Il Volo: links & news for October 30, 2015 / Link e notizie del 30 ottobre 2015

Il Volo - Elvis PresleyWhile the guys are resting to get ready for the signing sessions and promotion upcoming week, everyone is reading their amazing book! But more news appear on Ilvolosphere… – Read in English

Mentre i ragazzi si stanno riposando e preparando per una settimana di firmacopie e promozione, tutti stanno leggendo il loro stupendo libro! Ma altre notizie compaiono nella Ilvolosphere… – Leggi in Italiano.


:: To Ilvolovers, October 30th, 2015 first of all means the release date of If I Can Dream: Elvis Presley with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Il Volo recorded the song “It’s now or never” at the Abbey Road studios in London and we can’t wait to listen to it and to the whole album! Both are already available in stores and digital edition. Another milestone of the incredible career of Il Volo – congratulation guys!!!
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Twitter Blue room interview #ilvoloblueroom
:: On Monday, November 2nd, 2015 at 3.00 pm Il Volo will answer fans questions in the
 of  ! They posted on Twitter: “What would you like to ask us?” Send your questions with the hashtag !!!


:: On his Youtube channel “Tiempo Libre”, Tony Dandrades posted a very nice interview the guys released during their promotional tour in Miami, in the first days of September. You can enjoy it here! Il Volo presenta su nuevo disco en mi tiempo libre!

Ignazio e Vito Boschetto:: And today we want to wish a Wonderful Birthday to Vito Boschetto, Ignazio’s father! He has always been a great supporter and a model for Ignazio and we have no doubt he will be so glad to celebrate together with him!



:: Per le Ilvolovers, il 30 Ottobre 2015 prima di tutto significa data di pubblicazione di If I Can Dream: Elvis Presley with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Il Volo ha registrato la canzone “It’s now or never” agli Abbey Road studios di London e noi non vediamo l’ora di ascoltarla, così come tutto l’album! Entrambi sono già disponibili nei negozi ed in digitale. Un’altra tappa fondamentale nell’incredibile carriera de Il Volo – congratulazioni ragazzi!!!
Acquista qui su Itunes
Acquista qui su Amazon

Twitter Blue room interview #ilvoloblueroom
:: Lunedì 2 Novembre 2015 alle ore 15.00 Il Volo risponderà alle domande dei fans nella  di  ! I ragazzi hanno postato su Twitter: “Cosa vorreste chiederci?” Mandate le vostre domande con l’hashtag !!!


:: Tony Dandrades ha postato sul suo canale Youtube “Tiempo Libre” un’intervista molto carina che i ragazzi hanno rilasciato durante il loro tour promozionale a Miami, nei primi giorni di Settembre. Potete ascoltarla qui!  Il Volo presenta su nuevo disco en mi tiempo libre!

Ignazio e Vito Boschetto:: E oggi vogliamo augurare uno Splendido Compleanno a Vito Boschetto, il papà di Ignazio! Lui è sempre stato un grande sostenitore ed un modello per Ignazio e non abbiamo dubbi che sarà felicissimo di festeggiare con lui!

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3 thoughts on “Il Volo: links & news for October 30, 2015 / Link e notizie del 30 ottobre 2015

  1. I am happy that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are getting a little time to rest since they have had such a busy month. I was wondering if anyone had any idea why they did not appear on any TV shows except for the Latin American Music Awards when they were in the US? I know they sang and appeared at the Columbus Day Parade and that weekend in NYC and the following weekend in Washington, DC. I thought it unusual that they really didn’t promote their new album and also their book like they did in South America and as they will be doing this week in Italy.
    Once again thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into making this such a wonderful site for us to find out the best and latest information about Il Volo.

  2. *** Comment of Vally Dohnert:
    “The U.S. Fans of il VOLO feel little bit sad because the guys were here and said that their favorite audience was the Latin American audience! Their videos were all in Spanish or Italian. We feel dejected, neglected, un loved! We were the fist ones to love Il VOLO as they began this journey! Why is this happening? Why is Sony not doing more publicity for the U.S. market? We love IlVolo and we like for them to be available to us too! Why can they be on prime time programs so the youth in U.S. get to know them too! Our youth don’t watch morning cooking programs, or dumb talk shows or PBS all the time … If they want more fans, Sony or the powers that be, need to bring it on to those they want to reach! For the Love of Il VOLO, please do something! Thanks.❤️❤️ “

    • Hi Vally!
      Where Il Volo said that “their favorite audience was the Latin American audience!” I never read this. To be in a TV show is not only related to your will; the producers of the TV show have to invite or accept you and it is not so easy. Maybe the fans have to propose Il Volo to their favourite TV Shows and TV channels.

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