Il Volo links & news for September 8, 2015

Il Volo is in US, more precisely in Hartford, CT but the news around them continue to flow.

Festa del SS Crocifisso - Favignana:: According to Itaca Notizie, Il Volo will perform on September 14, 2015 at Piazza Barraco in Favignana (22:00).  Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca will be special guests on the Festa del SS Crocifisso, event organised by the administration of the Comune of Favignana on September 12-13-14, 2015. – Festa del SS. Crocifisso a Favignana: sabato 14 è prevista la partecipazione de “Il Volo” – on Itaca Notizie (September 8, 2015 in Italian)

:: We received official confirmation about the schedule of Il Volo in US. They will be visiting PBS stations in Hartford, Atlanta, Miami and Los Angeles during this week. (waiting for more details)

:: Il Volo is rebuilding their official site! Have a look on, the site is still on creation, don’t trust much the dates you will see, trust the news Il Volo gave on the previous months. All the news will be comunicated as soon as possible (have a look here to understand better what is going on! Il Volo landed in US and… – last news)

:: The YouTube channel of RAI released in the last days the promo of the new season of Ti Lascio una Canzone. In the video are shown some of the winners of the editions and their following success, starting from Vincenzo Cantiello (winner of TLUC 2014 and of Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014) and arriving at Il Volo – Gianluca won the competition in 2009.
Il Volo was expected to be the guest stars during the first episode on September 12th, but they will be still in America; so, as Antonella Clerici does, we hope that they would be able to appear in one of the 11 evenings.

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