Back to where everything has started, home! Piero Barone HouseTeca opening / Si torna dove tutto è cominciato: a casa! L’apertura della Piero Barone HouseTeca

Piero and his Grandad - HouseTeca 23 december 2016Il 23 dicembre 2016 si è tenuta presso il Castello Chiaramontano di Naro l’apertura della Piero Barone HouseTeca, un museo ed esposizione dei premi ricevuti da Piero nella sua carriera, realizzata grazie al Comune di Naro e ad alcuni amici di Piero.
Siamo felici di presentarvi alcune foto e video della giornata e la traduzione in inglese del discorso principale di Piero, che è contenuto nel 3° video della playlist.
Potete leggere anche la nostra intervista esclusiva a Enzo Porrello, una delle persone che hanno realizzato questo progetto.

On December 23rd, 2016 the opening of the Piero Barone HouseTeca – a museum and exposition of the awards received by Piero all his career long, realized by the Town Hall of Naro and some friends of Piero – took place at the Castello Chiaramontano of Naro.
We are glad to present you some pictures and videos of the day and the English translation of Piero’s main speech, that you can listen to in the 3rd video of the playlist.
You can also read here our exclusive interview to Enzo Porrello, one of the people in charge of this project.

Photos / Foto: Enzo PorrelloDelfina Gasparini

Videos by I Love Naro La Città Del Barocco Facebook

Piero signature - HouseTeca 23 december 2016Piero’s main speech at the HouseTeca opening

I haven’t prepared any speech.
First of all, I wanted to say thanks to everybody. I know how much love and affection you feel for us and show us daily. And I say thanks also on behalf of Ignazio and Gianluca.
One day, few weeks ago, I got a message about this idea of the Houseteca. And the other two said: “Piero, congratulations! In Naro they really love you!” And I said: “Guys, this affection exists from the first day I have started to open my mouth and sing; not in 2009 but when I was a child, in those videos to be censored that we have just seen!”
First of all, I would like to start by saying thanks to the Mayor, to Enzo Porrello, to Giuseppe Minio, to Giuseppe Alletto, Giovanni Granaro, Pino Destro. And I am sorry but for sure I will forget some names.
When they asked me: who do you want to be the introducer of the night? I immediately said: Massimiliano! I don’t like when people ask “what did you feel when you won Sanremo” and so on. I want people who know what we have done, that love me, that daily show affection, even when we run into each other 10 times a day, they always honk and this makes me very proud!
I don’t know if over the past days you have followed me on the socials. Anyway, the last month has been really stressful, we have been in 18 cities in 20 days, 18 intercontinental flights. What we do is very stressful, also very grateful because we can see the results of it. But the last picture I have posted – beside the one in front of the castle – has been the one in Barcelona. And my comment was: we have just finished the promotional tour and we are going back to where everything has started, home! I am not willing to be repetitive, anytime I talk on a microphone, but it is what I feel I want to say. I have never felt so relaxed when talking in public – when some audience is in front of you, emotion is always playing tricks on you. But anytime I talk in public here in Naro, in front of you, it feels like talking to my parents at home at dinner time.
I can see a lot of affection in your eyes. Some people, I see them every day. Some others come from abroad, but I can recognize some faces, as they stand outside my house and ring the bell from time to time! You have to know that when you ring the bell, the music at home stops. So, while I am showering and listening to music, if it stops, then it’s because of you!
Really, I have to say thank you, thank you so much! I do like this idea; I am curious about seeing what you have made up inside! Do I have to worry about? I wanted to enter in the castle before, but they didn’t allow me to! We will find it out together!
And then I wanted to say a special thanks to one person; I always do that but with the heart and not due to any imposition. As you know very well, in the video we’ve just seen there is a person next to me. I do believe my grandfather is my mentor, the person who is guilty for this all! It was him to discover my voice, and then with the perseverance of my father… […]
He always takes care of me… and so, I wanted to say thanks to my grandfather for all he does, for how he answers to me… I understand his affection any time I come back home. Two days ago, when I came back here to Naro, my first stop is – you know how it works here, you visit every relative, coffee, now Christmas cakes, my grandmother prepared homemade honey for me – anyway, I believe my grandfather’s hug is the greatest sign of affection. I always try to enjoy his company on a daily basis, even if sometimes we do not hear from each other for weeks. The first thing he told me when I got back was (in Sicilian) “you will make me die”! Because I’m every day on a plane! And anytime I get on a plane – I’ve never told this to anyone – I cross myself. The reason is this: you have to know that my grandmother Pina – my grandfather Pietro’s wife – she is the sweetest person on earth, and once she told me – at the beginning of my continuous travelling – “Anytime I lean out of the window to drain clothing, I look at the sky and ask myself <>. Piero, anytime you step on a plane, always cross yourself and think of me!”. Anytime the plane is about to take off – Ignazio and Gianluca can witness this – I always cross myself, and this is the reason!
Anyway, I wanted to say something: Ignazio and Gianluca always make fun of me because they say that Naro is the center of the world. But it is true! Everything happens here! Here’s a proof: 5 days ago, I was in Monte Carlo, where we were doing a private concert. It was an event full of important people… a man stood up – a business man in building, he has built half Monte Carlo – at the end of the concert, this man from Northern Italy (I don’t remember exactly from where) congratulated us and then – Gianluca and Ignazio next to me could confirm that Naro is the center of the world! – he came to me and said: “Piero, I’ve looked on Wikipedia, you are from Naro!” And I said: “yes”! “I am from Naro, too. My grandfather came from Naro!” You should have taken a look at Ignazio and Gianluca’s faces! I said “tiè”!!! It is the truth! It is the truth!
In fact, I believe that house is where your wardrobe is! I’ve built my first house here in Naro. Someone asked me: why did you buy a house in Naro? I have built a house here in Naro because I have all my family here, I have 2 people that really love me, it is my holiday place… [the end of the sentence is missing the audio]

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