Il Volo in Miami and soon in Latin America!

Il Volo and Tony Dandrades

Il Volo and Tony Dandrades

A neutral press is a chimera! All communications are based on personal beliefs and ideas, even when we try to be impartial. It is the same when we listen: – I don’t talk about politics, I am not politic… This affirmation is a clear politic position itself 🙂 So… when we talk about ideas and communication we have to be prepared to live the differences.

Here on our office we agree and disagree about many things. It is good to have this diversity of ideas, taste etc. All About Il Volo gives us freedom to express this diversity in our texts. As example, I disagree of Martina about the “social” character of Ignazio. I think Ignazio is very ‘social’, but in a selective way. He is more ‘social’ (may say communicative) when he is very happy or sad. Different kinds of communication, of course.

Now, his happiness are giving us “periscopiates” and it is amazing! Tell us why are you so happy, Igazio !!! And also gives us a lot of news. Yesterday late night (office already closed) Ignazio led a “periscopiate” direct from Churrascaria Fogo de Chão in Miami. A happy group was having dinner (a churrasco Gaúcho needs at least an ambulance waiting outside… just in case…) and talking about the next commitments of Il Volo to the fans through “periscope”.

Il Volo in Miami - Sep 11th:: They told us they will make a promotional tour – interviews, television, … -,  from October 18th to November 1st in Latin America: Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil are mentioned. And I am still moved here of seeing Piero mentioning Porto Alegre FIRST when talking about Brazil! Oh ok… we gaúchos are people tied to our neighbourhood 🙂 Wow, I am glad he remembers 😉
In April and May of 2016 there will be a Latin American Tour! Confirmed!

:: And about an hour ago Ignazio made the third episode of the Boschetto Show, when Il Volo was leaving for a day full of interviews in Miami. One of them was already announced. Tony Dandrades published a photo on his Instagram referring the interview with Il Volo. Tony Dandrades is the “anchor” of the TV Show Primer Impacto on Univision TV. We can’t wait! (photo 1 above)

:: Interview on Latin Billboards / Sony Music too: Il Volo talks to Latin Billboards

Watch or play list of the last Boschetto Show:


(don’t miss Ignazio imitating Salvatore Corazza 😀 )

:: Yesterday on La Vita in Diretta, Il Volo send a message to Antonella Clerici during the interview she attended in the TV Show. Watch:

:: An interesting article about Mauro Russo, the young director of the last Il Volo video clip L’amore si muove. In fact, the video reveals the ties he has with his homeland, the Salento, the extreme part of the “heel” of Italy, the region Puglia, with the choice of using several locations from Salento in the shootings like the patron saint Oronzo festival or the nursery of the hospital “Vito Fazzi” in Lecce. The scenes with Il Volo instead were recorded in the village of Montepagano, Abruzzo.
Despite his young age, Mauro Russo has already worked as a director for several artists video clips, namely Fedez and Naomi, Genesis (sic), Lorenzo Fragola, Clementino, Giusy Ferreri and Cesare Cremonini. – Mauro Russo, il regista di videoclip ha preso “Il volo” – on Nuovo Quotidiano di Puglia (September 11, 2015 in Italian)

:: Il Volo and many #ilvolovers referred the “September 11th of 2001” a date to don’t forget, when the human stupidity resulted in the loss of thousands of lives. Our stupidity almost always turns against ourselves. It happened in the same day in 1973 in Chile resulting in decades of suffering. More than remember these two September 11h, we have to remember and learn with our mistakes, because they are the causes. We know that the consequences are beyond terrible.

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