Ignazio Boschetto! Auguri!

Feliz Aniversário! Happy Birthday! Buon Compleanno!

Ignazio Boschetto Set 2017

À você, que não nasceu para ver a vida passar, desejamos dias desafiadores, amores intensos, emoções desenfreadas, e a liberdade plena de quem sabe que às vezes dói, mas que vai em frente mesmo assim! Feliz aniversário, querido!

To you… who were not born to see life passing by, we wish you challenging days, intense loves, unbridled emotions and the freedom of those who know that sometimes it hurts, but that go on anyway! Happy birthday, sweetheart!

A te, che non sei nato per vedere la vita scorrere, auguriamo giorni ricchi di impegni, amori intensi, emozioni incontenibili e la piena libertà di chi sa che a volte farà male, ma che va avanti comunque! Buon compleanno, amore!

The gift is you who gives us / O presente é você que nos dá / Il regalo è tu che ci dà:

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ph by Suzana (23/09/17)

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8 thoughts on “Ignazio Boschetto! Auguri!

  1. What beautiful words. I do no have the gift of words but I truly felt yours which made me cry. Ignazio is beyond awesome.

  2. Thank you for sharing Ignazio with us on his birthday. I really miss receiving all the AAIV daily emails. Perhaps one day they will return. Judy

  3. Thank you for this wonderful birthday tribute to Ignazio. I have been following IL Volo since 2010 . I have great admiration for Ignazio’s family especially his sister who cared for him when his mother was sick with cancer. Family is everything to the gentlemen of IL Volo trio and is a big part of their success I believe. Thanks AAIV

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