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Gianluca Ginoble - bioThis is an open text and always under construction. It means that it can be updated all the time 🙂 Al so means that you can collaborate: write on the comments os this post (add links and sources)

:: Gianluca confessed he is in love in an interview and Ignazio said the name of his darling on a periscope video:  Ignazio Boschetto – first Periscope!!!! Partenza verso Atlanta. 9/09/2015 (0:52 more or less)

:: Gianluca is the only member of Il Volo who doesn’t have tattoos. Until now…
:: His current favourite singer is Justin Timberlake, followed by Lady Gaga and Andrea Bocelli.
:: He has a crush on the actress Natalie Portman

  • Since 2013 he has been wearing a golden necklance, a birthday present from Ignazio and Piero, when Gianluca celebrated his eighteenth birthday. This is another sign of their friendship. They talked about that in an interview for “Estate in Diretta”, when they were in Rome for their third sold-out concert, on June 24th, 2015, also Piero’s birthday.
  •  He loves Nutella, and he often declares it during interviewes and on the social networks. Because of that, fans started to bring him jars of Nutella during concerts and sometimes to send it directly at his home in Italy.
  •  He’s the shorter of the trio. According to an article published by the magazine Sorrisi e Canzoni during Sanremo, he is 1.72 m (5 feet 8 inches).
  • Gianluca does not fear to show emotion. He cried after the first performance in Sanremo on February 11, 2015, also his birthday. He cried again in October 2015 in Argentina on an appearance in a TV show, during the promo tour: Il Volo make Francesca’s dream come true.


  • When he first met Barbra Streisand he broke into tears.
  • He loves to take care of his quiff. His hair are curly, but he loves to comb them with a hairstyle that reminds the one of the Fifties. When Il Volo was at the Billboard 2014, Gianluca said that he hates when people touch or ruffle his hair (obviously, this is Piero and Ignazio’s favourite hobby!) and he is often scolded by the other two because he spends too much time fixing his hairs in front of the mirror.
  • He is surely the most social of the three and he’s famous for his selfies, that sometimes are funny and sometimes mysterious or sensuals.

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17 thoughts on “Gianluca Ginoble – Trivia (en)

  1. Love to read AAIV, all the serious news and the funny moments also. Thank you all for sharing the guys lives with us.

  2. I don’t like the term “obsessed” when describing Gianluca’s hair. He has such curly hair, and he simply wants a hair style that is manageable and up to date. All three of them have their own different personalities, one is no better than the other. Gianluca is such a sweet, caring and passionate young man.

  3. Do you know how tall is Piero? I thought Gian a d him were the same height but lately it defensible Piero is about 2 inches taller than Gian.

    • I will answer you according to my perception meeting them. They are almost the same height, one inch only maybe the difference, no more. Piero is a little taller than Gian. I think the both are between 1,70 and 1,75m (5f7 – 5f9).

  4. I love these articles!!
    Has Gianluca ever been married? He appeared to have a gold ring on his left hand ring finger in one of the videos.
    Thank you, Gloria

  5. Sometimes I get tired of Ignazio joking manner , sometimes enough is enough and Gianluca doesn’t seem to appreciate it ALL the time. ..and when Iggy tells him to shut up, it is mind bo9gling, joking and fooling yes … that is is describing themselves to the audience, but sometimes it is over done.
    Thank you for the info, it is enjoyable and educational . Ariana USA

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