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  1. First, IL VOLO our great guys, what a fantastic year. This was my first few months as a club fan, and the only fan club I ever been a member of. Your music has brought me through a few very hard months for me. I was full of sadness, until I embraced myself with you beautiful music. I’m a lover of classical music, as both my husband and I played violin. Your music fills my home every day. We all know you need to rest now, and be with your families. We all will be waiting for the NewYear of 2018, to see and hear all the new Dreams, you are preparing for us. Best wishes always and. ” Merry Christmas and Happy New Year “. To all. Love and Peace

  2. Donna, I agree with you wholeheartedly about IL VOLO music,
    I just flew to Tokyo from USA to attend their first time in Japan concert at Bunkakaikan/Orchid hall in Tokyo. That’s how much I love their music. I had second row great seat
    to witness their awesome concert. My heart was pumping hard trying not miss
    anything.. This was my first IL Volo concert and it was well worth it.
    Japanese people weren’t familiar with IL Volo but no doubt it was sold out.
    As their appeared on Japanese TV morning show, they showed great introductio
    to Japanese people and they love Il Volo boys instantly for sure.
    Unfortunately taking photos or video was prohibited by law at the concert that I could not bring back home with the pictures, but their wonderful concert will
    remain in my heart always and I was thrilled to be there.
    How fortunate we are to be able to hear their fantastic voices.
    They should be the pride of Italian people. Thank you IL VOLO who keep
    us all together for love of their beautiful music. We are so fortunate.

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