Malta tested Il Volo’s knowledge about the island / Malta ha testato la conoscenza de Il Volo riguardo l’isola

credits Fade in Media, Charlene Azzopardi and Albert Camilleri

When Il Volo landed in Malta, on Friday 28th August, 2015, they were soon welcomed in the President’s Palace. There, there were some fans that were allowed to meet Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. First of all, they met the President of Malta (The trio Il Volo arrived in Malta and was received by the President), then they were interviewed in a very informal and fresh way. At the end of the interview, the reporter of tested Il Volo’s knowledge of Malta’s history and culture: the guys passed the test.

They seemed a bit tired, maybe because the trip to Malta or maybe because of the amount of commitments and concerts, but for sure they were very happy to see the new born success they have in Malta, thanks to Eurovision (Malta was one of the countries that gave to Italy 12 points in the final votes!), and they were also determined to bring all their Grande Amore to the whole island!

credits Fade in Media, Charlene Azzopardi and Albert Camilleri

Quando venerdì 28 agosto Il Volo è atterrato a Malta, è stato presto accolto nel Palazzo del Presidente, fuori dal quale sostavano alcune fan con il permesso di incontrarli. Prima di tutto Piero, Ignazio e Gianluca hanno avuto un colloquio con il Presidente di Malta (Il trio Il Volo è arrivato a Malta e ha incontrato il Presidente); in seguito sono stati protagonisti di una fresca ed informale intervista, al termine della quale l’inviato di ha voluto testare la loro conoscenza riguardo la storia e la cultura di Malta. Il Volo ha superato il test.

Apparivano stanchi, forse a causa del viaggio verso Malta o per i loro numeroisi impegni, ma sicuramente erano molto felici di vedere tutto il successo riscosso anche nell’isola grazie all’Eurovision (Malta è stata uno dei Paesi ad attribuire i 12 punti durante la votazione finale!) ed erano anche determinati a portare tutto il loro Grande Amore all’intera isola!

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photo and videos by Fade in Media, Charlene Azzopardi and Albert Camilleri

Summary in English:
The host greets them and remembers how in May, during an interview for Malta’s television, they announced they were about to come in the island.

Host: «What should we expect from your concert?»
Gianluca: «For sure the beauty of our country, Italy: our repertoire, Italian songs, our songs, songs that made the history of Sanremo Festival and then this music, which all the world envy. It will be a nice romantic evening, full of love songs, of songs for everyone, from children to adults»
Host: «Did you prepare something special for the Maltese people? What?»
Piero: «You see we don’t arrange anything on the stage. What people see are three guys that do what they love and love what they do. It’s all spontaneous» Piero adds also that for sure they will have a beautiful strong feeling with the audience. «We love to sing but most of all to have fun with the audience, we don’t like the distance between us and them, we want to involve everyone».
As they did in every concert, they came to Malta to bring their Grande Amore.

As the host says, they are amazing singers, but the Maltese people would love to discover how much Il Volo knows about their island: the game begins. The host will show the guys the pictures of three landscapes, three celebs and three dishes of Malta and they will have to guess the names.
Ignazio, laughing: «I retreat!»

First one. Piero: «It’s Valletta!»
Host: «Ok, very good»
Ignazio removes his glasses and looks astonished at Piero: «Valletta?!»
Gianluca: «Yes… In Italian is called “La Valletta”»
Second one. Gianluca and Piero: «Mdina!» (in Italian, Medina)
Applauses of the fans.
Third one. Host: «And the last…»
Ignazio: «Hold on, I say the last: it’s Dwejra!»
Host: «And where is Dwejra?»
Piero: «Gozo»

Host: «You should say if you know the name of the song and who’s singing it»
First one. Gianluca: «Joseph Calleja»
Host: «Ok, and what song is he singing?»
Ignazio: «Granada!!!!»
Second one. Host: «Who is she?»
Gianluca: «A great singer!»
Piero: «She is Amber! She sang that song at Eurovision Song Contest»
Third one. Ignazio: «I say that, I say that! It’s Malta’s National Anthem!»

Ignazio points one pie and screams: «This is the sfogliatella!», which is a Neapolitan sweet.
The host gives them a paper on which there are written the names of the dishes, to help them guessing the names.
After many laughs and many mistakes in the pronunciation, they are able to discover the three sweets.
Gianluca was very hungry and tried several times to eat one of the pies without succeeds in it. Ignazio scolds him.

They ends singing a part of Grande Amore along with the fans.

Ritratti: “Il Volo: mudell għaż-żgħażagħ Maltin” – il-President
Filmat: Kemm jafu Il Volo dwar Malta, il-pastizzi u l-qubbajt?


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