Il Volo in Argentina – signing session at Mundo TKM

Il Volo - Mundo TKM ArgentinaOctober 20, 2015 – Il Volo is in Buenos Aires during a mini tour to promote their new albums.

After a day full of interviews they attended an event organised by Mundo TKM, that made a promotion awarding fans with passes to meet Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio.

Even then, since morning many fans waited for Il Volo in front of the building, all they carrying the CD Grande Amore Spanish Version.

Il Volo - Mundo TKM ArgentinaThe evening began with an interview where Il Volo answered questions previously done by the fans on the social networks. A moment of fun while they sometimes almost fight with the Spanish language.

During the interview they said that today, Oct 21st, they will be heading to Colombia to continue the promo tour.

After the interview, they performed two songs of the new album and attended the signing session. A wonderful evening according to all comments on the social networks.

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The interviews:

Il Volo in Argentina – signing session at Mundo TKM from All About Il Volo on Vimeo.


Presenter: Hi girls, boys, how are you! The boys want to hear a strong sound of the Argentinian fans! Here they are! Here visiting us Il Volo! Strong applause!
(Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca entered greeting the fans; after photos and greetings the presenter invited them to sit)
Gianluca: We are in Buenos aired! Hi all!

Presenter: Now we go! We are going to make some questions… Not only mine but also from many fans… Welcome to Argentina, guys!
There will be almost… (Ignazio leaves the sofa) What happened, Ignazio? (Ignazio sign as if there is no space to sit)

Presenter: It has been 5 years that was released the first CD, how was this for you?
Piero: Very happy because now it is released our new album Grande Amore all over the world. We are doing many promotions around the world and we are in the Top Ten in all countries. The charts arrived and we are thrilled because our Ilvolovers are buying and listening our music.
Gianluca: I will say something important. Who knows our music also knows that this album is different from the others. We already have our personality, we have our repertoire with strong songs, very passionate, very romantic like Grande amore, like El amor verdadero, like Si me falta tu mirada… Finally we have our repertoire, this is an evolution, we always have to renew, in many years many things have changed, we grew up physically and not only, because our voices are more mature… Things have changed… We believe that this is the best album we had recorded in our career.
Ignazio: The same, I agree.

Presenter: Obviously you travel a lot, what kind of music do you listen? Something different (or something that will be the style) of your style of music. Some albums or some artists that maybe you are fans. Someone you listen because you like, or help to relax, …
Piero: I like to listen to Julio Iglesias because the song…
Ignazio (singing): Crazy…, I’m crazy for feeling so lonely…
Piero: Crazy… e La Carretera is a very beautiful song. And I also like to listen to Sam Smith and Il Volo.
Gianluca: What happens is that no matter if we sing pop-lyric, we are 20 years old and we listen to all kinds of music… and I think that a singer needs to have like a musical culture. Since childhood I listened to Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and also to Gardel, why not. And also Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars… As since I was a child I listened to Laura Pausini, Ramazzotti and we had the opportunity to sing with them. And also with Placido Domingo… dreams that came true.

Presenter: And Barbra Streisand too, you guys had been with her, in tour…
Ignazio: Yes, it was something wonderful. To be able to share with stars and artists that are so important and professional.

Presenter: Well… Let’s go with the questions of the fans, that we have for you guys. Are you excited?
Piero: One question for you. What do you call them?
Presenter: Il…
Piero: Hashtag? Ilvo…
Presenter: Ilvolovers, of course.
(the fans mentioned “Cintas Rosadas”- one of the Argentinian Il Volo FC)
All: Cintas Rosadas
Presenter: May I join the group? / The girls: Yes!!!

Presenter: From one Ilvolover: what is the craziest thing you ever did for a woman? The most daring…
Ignazio: to drive many hours…
Piero: to drive many hours… And I… / Ignazio (interrupting): to travel at night!
Gianluca: I would answer with something more romantic, crazy… / Ignazio (interrupting): Take care because he is a philosopher…
Gianluca: I think that to sing on a place where there are about 12.000 people and to sing only for her… / The girls: awhhhhhhhhh
Gianluca: This I think is romantic, but crazy I do not know…
Ignazio: “To be crazy” is something that do not belong to Gianluca. Gianluca is not crazy 🙂
Piero: We always say where we are to our dads and to the people who follow us, because they have to know. And one night I went… in Sicilia… I went without saying nothing to my dad, I went to the beach in the night with that woman…
Ignazio: And what happened on the beach?
Piero: We looked at the sea…
Gianluca: They looked in each other’s eyes
Piero: To see the sea.. And my dad all night long…
Girls: the plane!!!
Piero: (laughing) The plane…. Why the plane?
Ignazio: You know… You know that in Italy it is not like in Las Vegas: that what happened in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas…
Piero: And my dad called me all the night without knowing where I was. Well, the plane… I always sleep but one time I did not sleep.
Presenter: You did not sleep.. Tell us
Ignazio: No, no … tell us the next question

Presenter: Do you sing in the shower or use this time to relax the voice?
All: We sing. We sing even more…
Gianluca: There is a perfect acoustic to sing.
Piero: You know what often happens? We have the rooms very close and when I sing I hear Gianluca and Ignazio saying: “stop yourself!” Because I have the speaker very high and I begin to sing and never end.

Presenter (to Gianluca): And you? What do you sing?
Gianluca: In the shower… Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake

Presenter: mmm… something that you can sing here to the fans…
All: Depende (Jarabe de Palo’s song)… Ignazio: I don’t know

Presenter: Do you like some Argentinian soccer teams?
All: No, no… please…
Piero: We can’t say anything. Well… We can say that we like Messi, but we can’t say what… (team)
Gianluca: I remember that when I played with the Play Station, when I played Fifa 2005, when I was a kid, 10 years ago I always played with Boca (Boca Juniors)

Presenter: Here we have a man using the symbol of the River (River Plate)
Piero: This morning he had the symbol of the Boca

Presenter: With which artist would you like to sing?
All: Alejandro Sanz

Presenter: Do you have any fun story in Argentina that happened in 2013?
One girl: The Burger King

Piero: Did I dance at the Burger King??? When?
Presenter: What? Did he dance and sing?
Piero to Ignazio: Ahhh When we went to watch …. We went to see a film… But how do you know?
Piero: Fans know everything… We left the cinema and passed in front of Burger King and I put a hat and danced. In the video we did there are all the people that are watching and saying: this is crazy..

Presenter to the fans: And you were there taking photos for sure.
Piero: No… They were not there, but I don’t know how they learned.
Presenter: I can assure you that some of them were…
Piero: I want to know… Ah I told in the radio…
Gianluca: Well… it is not so difficult…

Presenter: If you were not successful in the music world, what would you have studied or made?
Piero: Tennis player, but I can’t imagine a life without music.
Gianluca: Probably… I don’t know…. I like soccer (Fans laughing) Why are you laughing? (to Ignazio) What are you doing?
Ignazio: Nothing. It is the first time that I do nothing!
Gianluca: or photographer… I don’t know. Actor…
Piero: This passion has just born… photographer…

Presenter: They want to know if you have had girlfriends
Ignazio: Nothing. I, nothing! [He refers to the fact nobody asked him who he would have loved to become instead of a singer]
Presenter: You nothing. You are behind…
Ignazio: I am comfortable..

Presenter: Sit normally, because unless I don’t see you! Were you about to fall asleep?
Ignazio: But is comfortable. (answering the question about what they would be…) Or pilot or jockey..
Presenter: Fantino (jockey) is a conductor
Gianluca: Fantino… he likes the fans
Presenter: a horse pilot
Gianluca: (joking) a horse pilot, you are making fun of us
Piero: He wants to do the jockey … [Piero uses the word ‘far'(fare – Italian) instead to ‘hacer’ (Spanish) in the phrase. All they laugh]
Piero: He wants to do the jockey..
Gianluca: Well… They are crazy…

Presenter: Are you tired?
All: No
Ignazio: we, tired? No
Gianluca: Tomorrow we are going to Colombia … We have to go…
Presenter: you guys must stay here for them (the fans)
Piero: And who will make the tour in Colombia?
Presenter: And who offer a room to the guys?
Gianluca: Let’s go together
Piero: And we all stay together in a room
Presenter: there are some offering all the house and not only a room…
Piero: Thank you!

Gianluca: You know, the Argentinian are alike the Italian girls.
Piero: So much.
Presenter: In what?
Gianluca (to the fans): We know that almost 80% of you have an Italian surname.
Girls: yes!
Gianluca: I told you!
Piero asked and the girls begins to say the surnames
Gianluca: When we arrive in Argentina it is like when we are home in Europe, in Italia. It is true.
Presenter: They feel at home

The Presenter said that they will have a signing session and also will perform.
Piero: We want to perform now…


Así fue la firma de discos de Il Volo en TKM!! – Mundo TKM

REVIVÍ la presentación en VIVO de IL VOLO en TKM – Mundo TKM

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