The first memory we have of Ignazio Boschetto – Happy Birthday!

Suzana (Mari Russu): Ignazio 🙂
Ignazio - O sole mioThe first time I saw you I was watching the video of “O sole mio”, the first, recorded in Taormina. Immediately your naughty angel face drew my attention, but even more I noticed the joy that you shared singing. I’ve already known your voice since almost an year when this occurred, but only the voice. It was amazing to see for the first time the owner of the voice that used to say me: Rise now! You can not give up! And this “rise” did not involve only feelings, but also a physical overcoming boost. And since then I am learning to admire you.

The power of the music is the power of the feelings that music is able to awaken and move. L’amore si muove because music exists. And you, Ignà, are music in all the senses. You are not Il Volo’s “funny man” as I read everywhere, in spite of your unique and quick sense of humour. (kidding we say the truth 😛 ).

Ignazio Boschetto - Marostica 2015In my opinion, you are a way of freedom for Il Volo. Because you are intrinsically free, on the widest sense of the word. And on the most beautiful sense too, because you use your freedom considering the needs and limits of those who live with you. Maybe this is the best expression of love one can give.

And freedom is life and passion, is the the life that pulses in the veins and makes people “raise”. The passion of those who do not reject the emotions, of those who accept the joy and the sadness, of those who live with courage what is needed to live. Freedom, life and passion that flow when you sing and in what you write and that will inevitably turn into music. Ignazio, it is a privilege and a great joy to have you in my life for another year.

TLUC 2009 - 5 ep

Ignazio Boschetto

Martina: My story begins in late 2008, when one of my friends after having seen the first edition of Ti Lascio Una Canzone had wanted to buy the CD so badly. We have always shared the same passions, so she convinced me to watch the second edition of the program, to comment the episodes together. We ignored that we were about to witness Il Volo’s first steps.

That year among the competitors there were also boys and girls from the previous edition and one of them was Gabriele Tufi – my friend had a big crush on him. What I will tell you is something that came to my mind suddenly, last February, like a jump, when I ran over that video: it was the final episode and Gabriele and Ignazio were about to sing Perdere l’amore.

Verona 2015

Verona 2015

That evening many people watched the episode with us: there were only girls and my friend wanted to convince us of the (real, nothing to say) beauty of her crush. Gabriele and Ignazio started to sing and I remember I forgot how to breathe: the guy my friend liked was handsome, yes, but Ignazio had a full, sweet, surprising voice; he was chubby and had an improbable bangs, but his smile melted the glaciers and his dimples were wonderful. In addition, he have always made me laugh and was really funny and nice. So, when I woke up from my trance and my friends asked me what I thought about Gabriele, I answered:

“I’ll tell you, I like the other one”.

It was May 2009. I was 13 and five months and I had already life all figured out.

Soon after that I lost The Trio’a trails (The Trio was the former name of Il Volo), and then I found them again performing as special guest in Sanremo 2010 in front of Queen Rania of Jordan. Then they slipped away in America and came back to Italy for the Wind Music Awards in 2011, then another time in Verona for the opening of the opera season at the Arena (Piero showed off his brand new ears!). I had been a typically Italian fan who discovered them every time she switched the television on and saw them in some program, thinking: «oh, look at those guys! They are the three boys of Ti Lascio una Canzone, look how they changed! They are every year more talented!» then my memory faded and I started that circle once again.

Il Volo Porta a Porta 2013-2014…Until the moment I saw them hosted in Porta a Porta for the first time, it was the day after my eighteenth birthday. Then they came back to Vespa in June and November 2014: that was the day I decided to yield myself to idleness and search “Il Volo” on YouTube; without expecting all those international videos. I’ve also decided that I would never lost their trails again. And I admit that the first thing I thought seeing one of the recent videos was: «what happened to the chubby boy?!» imagine my face when I discovered that at the tender age of 13 I had been longsighted. I complimented myself.

Recently on La Vita in Diretta was revealed that Ignazio in 2009 pursued all the girls of Ti Lascio una Canzone. My question was: where was I when he pursued all the girls, damn me?


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6 thoughts on “The first memory we have of Ignazio Boschetto – Happy Birthday!

  1. I had recently lost my husband and best friend when I first heard (and saw)
    Il Volo on an afternoon programme here in England and I was immediately lifted. They were so alive and fresh and even then I felt a deep affinity with them. I cannot explain fully but that feeling has never left me. Never a day (or even much more than an hour) goes by without I am listening or watching them. These young men are so open with their love for people and each other. Their families also are totally included in the whole Il Vollo world. And added to all this are their beautiful voices and their smiles. This is all shown in their eyes too. They have kept me alive to the world ever since, they lifted me from the dark place I was in and remind me to enjoy my family and my life again and I will always thank God for his gift to us all. X. X. X

  2. My first memory of Ignazio is on the date December 21, 2013. I was flipping through the TV channels and saw a Christmas special, Buon Natale, on PBS.
    The beautiful singing immediately hooked me. I was so impressed with these young men, especially the song “O Holy Night”.
    When Ignazio and Piero hit those high notes, I was mesmerized. Two days later “We Are Love” was shown. By this time, there is no turning back, I am totally addicted. I started searching for info on the internet and found All About Il Volo and have been an almost daily reader. A great time to again thank you ladies, Mari, Hazel and Athina also, for your many hours of beautiful writing and so much information. I want to also thank the newest collaborators to this site for all the beautiful reviews of concerts, pictures, videos and translations. This site is so well written and with heartfelt emotion. How wonderful there will be a complete testament to Il Volo!!

  3. Thanks to everyone for the lovely thoughts you give us! Happy Birthday to Ignazio and thanks to his ‘bros’ for their kindness. Now i go to put on some IL VOLO music to feel happy 🙂 Hugs, Marti

  4. i first came across Ilvolo when the guys were 16 and 14 i feel in love with them and more so when i heard them sing and i thought Ignazio had a beautiful voice and so cute i first him on the talk and have followed them since

  5. Happy 21st Birthday to Ignazio on October 4, 2015. May all your Birthday wishes come true! I will always remember your birthday because my cousin shares your same birthday. May you have as much pleasure on your Birthday as Il Volo has given me with their music! As ABBA sings “Thank You For The Music.” Ignazio, your surprise video tribute at Radio City Music Hall in September 2013 to Piero and Gianluca was a strong reflection of your character, sensitivity and sincerity. May you have continued success and please stay together forever in order to perform beautiful Il Volo music for all your fans. From an admiring Ilvololover fan, Judy.

  6. Mari Russu, wonderful article. Martina, it’s funny that you would mention Gabriele Tufi. I too fell for him. boy, was He good in that song with Ignazio. since that time, I had looked for him on the internet hoping that he continued singing, but could only find old ones. it seems that he gave up singing. He was so good, but I guess not all can make that climb to success, you really have to be discovered and have someone to support and back you. I still remember him and that wonderful voice so full of emotion. Italians know how to sing for sure.

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