marirussu has done an excellent job concerning the web design and along with Hazel are doing their best on the Daily section.

      THANK YOU again for reading us and it is always a pleasure to read your comments!

      Love, Athena

  6. I love this page and I have a couple of questions…Do you manage this page on your own? If someone would like to help manage the page too (maybe help edit, post some pictures, etc.) are they able to? If so, how?

  7. Hi Leslie! Yes, we manage the site on our own always working along with some Fan clubs and with other beautiful ilvolovers, but Mari Russu and I are responsible of the contents of the site. If it is OK with you, we can answer your doubts via email

    • Hi, Chary!

      It is not scheduled a concert for Miami on this tour. Although, maybe we hava a surprise on the end. Keep in touch!


  8. I live in Chesterfield, MO and have tried to find a concert that will be held
    in and around Chicago, IL that would be around 200 miles from St. Louis, MO. Maybe I could find a way to attend that. I just had my 80th Birthday and I don’t think I will have too many more chances to travel. Whatever
    is available. It would be helpful if I knew the schedule. Thank you,

    • Hi Maggie!
      Our Agenda share the dates and events soon after Il Volo publishes the dates. The American Tour took place on last June in many cities of the United States and Canada, not including Chicago. (you can see all the dates and places here http://www.ilvolo.mus.br/2014/06/agenda-june-2014/ ). Maybe in 2015 Chicago will be included and you are a still girl 🙂 Keep in contact 🙂

  9. Hi,

    Re Il Volo in Las Vegas: Myron Heaton (who lives in Las Vegas) has started a campaign to convince Il Volo’s management to schedule Las Vegas in their concerts. Apparently management is not convinced that Il Volo would sell out in Las Vegas. We need everybody to contact Il Volo’s managers to convince them otherwise. I understand Il Volo wants to come, and Caesar’s Palace would be happy to schedule any open dates for them. Also, there is a movement afoot to have lots of Il Volo Fan events occur during the time they would be there. We would love it if it could be this year in November or December 2014. Viva Las Vegas Il Volo!

    • Thank you, Irene! It is an wonderful idea. I only think that 2015 will be a better time. I am in Brasil and all South America is expecting Il Volo here in 2014. They already did a wonderful tour on US and Canada this year.

  10. I have a copy of the upcoming events for Il Volo tour concerts showing they will perform in Phoenix, Arizona, USA on October 11, 2014 at the Comerica Theater (where I saw their fabulous performance last year on September 1, 2013). However, I cannot find any information on the Comerica website showing this performance by Il Volo. Are they performing here on this date? I would appreciate any information you have on this concert. I, too, would like any information on the newest CDs. I have all of their CDs and play them every day.
    Thank you in advance for your response to my requests. JM

    • Hi Judy

      The tour on US and Canada took place on June and we don’t know nothings about this concert that you mentioned. From where is this information?
      Maybe a confusion with the 2011 tour. There is an announcement on the Il Volo site, but it is from 2011: http://www.ilvolomusic.com/news/official-news-il-volo-announces-us-tour .
      We are always updated about Il Volo news. You can follow our Agenda and browse the links about the music. A new CD will be released in 2015.

  11. Hello, I am so enjoying reading your information about wonderful, fantastic Il Volo. I saw them in concert last June, along with the Meet & Greet, and it was a dream come true. They are such dear young men!! I am in the US and really want to see their PBS special on WTTW-Chicago or out of PBS-Indiana. I would appreciate very much any information you might find out about this when time draws closer. Of course, I want to see them again in concert. Thank you very much. Harriett

  12. Hello everyone
    Actually I am a fan from Albania and I have been following these guys since forever ago.They are grown up so fast and I must say that they sat an example for me.The truth is that I do not know if they are aware but these three wonderful boys are running after their dream no matter how hard the competition is ,no matter the fact that they have to travel all the time being apart from their families and they are ready to take any risk just to do what they are designed for.It is so inspiring.They made me realise that if you want something very much and you love what you do,you should not fear anything.I just want to wish them all the luck in the world.My dad is actually a singer and when he saw them on Sanremo he told me:They are so gonna win.I hope they can bring the italian music into new levels.My suggestion for them is that I would like to see a movie of what they have done so far.In other words,like they did Unici come noi maybe another documentary about their lives would definitelly gather all the volovers.Good job to the people who have done this page.A massive hug for Gianluca that is my weakness and I am waiting Il Volo in Albania.

    • Hi Ana!
      Nice to meet you! As soon as possible we will try to send your suggestions to them. We will love a movie too 🙂

  13. Hi,

    First of all thank you always showing interest in Il Volo and sending updates about our boys <3 I was looking at European concerts Il Volo will be doing and I found one next November in Trieste. Can you please confirm if this concert is happening or not? Because it is not listed on Il Volo's official website and so I was wondering … This would be my first Il Volo concert that I will be attending hopefully <3 thx xxx

    • Hi Jessica

      The confirmed events are these listed above. You can confirm on TicketOne (www.ticketone.it) that is the official tickets seller. Il Volo said that the tour ends on September with the concert in Verona, so I do not think that will be a concert in November. Trieste is on July 11, 2015.


  14. Mi sembra che ci siano date a novembre e a dicembre..ne ho lette due..una all immacolata e una il 7novembre a trieste.. ..devono essere confermate come altre del tour estivo…tipo pompei…
    Piero parló deo tour estivo,che finisce con verona…dopo non hanno parlato di date successive

  15. Of course just finished watching the live show…now I am looking forward to here something from All About Il Volo. That is the news about the live video … I treasure your work guys. Thanks for everything … Il Volo per sempre !!!

  16. Gostaria de saber quando vamos ter a honra novamente desses meninos aqui no Brasil, (São Paulo) estamos todos ansiosos esperando por eles.
    muito obrigada

  17. gostaria de saber quando vamos ter a oportunidade de ver esses meninos maravilhosos aqui no Brasil (São Paulo) novamente. Estamos esperando por eles.
    muito obrigada

  18. Thank you for keeping those of us who love them in touch with their schedule! I saw them in concert in June of last year and had the joy of meeting them afterwards! I hope to see them again and again! Their music brings joy to the world! I hope they will always be as grounded and down to earth and sweet as they are now!

  19. Hello dear all,
    I would like just to say how much i like these three very sweet, handsome, talented, positive guys 🙂 I am under a huge impression from their songs, fotos and funny videos 🙂 And their Eurovision song is the most beautiful song, i have heared during last few years!! 🙂
    I wish them all the best, a lot of inspiration, hapiness, colorful moments, to reach their dreams and to stay as cool as they are!! 🙂
    Please tell me if any concerts of Il Volo is planned to be hold in Ukraine or in Poland ever ?? Should i go on hoping and dreaming about it ?? 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Huge hello for the guys from Ukraine 🙂

    • Hi Adriana

      We have no information about this now. If Il Volo announce something, you will find here 🙂 Thank you for visiting us!

    • Oi Silvia
      Nada por enquanto. Eles mencionaram uma visita a alguns países Latino Americanos para promover o novo Album depois de Setembro de 2015, mas nenhuma menção ao Brasil. Penso que para 2016 poderá surgir algo.
      Se surgir você vai encontrar aqui 🙂


  20. They are 2 events on July 18, they will perform in Italy and on the same day in Chicago, Il.
    Please explain.

    • There isn’t any concert in Chicago on July 18 2015. Some site advertised it, but clicking on the button to buy the tickets it redirects to another page in which is written that the concert is in Savio, Ravenna. That is in Italy. So, be careful please. The concert on July 18 will be in Italy, in Cervia, Ravenna district.

  21. Ciao a tutti!
    I’ve heard at some radio interviews back in June that Ignazio will be in Spain on his birthday, at a “special stage”… Also in some facebook fan pages I’ve already seen that they have an event in Madrid the first weekend of october… Is there any confirmation on what will they do in Spain (concert, tv show, promoting)?
    Thank you guys from “All About Il Volo”, you are amazing!!!!!!!
    Thanks to you I’m always updated! 🙂

    • Hi Patricia! Nothing confirmed, only the references you said. When we have something we will publish here and in the news!

  22. Hello dear Mari,

    I have heared that from today on a book about Il Volo will be sold in the internet. Could you please be so kind to tell us if this book also will be published in English or any other languages, not only in Ialian? 🙂

    Thank you,

  23. Hi i just wanna know someone in chicago who is attending at the concert on february 2016 i wanna go but i don’t know anybody going thanks

  24. Amigos. O Tour pelo.Brasil já está confirmado? Se sim, quais datas? Gostaria de dar de presente a minha esposa o show deles.

    • Ainda não está no site oficial do Il Volo, Sérgio. As datas que temos aqui foram mostradas no show Porta a Porta em novembro, por eles mesmos.

  25. We saw the group at the Fox in Detroit they were great. Gave an an inspiring show!
    We made a mistake by having dinner at Marios in Detroit which had shuttle service to the Fox. We missed the 1st 20 minutes of the show and our meal was very disappointing! Service was bad,was served a meal that we didn’t order. Though the next bus load missed an hour of the show . Boy that was very frustating.

  26. Hello! I would like To know if there is any show scheduled for september , 2016, in Italy.

  27. Maravilhosos….eu amo eles!!!
    Quando Il volo estara no Brasil (Porto Alegre)?

    Camila Perez

  28. Hello,
    Do you have any idea why tikets for Asti and Teormina are not avaloble online?
    Thank you in advance

  29. ¿Tendrá prevista Il Volo alguna actuación para Argentina o Uruguay en los próximos meses?. Agradezco información.

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