Il Volo in Malta – backstage experience!

Il Volo in Malta - backstageby Lara Zerafa

After winning a competition by distributing the Il Volo concert’s posters in more than 100 different shops, I got rewarded with a backstage pass. I didn’t know how exclusive it was until I actually got there, not even the media, who had ‘media passes’ could go inside and so I felt really privileged and fortunate to be there.

As soon as I entered backstage I saw members of the orchestra preparing and tuning their instruments. As I had a little walk around the premises, I noticed that the trio weren’t there yet, as the dressing rooms were still empty.

After about 15 minutes I saw a black car approaching and my heart skipped a beat. It was really them! As soon as they got out of the car, they hurried towards a tent where they were interviewed by a TV station and then rushed into their dressing rooms as they were very late. After that I got the chance to take a picture with Ignazio as he was the only one who wasn’t in the dressing room.

Il Volo in Malta - backstageAfter about 5 minutes the boys got out of the dressing room and rushed on stage, initiating the concert with the famous Italian song ‘Il Mondo’. I watched the entire concert from the front row and this led to Piero waving at me during ‘Beautiful Day’.

The concert was beyond expectations. I admit I teared up a few times… their voices are so unique! During the concert the trio fooled around on stage and picked on Ignazio, the funny part of the group, which made the audience laugh hysterically. During one of the songs Gianluca even asked a fan to go up on stage with him as he sang the famous Elvis Presley song ‘Can’t help falling in love’.

As the concert ended, I rushed back backstage and saw the trio climbing down the stairs of the stage. As I greeted Piero with a ”Wow ! Well done !”, he smiled at me and invited me to hang out with them in their dressing room. After that I got the chance to take pictures with Piero and Gianluca (one can never have enough pictures with them.. infact I got about six). The trio fooled around backstage having photos with fans and friends and soon after, they hopped back into their car as they made their way to their hotel.

As I’m typing this story, I still can’t believe that this actually happened. I feel like I’m living a dream. I sincerely hope that they will come to our country again but until then, I will have to wait 3 weeks to see them again in Verona with my best friends and relive the memories that we witnessed when the trio came to Malta.

This article was also published by The Third Eye Malta.

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17 thoughts on “Il Volo in Malta – backstage experience!

  1. As wonderful as it was, the story not told that some ticket holders for the Meet and Greet were told it was canceled. After spending the money in this time of tight economy, it was sad that they were not given a M/G or a refund for the price of the tickets for it in Malta.

    • You should know that Il Volo’s management was unaware of the venue’s publicity regarding a M&G. It was not cleared by nor arranged with Il Volo. Also the venue’s promoter sold VIP tickets in the 3 digits, an impossible number for any meet and greet. Hopefully, when they explain the situation to those patrons they will take the proper responsibility and not put it on Il Volo in ANY way.

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing this news. This must have be a wonderfull experience
    the backstage of the concert of Il Volo. You have been very fortuante. Best regards

  3. I know this young lady who so excited to meet all three of them, but those who had purchased VIP tickets were told the meet and greet had been cancelled. I am curious, did she purchase a VIP ticket.

  4. A very lucky young lady, but what about those who paid for Meet and Greet tickets and were herded into a tent and told to stay there and got nothing but ignored. They got no meet and greet, no refund, and no explanation. Come on, Crimi Events! What a shame!

  5. Ok – to any concerned folks who made comments /complaints about OTHERS re: this “meet and greet”
    Did any one notice what was written above?? That –il volo and team
    –They were late
    — They had to hurry
    — they rushed to the stage
    So something came up to delay them in this 1 time of so many concerts!
    So just go back and review ALL THE WONDERFUL CONCERTS that are on YouTube since they started this tour in June and enjoy not criticize

  6. Hi friends! We do not know nothing about this Meet & Greet that was sold and did not happened, only a few comments on networks. So we can not talk about this. Lara was there not in a M&G, but backstage before and after the concert because she won this “pass” on a contest.
    Maybe the better is to contact Crimi events about this issue.

    • Mari, I hope you will see the reply to Lavain above. I was there in Malta and know that the fault lay with Crimi Events, not Il Volo management. It will do no good to chide Il Volo management for something they had nothing to do with and were completely unaware of.

      • Hi Wendy
        I think no one mentioned Il Volo management as someone to blame. And I already said that we can not talk about an issue we do not know. Usually when you buy a ticket and have some problem, you address the complain to the producers/organizers, no matter who is to blame.
        It is why here is not the appropriate forum to complain.


        • Agree, I hope folks will indeed do that. I have simply heard complaints in the past addressed improperly and hope that won’t be the case here for the disappointed patrons. Thank you Mari for always reporting every story accurately and without prejudice. You represent everything one hopes for in a site. Thank, as always.

  7. This was a very nicely done review, and sharing of her fun time getting to go backstage at this long-awaited concert. I am delighted that this young lady worked so hard to win this privilege! Thank you for this charming report,Lara!

  8. Lara deserved her backstage pass 100% she worked hard for it and was duly rewarded for it ! Certain comments about the M & G should not have been left on this page as this was something completely different. Lara had nothing to do with the M & G . After all it was specifically stated on the ticket line that the “Meet and Great” was subject to the availability of the artists and although I too really wished that the M & G took place unfortunately at times things do not always go as planned as apparently they had a very tight schedule. Let us now just keep our fingers crossed and hope that they will visit Malta again soon and we will all have our M&G-
    Well Done Lara !!

  9. I am really surprised by some comments,lack of emphathy,..sorry to say..
    People who paid extra for M&G obviously were disappointed ,and no refund,it is very unfair ,I dont know the details but I think you should write to people who organized the event and also IL Volo management team,let them know what happened and complain.maybe they dont know about it,and this might happen again in another organization.. they should definetely know .if you think you were deceived and prove it,, you can take legal action… .I believe in freedom of speech,so if people have complaints about the related event,they should be able to speak up.. I am sure guys would think the same and do whatever it takes to compensate those fans..

    • Hi Guildizzy

      Of course everyone can express her/his thoughts freely. What was pointed is that here is not the better space to do this, although we can talk about. The better is to write to the organizers / producers or place comments in their page on facebook. Or even write to the Il Volo management.

  10. Thanks Marirussu, I am pleased Lavain shared that comment with us here,as a warning to the other fans who will go to concerts,so these things can happen be careful when you get a VIP ticket,and sharing this in any blog or page related to Il Volo shouldnt be a problem,of course official complaint is different..everything is not always positive ,there might be negative experiences,so with respect and tolerance to each other,we must be able to share them.
    ”There is no greater intelligence than kindness and emphaty”-Bryant Mcgill

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