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Il Volo - Le Iene 2015

On October 4th, 2015 was released an interview of Il Volo to Veronica Ruggeri – Le Iene. Watch the TV show of Mediaset:
Il 4 ottobre 2015 è stata rilasciata un’intervista de Il Volo a Veronica Ruggeri – Le Iene. Guarda lo show di Mediaset:

Original video / Video originale: Il Volo: bravi ragazzi o teppisti?

On Pomeriggio 5 two days later were broadcasted some unseen parts of that interview; check them here Il Volo – Iene unseen part of the interview.

English translation by / Traduzione in inglese di Martina Maggi

Are you good guys or thugs?
Together: we are good guys!

And now let’s talk of the offending night                       
Gianluca: uhm
Ignazio: Minchia…
Piero: ok, go.

How many people searched for you after that night to ask you what really happened?
Gianluca: Many.
Ignazio: outside there are cameras!
Piero: The whole world.
Ignazio: We are holed up!

Right. Now has finally come the time to say what really happened that night. Why did you leave the hotel?
Gianluca: because Piero is allergic to moquette
Ignazio: and also for reasons of logistics
Piero: there was dust inside

How many star does this hotel have?
Together: three stars

And you are used to which kind of hotels?
Gianluca: surely, we are used to something different to what happened
Piero: five stars
Ignazio: is not being used to stars, but to comfortability

According to press, the hotelier said that you smashed the room.
Gianluca: maybe the bathroom needs to be cleaned because I spoiled it with a little bit of toothpaste
Ignazio: I’ve only left an unmade bed
Piero: I left some brochures on the floor.

And you didn’t break anything, am I right?
Gianluca: what was supposed to break?
Ignazio: nothing broken
Piero: now we have something broken

Let’s talk about the offending bathroom. It was said there was faeces on the walls
Gianluca: they said that, but the hotelier denied all
Ignazio: I am not aware of it
Piero: maybe some horses entered that bathroom…

And then it was also said that there was urine everywhere
Gianluca: *ironically* yes, imagine.
Ignazio: I’m twenty, I have pretty good toilet aim.
Piero: absolutely not

When you pee, do you have a good toilet aim?
Gianluca: *ironically* yes, I train for that
Ignazio: sure
Piero: uhu, I’m better than Michael Jordan!

Have you ever find the toilet seat dirty because one of the other two had mess up it?
Piero: yes, and I have to clean it
Gianluca: this could happen
Ignazio: we are always ready to clean that with a piece of toilet paper

But I mean, don’t you have done nothing wrong in that hotel?
Gianluca: we didn’t do nothing at all
Ignazio: absolutely not
Piero: in that particular hotel…we didn’t.

And so why did the hotelier say those things?
Gianluca: he needs to promote his hotel
Ignazio: surely, this is a bad publicity
Piero: that publicity will cost him

Say something to the hotelier
Gianluca: is all false
Ignazio: am I supposed to be in front of him? [Yes] … caiune! (it’s Sicilian)
Piero: good luck!

Actually then the hotelier reduced the accuses.
Gianluca: he denied all.
Ignazio: he realized he talked too big
Piero: he shoots himself in the foot

Evil people say that you have bought the hotelier’s silence
Gianluca: I say to all of them to look into the mirror
Ignazio: we *points Piero* are Sicilian, but we will never do that.
Piero: I didn’t buy anything yet…

A famous site wrote: Il Volo is in shit
Gianluca: yes. Well, I hope that all this situation will bring us good luck
Ignazio: there are people who are more in shit than us
Piero: we feel very clean

Are you sure you didn’t bother to be good guys and so you want to be thugs like rock stars?
Gianluca: Ignazio already looks like Johnny Depp with those mustaches
Ignazio: we do some stunts for sure
Piero: some stunts but not like this

What is the most rock star stunt you did?
Gianluca: with no reason, I tripped and broke a glass table
Ignazio: when we were in LA, we drove two cars and we left the tires on Beverly Hills’ street. [it means they did doughnuts]
Piero: Ignazio did, in front of the Pope. He said “hello” instead of “Your Holiness”

Show us a thing rock stars do

What is the swear word you often say?
Gianluca: cazzo
Ignazio&Piero: minchia

What is the swear word you often say aimed to the other two?
Gianluca *Abruzzese dialect* asanazzu
Ignazio: cazzu iu
Piero: non ci rompere la minchia! (=don’t bug us!)

You three all together are…?
*singing* IL VOLO!

Sing a tanked D

Which one of you changed the most after the success?
Gianluca: Ignazio for sure
Piero: he lose 35 kilos
Ignazio: let’s say I changed the most.

Which one of you have a girlfriend?
Piero: I…have not.
Ignazio: I’m Sicilian, so I don’t talk, I don’t see and I don’t hear anything!
*countdown, everybody look at Gianluca*
Gianluca: you can’t just pass the question, right?

Who’s the handsomest?
Piero: Gianluca
Ignazio: *points Gianluca* people call him “il bello”
Gianluca: now you’re embarrassing me!

Who’s the most ornery?
Gianluca: Piero was very ornery
Ignazio: I am
Piero: Gianluca and Ignazio are… and also I am.

…the most stingy?
Gianluca: nobody of us
Piero: Gianluca. You don’t even have your wallet with you!
Ignazio: offer us a dinner sometimes! No?

Who’s the one who have the most sex?
Gianluca: oh well…that is… *laughs*
Ignazio: why are you asking us that question?

And who’s the one who masturbate the most?
Gianluca: Ignazio
Ignazio: Piero, he has the subscription to YouPorn!
Piero: all the three

Who’s the richer?
Gianluca: we have the same amount of money
Piero: we gain the same money
Ignazio: *points Gianluca* maybe he is. Because he is the stingiest, so probably he is richer than us.

How did you react if one of you would leave Il Volo?
Ignazio: not well
Piero: very bad! But he would have to tell me why he did.
Gianluca: we would chase him!

Which one member of the group you quarrel the most?
Gianluca: with Piero
Ignazio: with Gianluca
Piero: with Gianluca *to him* when we were in Santo Domingo I’d punched you twice in the face…!

Have you ever had sex with a fan?
Gianluca: never
Ignazio: eehem (it means that he had, yes)
Piero: no I haven’t. And this is the thruth, don’t look at me like that!

Have you ever shared a woman?
Gianluca: no, never
Ignazio: it happened.
Piero: instead of “shared”, I’d say “stolen”.
Who stole the woman from whom?
Piero: *to Gianluca* …wretched
Gianluca, are you sure you don’t have nothing to confess?
Gianluca: very sure

Have you ever desired sexually one of the other two?
Piero: are you insane?!
Ignazio: What? NO!! There is nothing wrong in it, but…NO

Have you ever kissed a man (on the mouth)?
Gianluca: no, never!
Ignazio: NO!!!!!
Piero: neither on the cheek.

Sexual fantasy?
Gianluca: I have many
Ignazio: S&M [bondage], everything. From A to Z
Piero: do it on a plane

Did you fulfill it?
Gianluca: not yet
Ignazio: no
Piero: yes

Confidentially, which one of the other two you like the most?
Gianluca: both, really…
Ignazio: Piero. *to Gianluca* I’m not saying I don’t like you!
Piero: when we started, I liked Ignazio the most. Now I like them both.

Say to the other two something you never said to them.
Gianluca: *to Ignazio* one night Piero and I spied you when you were in your room.
[And to Piero?]
Gianluca: you have wonderful ears
Ignazio: *to Gianluca* I love you. *to Piero* I don’t like you.
Piero: *to Gianluca and Ignazio* I love you

Greet each other
Ignazio starts to sing, then Gianluca and Piero follow him singing Piove (Ciao Ciao Bambina)
Gianluca: Ciao, ciao, ragazzi! Un bacio ancora – oh no, not a kiss. Better no.

And in the end, promise you would never smash hotel rooms again.
Piero: we have never done that and we never will!
Ignazio: we promise we will make the bed every morning.
Gianluca: Ma va, va!!!!

Translation of the unseen part, by Martina Maggi (from minute 02.43)

Il Volo – Iene unseen part of the interview. from All About Il Volo on Vimeo.

How long have you been knowing each other?
Ignazio: Since 9 years
Gianluca: 6 years
Ignazio: 6 years!!!! Sorry! *laughs*
Piero: since too much time

How much concerts did you do together?
Ignazio: 152
Gianluca: 200!
Piero: 300!!

What concert was the most beautiful to you?
Ignazio&Gianluca: the one at the Verona Arena!
Piero: the one in New York (Radio City Music Hall)

And what was the one in which you sang out of tune the most?
Gianluca: it never happened
Ignazio: I don’t remember
Piero: all! *laughs*

How many albums did you sell?
Together: more than a million and a half

In what things the success changed you?
Gianluca: no, wait, I didn’t understand the question
Ignazio: surely, the success gave us more responsibilities
Piero: the MilleMiglia card! (= a card promoted by Alitalia to the ones who always travel by plane)

Are you friends?
Ignazio: yes!
Piero: close friends.
Gianluca: I’d say “brothers”

How much did you earn?
Ignazio: why do you care about?
Gianluca: we earn enough
Piero: we earn, don’t worry

Have you ever thought to become a soloist?
Gianluca: no…
Ignazio: no!
Piero: our strength is when we are together

When you quarrel two against one, what are the sides?
Ignazio: Piero and I against Gianluca
Gianluca: eh, they are Sicilian and so…
Piero: Sicily VS. Abruzzo!

Who is the one who have most fans?
Gianluca: *points Ignazio* him
Ignazio: if we analyse the social fans, then Gianluca.
(Gianluca points at Ignazio and at himself)

Have you ever shared a woman?
Gianluca: no, never
Ignazio: it happened.
Piero: instead of “shared”, I’d say “stolen”.
Who stole the woman from whom?
Piero: *to Gianluca* …wretched
Gianluca, are you sure you don’t have nothing to confess?
Gianluca: very sure

Be honest, you can’t stand each other no more
Ignazio: no, on the contrary! We adore each other
Piero: I wouldn’t know what to do if I lost them
Gianluca: stop, or I’ll fly

Tell Ignazio something he has to improve
Gianluca: you have to be less quick-tempered. You are too much irascible.
Piero: you need to improve your reverse, while playing tennis

Tell Piero…          
Gianluca: relax!
Ignazio: both of us have the habit of letting loose too much

And what does Gianluca need to improve?
Ignazio: sometimes when he sings he acts in that way *Ignazio imitates Gianluca’s poses* be more natural, spontaneous!
Piero: you need to do more vocalizations

Greet each other
Ignazio starts to sing, then Gianluca and Piero follow him singing Piove (Ciao Ciao Bambina)
Gianluca: Ciao, ciao, ragazzi! Un bacio ancora – oh no, not a kiss. Better no.

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47 thoughts on “Il Volo on Le Iene – video

    • Joan! This video was released 2 hours ago, I think. Not time enough to download, edit, upload and translate. We will do, but not this quick 🙂
      Surprise will be if on a Sunday we translate this 2h after the release 🙂

  1. Dear Staff of All About Il Volo,
    Thank you so much for your daily work not easy and difficult. I immegine that can not be easy having to do translations, find news, photos and videos about Il Volo. Surely you have so many other think to do and a private life.I would not be able to do the wonderful work you do every day even I would not know where to find the news, photos and videos about Il Volo. the only thing I could possibly do or know to do is translate from Italian to English and vice versa, but I am not so sure.
    Your on this information by the flight fill my heart with joy and every time I put in a good mood. So thank you very warmly, because without you all this would not exist, and of course thanks to. I wish you a good day. Best regards

    • The show “Le Iene” is famous for that format of double and triple interview. They interview even four people at time and the questions are irriverent and unexpected, the ones who are there have no time to prepare the answers but have to be quick because they don’t know the questions before… 🙂
      The questions were unexpected but very funny!!! 😀

    • i agree. These are terrible questions. Not aimed to bring out the best in anyone. I am surprised they answered them. I think this incident with the hotel is overplayed. They need to move forward with their careers. They gave their best explanations. People will believe what they believe. They have traveled all over the world for five years and this is the first incident. The Italian press did not help them. If Italy doesn’t want them, America will take them. These guys have worked hard to achieve what they have. They are not “thugs”

    • Exactly, They should have gotten up and ended this interview. up until now, they have been been very good in fending off bad questions. Where was their management?

  2. I absolutely hate to be negative but this interview will do more harm to the group than it will garner good feelings for them. You must keep in mind that Il Volo appeals to three generations of fans. Asking them questions about their sexual activities, their use of foul language, etc., will turn off the older generation.

    • I didn’t like these questions. I don’t need or want to hear about their sexual thoughts. I’m 71 years old. Maybe the younger generation wants to hear it, but I certainly don’t have any desire to hear it. This is the only interview with ll Volo that I found offensive.

    • Want sane reporter asks some of the questions she did? Didn’t like that at all. Surprised at some of the answers,not sure I believe them. Were they honest or being funny? I hope funny.

  3. do not know why they would agree to be interviewed by such a crude idiot. Anyone who is familiar with Il Volo would already know that with their family upbringing that all the negative publicity regarding that hotel is untrue.

  4. Hi everybody! This is a satirical show and they chose to be there. Maybe to balance the image of ‘saints’ of the other interviews. They are young and no one here (and even more them) are dead.
    I like to hear/read all about them. They are amazing souls and human beings, normal people. What they said on the interview is what everyone think/said/do some time.
    (including some lies 😛 )
    Look how happy they are on the last periscope (tonight)

  5. Suzz,
    Ok, so everyone now knows that the young men use “Fuck as a favorite cuss word as well as “Don’t bust my ball!”. What good does that do to serve their fan base – particularily the young fans? Are you trying to infer that this will somehow make them more marketable? I can’t imagine how their parents are going to feel when they hear the interview.
    Is Il Volo going to change and go the way of so many of the young celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, etc, …. Do what they can to shock their fans?
    We’re not naïve. We know they are human being and have their good and not so good personality characteristics. But why put it out for everyone to see?
    You would have better served Il Volo by not publishing this interview.

    • Hi Randy To people stop to think of them as angels or some kind of “ideal”. They are like my students that say “minchia” all the time. (I do not encourage this, but also don’t do a drama) Good guys, normal guys. Maybe this interview will serve to warn people to not expect a behaviour of saints. To convince people that they are like everybody else, silly sometimes, heroes sometimes, human.

      • You haven’t addressed any of the questions I posed in my last post. You seem to be so focused on assuming that some hold these young men up to a higher standard. I guess we do. Why is it so wrong to want three young men to perhaps step out of the crowd and up to a higher stanard than most celebrities? Why can’t young people have role models to aspire to?
        Based on some of your earlier comments I don’t expect you to understand my point of view. I’m a bit disappointed, however, in how little you expect from Il Volo and the way they conduct themselves.

        • Randy Why they can’t be models as they are? They are awesome normal guys. Humble, good friends, good sons, honest, great and talented workers. What is wrong on what they answer? I understand your point of view, I only do not agree with it.
          And it is good to talk about different ideas.

        • Randy, I am in complete agreement with you. There are many people who understood what they were saying and probably weren’t pleased what they heard. I don’t put them on a pedestal nor do I think they are perfect, but I do think they should be role models for our youth. Can you imagine Andrea Bocelli answering questions like this when he was young. Someone in management made this decision for them to appear on this show–not a good choice.

          • i am beginning to question their management, any kind of publicity is better than no publicity? Their management should have made a better selection of hotel, and checked them out quietly. Also who were the brains scheduling their US tour in February in the worst snow months in northern cities?

  6. In time! Now everybody is talking about this interview and no more about that disgusting episode of the hotel in Switzerland. Good strategy, Il Volo made a goal!
    Hugs Suzz

    • I can’t believe that Il Volo management would use this interview as a strategy to draw attention away from the hotel incident. This interview may result in even more damage than the hotel issue. We have a saying – Going from the frying pan into the fire!

      Jeanne – Thanks for your comments.

  7. Mari, I agree with you that people need to stop thinking about them as saints or sexless automatons. Wow, talk about much ado about nothing. So they did a funny and satirical interview, were honest and acted like normal people. While some you you may think this diminishes them or sets some bad example, I suggest you chill out. So, if you don’t want to hear about their love lives, real or set-up for this show, just don’t bother with this interview, but don’t make more of it than one simple interview on an obviously satirical and tongue-in-cheek show. If you really expect to support them for the long run, i.e. decades from now, you’d best get used to the fact that these are human beings who think and act as normal people, And I’m no kid, I’m 65, I ain’t dead yet and they sure as Hell aren’t either.

    • Wendy, I am in total agreement with your comments and could not have said things any better. Sometimes people can be way too serious and need to lighten up. A you know we are the same age and I know I am certainly not dead yet. It has always disturbed me that so many look at them as saints and angels. Yes, they are fine examples of great young men. Even good people are human beings. None of us is perfect and I for one love them just as they are. Also, thank you All About Il Volo for the translation. Keep up the GREAT work!!

      • Thanks Ellen, I know you would agree that life is too short, even for the guys, to worry about meeting the expectations of everyone. Time for us ALL to live it up. :>))

  8. I have been a fan of Il Volo from the time they first appeared on American Idol and sang O Sole Mio. I was even promting the group with folks in Italy when they we unknowns among their own countrymen. I’ve been to their concerts and will be attending their concert in Orlando in March 2016. In fact my wife and I will be seated in the fourth row center from the stage $670 US – Just making the point that I am a fan.

    But to get to my point, more importantly there are younger fans who hold on to each and every word and action that originates from Il Volo. If you truly condone the way they handled the interview and don’t expect them to hold to a higher standard that they set for themselves by their own words throughout these many years then you’re fooling yourselves. Knowing how these guys have conducted themselves in the past they’re probably going to wake up tomorrow morning and kick themselves in the butt for allowing the interviewer to suck them in they way she did.

  9. Thanks for all you do and for working so hard with the translations. Must admit, I’m not crazy about this interview either. I’m not sure people think of them as saints but I do like how they treat their families, friends and fans and each other. I do feel they probably have a lot more very young fans now and this is not something I would want them to see. I also believe it would be better (especially after their interview explaining what happened) to stop discussing the hotel incident.

  10. Non mi meraviglio affatto che questa intervista abbia destato più scalpore della notizia sull’hotel in Svizzera. Ci sono persone che pensano “comportati male ma non lo far sapere”. Sono i soliti moralisti che hanno criticato l’intervista ma l’avranno letta più e più volte. L’unica scusante a queste critiche è che non conoscono il format di questa trasmissione, quindi non riescono a leggerla con ironia e divertimento come è in realtà. In quanto ai ragazzi, come sempre si sono dimostrati all’altezza della situazione rispondendo alle domande con simpatia ed eleganza. Voglio dire a coloro che sono rimasti scandalizzati dalle domande e dalle risposte dei ragazzi che Gianluca, Ignazio e Piero sono giovani di 20 anni sani e con tutte le fantasie dei ragazzi della loro età, ma sanno gestirle molto bene portando rispetto verso l’altro sesso (che vergogna scrivere questa parola).

    I am not surprised at all that this interview has aroused more headlines of the news of the hotel in Switzerland . There are people who think ” behaved badly but do not let people know .” Are the usual moralists who criticized the interview but will read over and over again . The only excuse for this criticism is that they do not know the format of this broadcast , then they can not read it with irony and fun as it is in reality . As for the boys , as always they proved equal to the situation by answering questions with kindness and elegance . I want to say to those who were offended by the questions and the answers of the boys Gianluca , Ignazio and Piero are younger than 20 years healthy and with all the fantasies of kids their age , but they manage very well carrying over to the opposite sex ( what a shame to write this word ) .

    • I certainly don’t they are saints. I’m sure young men this age say the same things among their friends. With this said, ll Volo are international stars and what they say is put out there everyone to hear. They have three generations who follow them. I certainly wouldn’t have wanted young teenagers watching this. Again, I didn’t like what I heard, whether it was suppose to be funny or not. They have always shown themselves as classy young men, and I hope they continue this way.

  11. If they didn’t know the questions in advance there wasn’t a lot they could do. I live in the UK so I am not familiar with the format of the show. I am assuming they were. Note there was a few questions they didn’t really answer & seemed surprised to be asked. They aren’t kids anymore but they are intellegent adults and they know what they are doing. They all seem to have had a good time in Madrid, hopefully they will have just as successful trip to USA.

  12. Thank you so much for the translation, I was curious to see it 😉
    Oh well, I think people take it too seriously 🙂 as I see it – it all was nothing but fun, I don’t think they were serious with most of their answers. In their place I would probably have avoided answering some questions (lets say that about masturbation – e.g. “I sleep in a separate room so I don’t know what they do at night” :), but it really doesn’t matter, taking into account the format of the program and self-contradictory/ambiguous answers (Piero saying he would never kiss a man on a cheek although the guys don’t avoid hugging and kissing on cheeks each other; Ignazio telling that he likes Piero the most and then at the end saying he doesn’t like him; Ignazio saying he slept with a fan – if he slept with a girl he liked or dated and that girl liked il Volo work – that means she is a fan so he slept with a fan :))) I just mean that you can interpret all as you like as it doesn’t mean much. Just sorry for those who found that interview offensive, I don’t think it was intended to offend anyone or to show their “anti-saint side”.

    • CCThanks to whoever Translated the interview.I requested it last night.I was verry surprised at some of the questions but not offended.I think the boys did verry well under the circumstances to make the answers as much fun as possible.Good for them.Piero once said that they are not perfect.I am saying that they are verry normal. Good Luck to them and I wish them continued Success.

  13. Humans will be humans. I personally did not like all the questions asked. Many were not necessary. I pray that there classy image will not be thrown away like many other talented young artist who just go wild and change their life up-side-down. People stop seeing them, buying their CD, etc. We never know what will happen but should get ready for anything. Thanks for the translation, great job.

    • They are way too well built in personality, intelligence and values, I mean real values, to go on the path of some artists. None of the artists you think of were like them before “going wild”. They are Unicef Ambassadors, the youngest in Italy, they are involved in many charities, they did a concert to save the life of a little girl so as to raise the money to get her the surgery needed. No, they are not like anyone.

      • Said that, they are young human being, very good but not saints, at least, just normal. I am not worried at all if they say some bad word or live their lives. They show every day how they are, and what I see is enough for me. They are ok the way they are.

      • *sees this comment, knowing it’s old* fast forward to 2018-2021, let’s just say *laughs in BTS speaking in the UN, kinda breaking the record*

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