Il Volo links & news for July 31, 2015

Il Volo in MontecarloQuick news!

:: And today Monaco: Il Volo will perform on the Monte-Carlo Sporting Summer Festival – dinner show at Salle des Etoiles, 26 Avenue Princesse Grace, Principality of Monaco – Presentation scheduled 22:30.

:: “I am proud to have brought to the Elba Island these young men, but with a great future that will lead them to be even more leaders not only on the Italian but also on the international scene.” – With this words Ruggero Barbetti, the Mayor of Capoliveri, commented about the Il Volo concert of August 1st, 2015. – Il Volo in concerto a Capoliveri – on QN – La Nazione (July 31, 2015 in Italian)

:: The perfect health of Piero Barone is hard to be hidden and the newspaper Libero published an article about this: Il sex symbol che non ti aspetti: Piero Barone de Il Volo senza occhiali e palestratissimo – they talked about the Grande Amore Tour too 🙂 – on Libero (July 31, 2015 in Italian)

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3 thoughts on “Il Volo links & news for July 31, 2015

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  2. I am glad we can share opinions but Piero is no more sex symbol than I am. Although they all 3 are handsome men. My preference is Ignazio who even though he was beautiful before, now from losing weight has turned into an adonus. He has the height, he is extremely handsome & who cannot miss that gorgeous smile which lights up the world. It doesn’t matter if he wears glasses or not he is beautiful

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