Il Volo world tour 2016 – Miami – gallery & video

March 05, 2016 – Il Volo concert at The Bank United Center in Miami, FL. Credits on the photos.
05 marzo 2016 – Il Volo in concerto al The Bank United Center in Miami, FL. Credits sulle foto.

Meet & Greet – Il Volo – Miami – OMG VIP

Playlist: Il Volo – Miami – World Tour 2016

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4 thoughts on “Il Volo world tour 2016 – Miami – gallery & video

  1. I attended the March 6, 2016 concert in Tampa. After waiting 4 years
    To see IL VOLO live on stage I was absolutely thrilled when they appeared & started singing.Their performance was amazing however I was disappointed in the sound system which was so loud that at times their beautiful voices were somewhat distorted. I hope to see them in Detroit when they perform there again. I just missed them at the Fox because we were already in FL. I want to thank them for using their God given talent & sharing it with the world. The parents deserve a ton of thanks for encouragement & support & sacrifices they made so their sons could achieve their dreams.

    A grateful fan.

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