Artists – a portrait of Il Volo / Artisti – un ritratto de Il Volo

Il Volo in Roma - May 12 2017

On September 20, 2017, Italia Ri-Unita published the article: “Artisti“, by Patrizia Ciava. We are glad to publish the English version, translated by Susan Ambrosini, from All About Il Volo.

Il 20 settembre 2017, Italia Ri-Unita ha pubblicato l’articolo “Artisti” di Patrizia Ciava. Siamo lieti di pubblicare la versione inglese, tradotta da Susan Jane Ambrosini di All About Il Volo.

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Translation by Susan J. Ambrosini (AAIV)

Il Volo in Verona - May 19, 2017Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero are three normal guys in their early twenties, friendly, cheerful, funny, playful.

But when they go up on stage they become huge. They become ageless. Almost intimidating. They make you feel that kind of awe that is aroused by true talent. A talent that is made up, not only of their powerful voices, but also of their extraordinary capacity to immerse themselves in music and convey intense emotions to those who listen to them.

Usually, those who have important voices set their performances on their vocal skills and focus on virtuosity, while these three young artists use their beautiful voices as a tool to arouse empathy and emotion, as a painter uses colors, a poet words and a composer notes. This obviously entails a special sensitivity by both the performer and the listener, and you can’t try to explain rationally to those who don’t possess it what you are experiencing. Harmony and beauty in its many forms, touches deep chords of the human soul and is not always explainable in words.

Il Volo in Verona - May 19, 2017Artistic talent is a divine and mysterious gift. As John Paul II wrote, in a letter to the artists: “No one better than you artists, ingenious creators of beauty, can imagine something of the pathos with which God, at the dawn of creation, looked at the work of his hands. A glimmer of that feeling has shone so often in your eyes when you, like the artists of all times, captivated by the hidden power of sounds and words, colors and shapes, have almost felt the echo of the mystery of creation with which God has wished in some ways to associate you with. ”

Unfortunately, recognizing true talent does not stir the same reactions in everyone; in some it elicits admiration, in others envy, because it makes them realize how insignificant they are.
Real talent can be daunting .

Il Volo in Verona - May 19, 2017And it can be annoying. Above all, it is annoying to a certain kind of press that would like to be the only mediator between artists and the public. They would like to exercise unlimited power, become supreme judges to determine the success or failure of an artist, if he does not fall into their limited circle of friendships and interests.
Mass orientation techniques fail when the public recognizes true talent, hence the angry and scornful rage of certain journalists. The conformism that they try to impose crumbles in the face of true talent, which is free from genres, time or fashion.
So, dear boys, be prepared to endure many insults and humiliations. Those who cannot fly as high as you will do anything to clip your wings. But that’s exactly what will give you the magnitude of your worth and of your success.

* photos: Suzana Gutierrez – Notte Magica Italian Tour

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19 thoughts on “Artists – a portrait of Il Volo / Artisti – un ritratto de Il Volo

    • Beautifully said, it so expresses my own feeling about these tree wonderful persons. I don’t understand a word of Italian, but they bring me to tears with the emotion they are able to express in their singing. May they live long and continue to share their enormous talents and graciousness.

  1. how beautifully this article describes the many talents of our boys. they are loved worldwide & it’s well deserved for all the hard work they have put into their art. I have loved them since first seeing them in Detroit in 2011

  2. Well descriptive of Il Volo and the effect they transmit to their audience. Truly, Angels sent by God to bring joy to our lives.

  3. Really glad to see your two recent articles! It is such an honor to see you guys are working so hard for our dear boys.
    Those who cannot fly as high as you will do anything to clip your wings.
    Good job and remain intense!

  4. Insightful article about Il Volo’s talent and their consummate ability to transmit deep emotions to the audience through their performances. Wonderful article and outstanding translation.

  5. Excellent article. I forget how young they are in years . I love tenors, baritones and opera, but all I want to hear is our three young men, together and separately too, as they expand their projects. Thank you AAIV. And I’m enjoying your recent recordings from the tour. They sound wonderful and are especially relaxed and inspired in these Braziluan concerts!! Eluzabeth Gabber

  6. Beautiful is the word that came into my head immediately reading this article. Thank you for it and for the translation!

  7. I’ve been struggling to find the words to express my emotions and Patrizia has conveyed them so eloquently. Brava!! And bravi to the boys who don’t allow anyone or anything that is said to deter them from their God-given artistry.

  8. Beautiful and so true. Many thanks for your English translation. There is no other site that provides the context of AAIV. Gracias Suzanna.

  9. When you sit and listen to these so very talented young men, you smile, tears come to your eyes. They capture you into their music with they voices and the joy that they have sharing their music with you. I have seen them since they became Il Volo every time they come to the USA and will make sure that I see them whenever we are lucky enough to have them grace our stages. They make beautiful music.

  10. This is a great article and really expresses what the guys are about. Their voices, the passion and emotion that comes through in whatever they sing fill me with such a joy that I can’t explain. I have never experienced that with any other singers or performers. I love their choice of music and as someone else wrote, even if I don’t understand Italian or Spanish, it doesn’t matter to me either. They are the best!!! I listen to them everyday. God bless Gianluca, Ignacio and Piero.

    Thank you for sharing this article with us.


  11. What a wonderful article, thank you for a great translation. It puts into words why Il Volo are so special and so addictive. There are very few who can transmit deep emotion as they do. Their passion and joy lifts all their audience to a happier place.

  12. Thank you Susan for the translation of this great article by Patrizia Ciava. She very eloquently states what so many of us feel about Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca and their music. They are immensely talented and true artists!

  13. Thank for the translation, how beautiful and so true. Not everyone will feel or understand the God given talent that these three wonderful young men have. My husband and I love music, all our life. Now that I’m alone, there music warms my heart. After reading the article I remember, how I was blessed to have a husband that could feel the music too. It is truly a feeling a person can’t explain. Thank you. Best Wishes, Love and Peace. Donna

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