Malta – Il Volo enchanted the island with their grande amore

Il Volo concert in Malta - August 29 2015by Martina Camenzuli

August 29th 2015 will be a day Malta will surely remember, for it was the day Il Volo enchanted the island with their ‘grande amore’ during their concert. The concert, which took place at the MFCC in Ta’ Qali, was very much awaited by the Maltese fans. In fact, as soon as the tickets had come out not more than a month ago, the website had crashed due to the amount of users trying to buy their seats.

The whole night was a mesmerising experience, from the opening melody played by the Filarmonica Band, till the last note of “Grande Amore” which closed the concert. Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio’s individual voices stole the people’s hearts when performing their solos, but whenever they united their voices together, the concert reached new heights. Emotions were soaring high, and the audience was transported into a new dimension.

Il Volo concert in Malta - August 29 2015The audience included people of all ages, people of different nationalities who came to Malta just to see their idols. Throughout the concert the trio showed their appreciation to the standing ovation and applauds they were getting from the audience. Apart from their break-through song “Grande Amore”, Il Volo performed different cover versions of songs from their favourite artists, including Barbara Streisand, Placido Domingo, Frank Sinatra, Pavarotti and Pino Daniele.

The three different personalities of the trio sparked out throughout the whole night with humoristic jokes and even tried to include the audience. It seems that Il Volo will be coming back to Malta in the future since at the end of the concert all three remarked that they shall be coming back soon.

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1 thought on “Malta – Il Volo enchanted the island with their grande amore

  1. An excellent article Martina!! , Il Volo literally wooed the Maltese audience and the Maltese audience fell in love head over heals with il Volo, both young and old alike ! The atmosphere was electrifying and hearts were beating ! the audience could not get enough of them ….. I know I was there too !!

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