Gianluca Ginoble is awarded with the honorary citizenship of Lettomanoppello / A Gianluca Ginoble è stata conferita la cittadinanza onoraria di Lettomanoppello

Gianluca Lettomanoppello

Credits: Luciano D’Alfonso

On Monday, August 8th, 2016 the town of Lettomanoppello (province of Pescara, in Abruzzo) has awarded Gianluca Ginoble with the honorary citizenship.
We suggest you to go ahead reading and discover the beautiful words that were said by and about Gianluca. – Read in English.

Lunedì 8 agosto 2016 la cittadina di Lettomanoppello (in provincia di Pescara, in Abruzzo) ha conferito a Gianluca Ginoble la cittadinanza onoraria.
Vi suggeriamo di proseguire la lettura e scoprire le bellissime parole che sono state dette da e su Gianluca. – Leggi in Italiano.


Gianluca Lettomanoppello

Credits: Luciano D’Alfonso

On Monday, August 8th, 2016 the town of Lettomanoppello (province of Pescara, in Abruzzo) has awarded Gianluca Ginoble with the honorary citizenship. Gianluca attended the event with his father and grandfather.

The ceremony took place in the town hall and in the square of the town and was a simple event, but with hearts full of joy and gratitude. The so called “pro loco” of the town – local associations that aim to promote Italian culture and traditions – asked to the municipality council to award Gianluca with this prize and the request was voted and approved.

In the first part of the event, the local counsellors and pro-loco representatives gave brief speeches to explain the reasons of this request and award. But we want to highlight the speech that the Regional President of Abruzzo – Luciano D’Alfonso – gave in the square after the award (minute 3.20 of the following video). We will translate it here below. In the video you can also find Gianluca’s words, filled with excitement and deep emotion (minute 6.10), also translated below.

VIDEO of the speeches: Discorso delle autorità nella consegna delle chiavi a Gianluca Ginoble in P.zza Umberto (August 8th, 2016 in Italian – video by Marcella Sigismondi on Facebook)

Gianluca Lettomanoppello

Credits: Luciano D’Alfonso

TRANSLATION of the speech of the Regional President of Abruzzo, Luciano D’Alfonso:
I will just say 3 things in 2 minutes!
The first: the decision – taken by the municipality council – of giving this award and acknowledging Gianluca Ginoble with the honorary citizenship here in the square is very important. What does honorary citizenship means? You can become a citizen – there is a debate going on in Europe – by bloodline or by place of birth. We are now highlighting citizenship due to a reason of honor, instead. What is honor? Honor means conduct, it means behavior, it means results achieved in the professional life, in a passionate life, in the cultural and artistic life. And this is Gianluca Ginoble’s case. And this commits him towards you and us but it also commits you and us towards him.
The second thought: how can you become like Gianluca Ginoble? This time it’s about art, about music, about songs in their last conception. You should not think of a magic potion behind a wall, so that if you break it and take the potion, then you become like Gianluca Ginoble! Dedication, commitment, effort, diligence are needed. I remember, 30/40 years ago some parents here willing to reply the luck of Guglielmo Ferrante, so that everyone should have become a football player. And then cycling became on fashion. Commitment cannot be avoided! He – and I think he will say this later on – has become who he is now thanks to commitment and diligence.
I would like to make a third point: we do need to understand the exact value of art and music. Why do art and music – like faith and religion, somehow – can join everyone? First of all, it goes far, across time; it gives a sort of immortality. In 30, 50, 60 years even the children that are not yet born, that will come later, will be able to listen to Gianluca Ginoble’s music, songs, words, considerations, culture. So, there’s a great lesson that comes from art: it puts people together, it makes them talk, it keeps them in peace and it gives us immortality.
I wish this town to learn a lesson also from what he says and from what he has done.
Congratulations, Gianluca!

TRANSLATION of Gianluca’s speech:
First of all, I want to say I am a shy guy and I also get easily moved, and sometimes words just fail in me. But, I am speaking from the heart. Even if we do not know each other, we all know each other! What is joining us? This love – a platonic love, I would say. As the most beautiful thing is to get to the audience through an art, that is actually what I have always wanted to do, since I was young, and that is music. So, through my voice, our voices, getting to you and seeing all of you here tonight, for me, I get moved… I do really get moved, indeed. I can’t almost believe it! Anyway, I was born in a town that is just a little bit smaller – or maybe a lot smaller – than this one; this is a large town! Anyway, to be able to arrive here, where I am today, it’s really something… I am very excited, indeed! Thank you! I am also proud to be from Lettomanoppello. Nothing similar has ever happened to me, is it true, dad? My dad knows this, too… A honorary citizenship from… I want to say thanks to you all, to the Mayor, to the President of the Region, everyone of you! I feel… see, really words just fail in me! I am really excited… Then, as it was said before, I am very proud of one thing. As you know, there are 2 Sicilians in the group with me. Being from Sicily is easier! Being from Abruzzo it is not, you know… especially around the world… when we go to America, to South America, to many countries around the world – I am sorry to say this – Sicily is obviously better known. And so I have to explain, to show pictures of our beautiful region. As we do not only meet Italians abroad, we also meet with the locals. And so I… maybe you know about that from the TV, you saw that I always speak about Abruzzo, I name Abruzzo, also my town – Roseto, Montepagano – and the whole Abruzzo, as I am proud of being an “Abruzzese”, I have always been proud to be, and to bring Abruzzo around the world. So I am a “paganese” (from Montepagano), a “rosetano” (from Roseto) and from today also a “lettese” (from Lettomanoppello). And I am proud, and very happy! Thank you very much to you all, indeed.

Special thanks to Marcella Sigismondi for the videos and the help in building this post!


Gianluca Lettomanoppello

Credits: Luciano D’Alfonso

Lunedì 8 agosto 2016 la cittadina di Lettomanoppello (in provincia di Pescara, in Abruzzo) ha conferito a Gianluca Ginoble la cittadinanza onoraria. Gianluca ha preso parte all’evento con suo padre e suo nonno.

La cerimonia si è svolta nel municipio e nella piazza del paese e si è trattato di un evento semplice, ma con i cuori pieni di gioia e gratitudine. La pro loco del paese, l’associazione locale che si occupa di promuovere la cultura e le tradizioni italiane, ha chiesto al consiglio comunale di conferire a Gianluca questo premio e la richiesta è stata votata e approvata.

Nella prima parte dell’evento, i consiglieri locali e i rappresentanti della pro-loco hanno pronunciato dei brevi discorsi per spiegare le ragioni di questa richiesta e premio. Ma vogliamo sottolineare il discorso che il Presidente della Regione Abruzzo, Luciano D’Alfonso, ha pronunciato in piazza dopo la premiazione (minuto 3.20 del video che segue). Nel video potete anche trovare le parole di Gianluca, ricche di emozione e profonda commozione (minuto 6.10).

Gianluca Lettomanoppello

Credits: Luciano D’Alfonso

VIDEO dei discorsi: Discorso delle autorità nella consegna delle chiavi a Gianluca Ginoble in P.zza Umberto (8 agosto 2016 in italiano – video di Marcella Sigismondi su Facebook)

Un grazie speciale a Marcella Sigismondi per i video e l’aiuto a scrivere questo post!

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8 thoughts on “Gianluca Ginoble is awarded with the honorary citizenship of Lettomanoppello / A Gianluca Ginoble è stata conferita la cittadinanza onoraria di Lettomanoppello

  1. Thanks to all for the translations. The words of the Regional President of Abruzzo Luciano D’Alfonso were lovely and so true. And Gianluca as always is so humble and speaks from his heart! He always mentions Abruzzo and his hometown. He, Piero and Ignazio bring not only their beautiful music to the world but also their wonderful country.

  2. Huge ‘thank you’ to AAIV!!! I saw a posted video of the speakers and then GG but quickly moved on.. I had no idea what was being said. Reading your posting I was definitely surprised to learn what an ‘enormous’ honor it is to not only receive this award, but also to learn that what GG has done for them is taken very seriously. Gianluca spoke from his heart- he was perfect.
    AAIV- you guys are the best! Its because of what you do that we learn so much about IV (who we love..) and you give us the chance to stay connected- and not be ‘outsiders’. So appreciative..

  3. Please come to so Florida Gianluca and we will make you an honorary so. Floridian! Love you guys so much; your music is transporting like no other – Good luck to you guys and please stay safe !

  4. Gianluca, you are so loved. Your sweet heart, the way you get so excited when you talk of Italy and your joy when you are home, makes all of us so happy for you. Just be yourself – a guy who is shy and tells you how he feels through his eyes is simply wonderful.

  5. This is one of the reasons we love Gianluca so much, as well as Piero and Ignazio. They remember their roots and are humble. They love their country and represent it to the world beautifully through their music. Thank you AAIV for bringing moments like this to us, their devoted fans, as it shows again what terrific guys they are. I hope they realize and I think they do, how much joy they give to their fans every time we can hear those great voices.

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