Gianluca Ginoble visits AGBE Onlus association / Gianluca Ginoble fa visita all’associazione AGBE Onlus

AGBE023dec2015On December 23rd, 2015 Gianluca Ginoble and his father Ercole visited the association AGBE Onlus – Associazione Genitori Bambini Emopatici in Pescara, while going back home from Livorno.
Photos by AGBE Onlus.
See translation of AGBE message to Gianluca and Ercole Ginoble in English here.

Il 23 dicembre 2015, Gianluca Ginoble e suo padre Ercole hanno fatto visita all’associazione AGBE Onlus – Associazione Genitori Bambini Emopatici di Pescara, di ritorno a casa da Livorno. Foto di AGBE Onlus.

English translation of AGBE message
Not many people would have done it in his shoes, but these are the acts that make an artist great and that leave a mark.
Gianluca Ginoble arrived at 6 pm on December 23rd at AGBE to bring his personal gift to our children, a promise maintained with great effort.
Indeed, the evening before Il Volo was in Livorno for the Christmas show on RAI 1; but even more, on that December 22nd Gianluca had faced a 20 hours plane trip – he was in Mexico for the new album tour.
So, without thinking on it, on December 23rd in the morning he gets in the car with his father and from Livorno he leaves for Pescara.
A tough journey with thousands hitches, car accidents on the motorway, slowdowns and long lines for the holidays exodus.
But the greatest picture was seeing him getting in, visibly tired, walking along AGBE corridors as folks back home, without waiting for anyone to accompany him, going straight towards those children he had previously met, and with the spontaneity of a playing mate being at their disposal for autographs, pics, questions and lots of kisses.
He was not hurrying to go away – he felt home maybe – and everyone around him was happy and unbelieving in seeing such an artist, with a life full of international meetings and high profile shows, behaving as 20 years old guys; not being surprised by celebrating in AGBE the birthday of a 17 years old girls on that day.
This time, even parents looked at him with the eyes of who is seeing a guy of great values – and not only a fame artist to whom shyly asking for an autograph.
The family feeling won on all: no embarrassment, great respect and admiration – indeed – for who shows that being famous and praised can match with true life lessons.
Children had in their hands the recently published book with the biographies of the three guys, ready for autographs: they know their story since the beginning on TV, they know their habits, tastes and now even their family stories; and they live their example as a path to follow, as sometimes dreams can come true, as Gianluca’s arrival witnessed some days ago.
From AGBE, again thanks to Gianluca for his act and an even more special thank to his father Ercole for the silent but constant support.

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12 thoughts on “Gianluca Ginoble visits AGBE Onlus association / Gianluca Ginoble fa visita all’associazione AGBE Onlus

  1. I see such goodness in him and kindness also. His upbringing shows how wonderful his parents are also. They have instilled these qualities about life also. His talent is so superb I`m grateful to be a great admirer of IL VOLO . God bless him forever.

  2. Well done Gianluca Ginoble!!!!!!! That is why your dreams are comming true.
    You have fantastic family.
    Enjoy all three of these young handsome ,talented men.

  3. Love the picture of all the children hugging and kissing Gianluca. Even though so tired, he is so kind and loving. He is so tender and sweet especially with children. His parents have raised a remarkable young man!

  4. Non scrivo per fare polemica ma perché vorrei che, coloro che parlano male in modo gratuito de Il Volo, leggessero la lettera scritta dall’AGBE
    e da voi riproposta qui sopra.
    Sarei molto felice se i giornalisti che hanno infangato il nome dei ragazzi facessero uno “scoop” pubblicando sui loro giornali la suddetta lettera.
    A riprova del grande cuore di Gianluca, Piero e Ignazio c’è quel video, del concerto a Salerno, che mostra un ragazzo seduto sul palco che canta insieme a loro L’Amore si Muove.
    Se qualcuno sorride e pensa che io esageri dico che i ragazzi non sono dei “santi” sono tre normali ragazzi di 20-22 anni, ma la loro differenza da tanti loro coetanei sta nel fatto che sono “grandi” dentro e conoscono quali sono i veri valori della vita. Grazie ed auguro a tutti una buona giornata. Olga

  5. Such a wonderful thing to do and to bring so much pleasure to all those people. That is why we all love him and all three of the greatly talented guys of Il Volo. Wishing you all further great success in 2016.

  6. I have said before…. he surly has a tender heart ……. I am sure God lives there … I cried when i read this article he is a sweetie …. And his Dad is an awesome parent for all that he does for his family …. God Bless and Happy New Year Debbie

  7. He does everything right! Compassion should be quiet! .You shouldn’t shout: “I made!” You simply have to do…

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