“Un amore così grande” – A movie with Il Volo! / Un film con Il Volo!

L'Arena Verona Un Amore così grandeAs you probably know, during May 19th Il Volo concert at the Arena di Verona and from May 24th to 27th – just after the concert at the Royal Albert Hall – Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca took part in the shooting of the movie “Un amore così grande”.
Let’s learn more about this project, thanks to Susan’s translation of this article: Il Volo al cinema – Il «grande amore» nasce a Verona (Il Volo in the cinema – The “Great Love” is born in Verona) by Francesca Saglimbeni, published by the Verona newspaper L’Arena on May 28th, 2017. – Read in English

Come probabilmente già sapete, durante il concerto de Il Volo all’Arena di Verona del 19 maggio scorso e dal 24 al 27 maggio, subito dopo il concerto alla Royal Albert Hall, Piero, Ignazio e Gianluca hanno partecipato alle riprese del film “Un amore così grande”.
Scopriamo qualcosa di più di questo progetto, grazie anche alla traduzione in inglese di Susan, in questo articolo di Francesca Saglimbeni: Il Volo al cinema – Il «grande amore» nasce a Verona pubblicato dal quotidiano di Verona “L’Arena” il 28 maggio 2017. – Leggi in italiano

English translation: Il Volo al cinema – Il «grande amore» nasce a Verona

On the set
From the Gran Guardia to the Amphitheatre and Catullo Airport

Il Volo in the cinema – The “Great Love” is born in Verona

From the talent show which launched them and has seen them grow, to the international spotlights which have made them worldwide celebrities, to the Sanremo win which, together with national tours and live performances at the Arena, have definitely consecrated them to the Italian public. Being only in their twenties, Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble, already have a lot of experience. But when they have to interpret themselves, the boys from Il Volo do not hold back from any adventure, like improvising as actors for the big screen.

A new challenge, the film, which after the double “Notte Magica” in the Arena (19th and 20th May), brought them back to Verona for the film “Un amore così grande”, a Russian co-production film endorsed by A.C. Production, in order to bring young people to opera and belcanto. Of which the pop-opera trio is now the new ambassador in the world.

The main character is Vladimir (Giuseppe Maggio), a young Russian who lives using dangerous methods to keep and assist his sick mother, once a great soprano. During a performance of Bohème, while sitting in the hall with his son, she convinces him to go to Verona to look for his father, who left many years ago.

Walking on the streets of the Scaligera city, Vladimir displays his own singing talent, conquering the heart of young Veronica (Francesca Loy) and capturing the attention of the manager of Il Volo, in search of a debutant to launch in the trio concerts. The plot thickens assuming dramatic contours, which the passion for music, will, nevertheless be able to redeem.

“We are acting alongside professionals, but in a role that encourages us to stay Il Volo, doing essentially what we do best: singing,” explains Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, in the three minutes available between one shoot and another on the Grand Guardia set, one of the many, together with the Catullo airport and the Arena. Behind the shots they seem at ease. “We are accustomed to the spotlights,” they say. And those of the Arena stage, which between concerts and song festivals they have already walked upon six times more.

“Returning to this new role does, however, have a certain effect,” the singers admit, with their repertoire of Italian and Neapolitan melodies, opera arias, songs of famous musicals, and the great success of Sanremo “Grande Amore”, they have managed to reach the youngsters. The film “will help contribute to drawing more people to opera, which in the last few years, has been a bit in the shadows,” they think. “There is a Puccini aria that is an accomplice to a story of love and the reconciliation between father and son. This is the power of music!”

Travelling abroad, Latin America, USA, Japan, “we understand that Italy is the most envied country, because we have everything. Except that often we do not take care of it. How many can say they have the Arena of Verona? When we sing an Italian melody – Piero, the intellectual of the three, explains – foreigners go crazy. For them Italian music “is the belcanto, the one born in Tuscany. We may also have beautiful voices, but it’s thanks to the masterpieces of our composers that Italy is still famous in the world.”

Advice to peers? “Not directly to them, but to their parents we want to say that the most beautiful gift they can give a child is a musical instrument. From there a passion can grow and from the passion, a profession.”

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Articolo originale di Francesca Saglimbeni: Il Volo al cinema – Il «grande amore» nasce a Verona pubblicato dal quotidiano di Verona “L’Arena” il 28 maggio 2017

Ulteriori informazioni:
:: «Un amore così grande» con il trio Il Volo – informazioni preliminari su L’Arena (12 maggio 2017 in italiano)
:: Presentato in sala Arazzi il film “Un amore così grande” – altre info su Verona Economia (12 maggio 2017 in italiano)
:: Video reportage su TG Verona

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  1. Thank you for another wonderful article about our beloved Il Volo. Piero’s advice to parents is very wise. Music and the arts enrich our lives. What a thoughtful and loving gift for our children.

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