February 14th, 2016: Il Volo Official Collection preview – gallery / 14 febbraio 2016: anteprima della Collezione Ufficiale de Il Volo – galleria

Here is the first Il Volo Official Collection!
Now you just have to choose your favorite items…
The shop online of our official website will be available starting from the first of March (and also the Official Fan Club, apparently!).
Happy Valentine’s Day!

… ecco finalmente svelata la prima Collezione Ufficiale Il Volo.
Adesso non vi resta che scegliere i vostri articoli preferiti…
L’acquisto sarà possibile dal nuovo shop online del sito ufficiale, a partire dal primo di Marzo 2016 (ed anche il Fan Club Ufficiale, a quanto sembra!.
Buon San Valentino!

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3 thoughts on “February 14th, 2016: Il Volo Official Collection preview – gallery / 14 febbraio 2016: anteprima della Collezione Ufficiale de Il Volo – galleria

  1. Dear All about Il Volo, thanks for sharing the photos of the items of the official collecion of Il Volo. Beautiful collection I really like the stylized wing representing Il Volo. I am so happy, excited and I can not wait till beginning of March when it will be possible to buy some article on their website. I’m also very happy for the concerts they are doing in North America and I see that also there , they are having a great success, but it was already clear. Thanks to All About Il Volo that makes us part of these concerts by posting news, photos, videos and doing translations, I always like to remark and remember the great and hard work that you do, because without you I do not know how I would do and how I will stay updated about Il Volo. Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to tomorrow evening Wednesday, February 17 in the hope that during the transmission of Bruno Vepsa Porta a Porta on RAI 1 there is a connection from America with Il Volo. Then I do not know if there will be other opportunities to see them, I guess I’ll have to wait for the concert on July 4 at ‘Arena Veona.Then let’s see if we can buy tickets for the concert in Caracalla with Placido Domingo. You know when will be the date of the concert? And when they will sell the tickets or you still do not know anything? Maybe it’s too early right? But the tickets of 4 July Arena di Verona what happaned? You know anything about it? In the sense that they were all already sold or someone bought them and then resell them at exorbitant prices? I have not yet figured out what actually happened… Meanwhile I heard at Festival of Sanremo 2016 that Carlo Conti has announced that in September 2016 on RAI 1 there will be three special evenings with Il Volo this news would be fantastic we hope that’s true it would be great. Have a nice day. Best regards

  2. I keep seeing that I can buy something from Il Volo collection and then when I try to get something it says it is not available yet. What is the correct story?

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