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Il Volo in Chieti August 10, 2015 – Yesterday Il Volo performed a magnificent concert in Chieti, Abruzzo, on the day after the great tribute received in Roseto degli Abruzzi. Here is the playlist with interviews and reports by Rete 8 and TV SEI.

10 agosto 2015 – Ieri Il Volo si è esibito in uno splendido concerto a Chieti, in Abruzzo, il giorno dopo il grande tributo ricevuto a Roseto degli Abruzzi. Ecco la playlist con le interviste e i servizi di Rete 8 e TV SEI.

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English translation by Sara Severi

Video 1: Rete 8 – Il Volo in Chieti – 4,000 people went wild

Reporter: «A huge success, the only leg of the Sanremo Grande Amore tour in Abruzzo, arranged by Elite Agency, at La Civitella of Chieti, 4,000 spectators clapped for Il Volo, 4,000 people of all ages in the magical ritual that the trio repeats in the theaters all over the world. They went beyond the time borders of the pentagram, blending the tastes of old and new generations. Gianluca Ginoble opened the concert with the notes of Il Mondo and the audience greeted him with an almost parental love. The Sicilians Ignazio Boschetto and Piero Barone, manage to get a smile out of the audience talking in Abruzzo dialect.»
(talking in Abruzzo dialect)
Gianluca: «How are you?»
Ignazio: «I’m fine!»
Gianluca: «Bravo!»
Reporter: «The evening is an adventure across the time and the power of music, Italian hits of the last 50 years, with Modugno, Fontana, Donaggio, Endrigo, melodic American classics and the rock of U2. The passionate Granada and No puede ser, passing by the Puccini opera, with standing ovation for the tenor Piero Barone. Another standing ovation for the pleasing performance of Gianluca Ginoble with Can’t help falling in love by Elvis Presley and deep emotion for Ignazio Boschetto at the piano in memory of Pino Daniele. In the repertoire of Il Volo there is also Naples with Torna a Surriento, Core ‘ngrato, ‘O Sole mio and to say goodnight, the Sanremo winner song, Grande Amore. The Filarmonia Veneta Orchestra, conducted by Maestro Diego Basso, accompanied the Ariston winners. Between a song and another, enjoyable sketches shown the likeability of the ex-Tenorini and their undisputed talent. They were completely tuned with the audience. This explains the success of the three twenty-somethings who have achieved a series of sales records with their albums and millions of fans that are waiting for them in every corner of the world.»
Piero: «We are three guys kissed by fortune, I must admit that, because without luck, we wouldn’t have met in the same place at the right time.»
Gianluca: «I really wanted to do a beautiful concert here in Abruzzo and bring my friends, partners, even in my country, because Abruzzo is really a beautiful region, full of beautiful people.»
Ignazio: «From Sicily and from Abruzzo, Il Volo sends you a big kiss.»

Video 2: TV SEI – Il Volo in Chieti: a great success

Reporter: «This leg of the tour in Abruzzo is a bit an unexpected event, however, was absolutely the right thing for your many fans. So, first to the abruzzese: “Being at La Civitella, what does it mean to you“?»
Gianluca: «They come from a wonderful region, full of history, full of culture, we will hold 6 concerts in Sicily, in their region. So I really wanted a beautiful concert here in Chieti, in Abruzzo, in this beautiful location, I really must say that. For me it’s really an honor, coming back in Abruzzo, after many trips, and singing for the abruzzese audience. Tonight I will talk a little in Abruzzo dialect, come on, so we will have a laugh. I’m also really happy to bring my friends, partners, here, in my region, we’re having fun, we went to the beach, playing soccer on the beach, right? And then, it will be a beautiful evening.»
Reporter: «As he already said, you are used to experience the Abruzzo region, because you have been here many times, you know the audience after the victory of Sanremo and even out here is full of fans that are waiting for you. Tonight there will be something special?»
Piero: «I start from the beginning, we are bound to this land, because from yesterday we are honorary citizens of Roseto degli Abruzzi, then we feel at home. And after, tonight we will do our concert and we will do what will come naturally, because we never had a script, so what you see on stage is totally natural.»
Ignazio: «Ok, we have some guidelines, but they change all the time.»
Reporter: «The last time, you told us all the words that you know in Abruzzo dialect.»
Ignazio: «Exacty, the last time, now we avoid it!»
Piero: «I’m fine. How are you?» (in Abruzzo dialect)
Gianluca: «This dialect is from the province of Teramo, for those who are watching from Chieti, especially from here, they speak in a different way.»
Reporter: «A greeting to the audience of Abruzzo…»
Ignazio: «Hi everyone, we are Il Volo…»
Piero: «…we send a warm greeting…»
Gianluca: «…and nothing, what can I add, hurrah for Abruzzo

References / Fonti:

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* the photo is a screenshot of the video by Rete 8 /  la foto è uno screenshot del video di Rete 8

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  1. Thank you to everyone for these videos it is good to be able to see Il Volo. I have been waiting for 4 years for them to come to England to sing to us all here. Will it happen? or am I living in a fools paradise? s s s

    • I also live in England and surely these wonderful men will eventually arrive here. The man from sony said that getting into the english market is ” complicated” so it is not lack of their wanting to come.
      Meanwhile i’m also very grateful for everyone for these videos so we can see and hear these amazing talented handsome men.

  2. As always!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!..?There are not enough words to describe these talented handsome young ITALIAN men, so proud. ( but of course I am Italian)

  3. So sorry to have forgotten to thank you for all the great photos and videos
    Would not be able to see and hear these beautiful voices,I see ll Volo is comming to the Chicago theater in Feb.2016,hope to be able to be part of this.

    • Madlene-
      I think II remember that you live near Chicago. If it’s ok, can Mari give me your e-mail address?
      Thank you

  4. Mari, thanks for all your posts and comments. I especially enjoyed the interview as many are done in Italian, which I cannot decipher! Love these guys, I have grandsons their age so I can really relate! Regards from Texas!

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