BREAKING NEWS: Il Volo North American Tour dates 2017 – Date del Tour Nord Americano 2017 de Il Volo

il-volo-north-american-tour-2017BREAKING NEWS: Il Volo 2017 North American Tour dates are out! 

The Italian music website All Music Italia shared them today, October 8th, 2016 in IL VOLO Si Prepara Al Tour 2017: Date In Tutto Il Mondo E Poi Il Ritorno In Italia (in Italian). AND THEY ARE CONFIRMED! – Leggi in Italiano.


This is the schedule:

March 04, 2017 – NEW YORK CITY, NY – Radio City Music Hal
March 07, 2017 – PHILADELPHIA, PA
March 09, 2017 – WASHINGTON, DC
March 11, 2017 – MASHANTUCKET, CT
March 14, 2017 – BOSTON, MA
March 16, 2017 – DETROIT, MI
March 18, 2017 – CHICAGO, IL
March 20, 2017 – MINNEAPOLIS, MN
March 23, 2017 – LOS ANGELES, CA
March 25, 2017 – LAS VEGAS, NV
March 27, 2017 – SAN JOSE, CA
March 30, 2017 – TAMPA, FL
April 1, 2017 – MIAMI, FL
April 3, 2017 – ATLANTA, GA

European Tour (April – June 2017) and Latin American Tour (July – August 2017) are being dealt, as well as concerts in Australia, China and Japan within the end of 2017.


il-volo-north-american-tour-2017ULTIM’ORA: Sono state annunciate le date del Tour Nord Americano 2017 de Il Volo 2017!

Il sito web di musica italiano All Music Italia le ha condivise oggi, 8 ottobre 2016 su IL VOLO Si Prepara Al Tour 2017: Date In Tutto Il Mondo E Poi Il Ritorno In Italia (in italiano). E SONO CONFERMATE!


Ecco il calendario:

04 marzo 2017 – NEW YORK CITY, NY – Radio City Music Hal
07 marzo 2017 – PHILADELPHIA, PA
09 marzo 2017 – WASHINGTON, DC
11 marzo 2017 – MASHANTUCKET, CT
14 marzo 2017 – BOSTON, MA
16 marzo 2017 – DETROIT, MI
18 marzo 2017 – CHICAGO, IL
20 marzo 2017 – MINNEAPOLIS, MN
23 marzo 2017 – LOS ANGELES, CA
25 marzo 2017 – LAS VEGAS, NV
27 marzo 2017 – SAN JOSE, CA
30 marzo 2017 – TAMPA, FL
01 aprile  2017 – MIAMI, FL
03 aprile  2017 – ATLANTA, GA

Sono in via di definizione il Tour Europeo (Aprile – Giugno 2017) e il Tour Latino Americano (Luglio – Agosto 2017), così come concerti in Australia, Cina e Giappone entro la fine dell’anno.

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66 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Il Volo North American Tour dates 2017 – Date del Tour Nord Americano 2017 de Il Volo

  1. I have been in Europe myself for some time and not paying attention to Il Volo other than the basics. I decided to catch up today and am thrilled you decided to return. I just caught up on the last three months thanks to you. We know this is a labor of love.

    • It is likely they will be in Latin America in July/August 2017. We are waiting for further information.
      Sembra che verranno in America Latina a luglio/agosto 2017. Stiamo aspettando ulteriori notizie.

    • We have posted all the information we have found. If new information appears, we will write it here as soon as possible!

      • Thank you. Do you know the venue for the concert on April 1st in Miami. They have used three different venues through the years. Thank you

  2. What ????? They are not coming to Texas or Oklahoma ??? Why not??? this is a tragedy !!!!! Please IGNAZIO, GIANLUCA & PIERO , we want to see you too !

  3. How lucky we are. We shall be in Florida when our boys go to Miami and Tampa.
    I hope you will soon let us know the venues they are playing. You do a wonderful job of keeping us Il Volo fans informed. Thank you.

  4. Please let us know when tickets are available in tampa florida!! I am so excited saw them this past march, they were incredible as always. Got a big hug and many kisses from my idol Ignazio!!!

  5. Thank you for all of your hard work to keep all of us informed about important things going on with our guys! I know it is a labor of love. Will u be able to let us know when they release venues? I had the awesome privilege, thanks to my best friend, to see them twice in ten days, but was unable to get M&G passes and I’m really hoping to be able to do that next year.

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  7. Repeat entries will certainly insure that your site achieves
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    engine as well as directory sites!

    • There are some USA concerts that are sold out, you need to look others web sites. We love IL Volor are amazinhg, but sadly they are going to make only 15 concerts because the kind of music they are going to sing is more hard, more operating interpretations honoring the Three Tenors, Pavarotti, Domingo y Carrera. We hope they add more Concerts including TEXAS.

  8. Wonderful new if you live in the States – do you know if they are planning a tour down to New Zealand or Australia 2017 or 2018? Huge fans down here also!

    • Hi Alice!

      Il Volo said “soon”, so we have to wait their announcement.
      As soon as they announce we will publish here.

  9. how can i get Il volo tickets for them in Boston. Anyone no where they are playing in Boston? Who is selling them? Please let me know. Ahmet

    • Hi Ahmet!
      For the dates already published you may look in our Agenda/Tour link above. The US first dates are there, but not venues or information about tickets yet.

  10. Looking for info on the Tampa concert – venue and tickets. When will this information be available? We love Il Volo. Saw their Florence concert on PBS last night – incredible!

  11. Hi,
    I am contemplating going to see them in NYC. Can you tell me if they will be singing songs from their previous albums? Grande amore, etc.?

    • Hi Laura!
      I think they will perform the repertoire of Notte Magica.
      I don’t think Grande Amore will be included, but other songs may.
      What we know is that a symphonic orchestra will support them, not a band.
      Meanwhile, Italian hugs! Francesca

  12. Hello…Will they be singing O Sole Mio, at Radio City in NY ? Just heard them so ill be going anyway. Their performance was incredibly touching , Many tears. Thank you Carole

    • Hi! I do think so, as ‘O Sole Mio is included in their new album, Notte Magica.
      It is a different arrangement compared to their first rendition in 2011, but totally worth it!
      Hope you will enjoy the concert as much as you can! Send us pics 😉

  13. 4/3/17 – I was there last year but because of the stormy traveling weather today; I was unable to attend the Atlanta Woodruff Hall Concert ; I donated my tickets; I love you dearly. Tonight, I am enjoying you in my home playing your Notte Magica Album.Hope you miss me, as I do you. Thank you for being all you are, and all you give us .

  14. 4/3/2017-Because of the storms tonight I am missing your Atlanta concert. I was there last year -I love you dearly and thank you for all you are and do for us. Tonight I listened to your Notte Magica Album -I often find you and follow you where I can. I wish you well in your travels ;I hope you return and I can see you again.

  15. Hello Marisussuu! I hear that when you reply it is for Il Volo? Are they for real. I will like for Piero Barone to reply back. Will like to talk to him about some tip etc… can you give him my e mail? Have a good day. I hope they reply back! They said they want to sing at the White House, so tell then to email me! May be able to help them. My Husband worked for the Government. It could be find to ask Mr. President, he is a very nice man and he love the song my Way. Hope get a reply back. Or are you able to email Piero email to get in touch with him. Good luck thank Carmen

  16. Bonjour Il Volo ,
    J’aimerais savoir si en 2017 si vous allez revenir à Montréal ???
    Ou pour la 1 ière fois à QUÉBEC ???
    Ou à OTTAWA ???
    E j’aimerais retourner vous voir et entendre .
    Au plaisir….

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