Il Volo on TGR Lombardia RAI 3

Il Volo - TG LombardiaThis evening, on TGR Lombardia – 19:30 edition – Il Volo appeared in a report by Daniela Cuzzolin Oberosler about the Grande Amore Tour and the concert at Villa Erba, Cernobbio.

The report includes a small interview and some scenes from the concert.

Il Volo sul TGR Lombardia RAI 3

Questa sera, sul TGR Lombardia – edizione delle 19:30 – Il Volo è apparso in un servizio di Daniela Cuzzolin Oberosler sul Grande Amore Tour e il concerto a Villa Erba, Cernobbio.

Il servizio include una breve intervista e alcune immagini del concerto.

Link on / su RAI 3: TGR Lombardia – 19:30 edition

video by / di TGR Lombardia – RAI 3

English translation by Bradamante

The winners of the Sanremo Festival, very loved in the States, the three young singers of Il Volo perfomed yesterday in Cernobbio with an anthology of evergreen successes of the Italian music.

(video of the concert)

Those three good guys who are a lot liked by the grandmothers, mothers and also by the youths on lake of Como in Cernobbio, second lombard tour stop of the summer tour. Three twenty years old guys, two tenors and a baritone, sing the greatest successes of the Italian music. Three studio albums, two live and a compilation on their name, America brought them in the Olympus of the Big, the first Italians in history to sign a contract with a major record company.
Il Mondo, 1965, evergreen success by Jimmy Fontana opens the concert. Year 2015, a magic year for Il Volo, Sanremo, Pompeii and then this summer tour in the cultural, historical venues among the most prestigious like this Villa Erba in Cernobbio.

Piero: «I must tell you that a bit earlier I wanted to post a picture on the socials and I wanted to say this is one of the most suggestive venues I have ever seen.»
Ignazio: «We hoped to find George Clooney there…»
Reporter: «But he didn’t came to see you (in concert, author’s note) though…»
Ignazio: «No, we have never had the chance to meet him…»
Reporter: «Il Volo, Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble, it was back on 2009, when three teenagers were noticed as a single singers in the tv show hosted by Antonella Clerici: Ti lascio una canzone
Piero: «About the teenagers it is easy because we are of the same age, and we know  their tastes and it is nice following them on the socials, see what they think about us and then see in the audience…»

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  1. Bradamante,
    really thanks for translation ! 🙂 I like your page. Thank you so much for all you do, I always know new informations about Il Volo through your website. 🙂

    • Thank you, but this is not my site, I am just a collaborator: the site’s owner is Mari Russu. I am happy you found the translation useful, I hope you will keep coming here to read AAIV links, news, original articles and translations. Ciao!

      • Actually I wanted to write that I like this site and I am grateful to all people who are involved in it. 🙂 I’ve communicated with Mari Russu, when she responded to my first post which I wrote in May. 🙂 Always I visit this page with joy and I will continue in it , certainly ! 🙂
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