Il Volo in Naples crowds Piazza Plebiscito, July 4, 2015

PH Antonio Di Laurenzio

On July 4th, Naples was ready to receive Il Volo in Piazza Plebiscito. The concert was a new date, free, announced a few weeks before. The evening was organized by “Il Gioco del Lotto” and Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca accepted joyfully to take part in it, even if they would have to go to Detroit on July 6th, to promote their PBS “Live from Pompeii”.
The concert was a challenge between them and the roots of the bel canto; as well as between them and the recent homage that Il Volo decided to do to the late Pino Daniele. It was also a return trip into Naples after the successful date at the Arena Flegrea in 2014 – a return trip as winners, this time, not only after the victory in Sanremo but even after having conquered the hearts of the whole Italy.

Il Volo arrived in Naples on July 3rd, in the afternoon. The reporter Selenia Orzella from Music Box then interviewed them, asking to anticipate something about the concert and about the famous medley of Pino Daniele’s songs – she also asked news about their new album that will be released on September 21st, the very same day of the final concert of the Grande Amore Tour, in Verona. [Our report with the link to the video of the interview and English translation: Il Volo interviewed by MusicBox]

ph. I Malincomici “moments of brotherhood”

For those who had followed Il Volo and the parodies that appeared after Sanremo, the concert in Naples meant the opportunity to scream “it’s a dream come true!” (in Italian: “è un sogno che diventa realtà!”) in the moment in which Il Volo met Gennaro Scarpato, Mirko Ciccariello and Oreste Ciccariello, better known as the I Malincomici, the trio of impersonators that did a parody of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca during the Italian TV program “Made in Sud”. [Do you remember the Guide for Malincomici… al Volo?]
Even the rosiest expectations couldn’t imagine a meeting like that. Il Volo is ambassador of UNICEF in the world, while I Malincomici are working to enter the organization: they met on July 3rd during an event promoted by the organization itself, they were interviewed together by the web site and finally they had dinner.
They were very happy and showed to the people an incredible chemistry between them, proved by Piero’s Periscope video. (We all love Mr. Barone, but in the video there were some “particular” framing… I swear that I saw for a while Capri upside down – so we could declare that Piero’s filming was an interesting experiment of Pop Art; while Gianluca does Periscope videos that make he looks like Kubrik).

The six guys only drank water but they jokingly teased each other and challenged with sketched and jokes, demonstrated that I Malincomici studied Il Volo’s personalities but also that Il Volo watched their parodies: for an impersonator, is essential to know the person he imitates, but…how many famous people know their parodies? How many artists want to meet their impersonator and have fun in recreating the sketches? It was wonderful see the friendship and respect that tides Il Volo and I Malincomici, who probably will be special guests in Verona’s concert.
After all, if Il Volo’s fans are called ilvolovers, what is the name of I Malincomici’s fans? Wondered Piero, in a more colourful way. The answer was clear and immediate: le malincovers.

PH Antonio Di Laurenzio

The concert had to start at 9 p.m., but it started half an hour late – the evening was organized just like a date of the Grande Amore Tour, with a playlist of 25 songs and the intro of Grande Amore played only by the Orchestra Filarmonia Veneta, directed by the Maestro Diego Basso. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca charmed the audience by coming on stage singing Il Mondo, while the fans were waving red heart-shaped balloons (it was an idea of a Facebook fan page).

Piazza Plebiscito was full of people: on the following day the newspapers said that there were 30 thousand fans, but the audience itself claims that there were at least 60 thousand. The Malincomici confirmed that, too. They went on stage as guest stars and fooled around with Il Volo by recreating the sketches of Made In Sud and also singing a piece of the song “Cos Cos Cos” by the Neapolitan rapper Clementino, helped by the beatbox provided by Ignazio. This song fascinated Il Volo some weeks ago and they sang pieces of it even in the dates in Rome.
Ignazio: «I would love to point out something. You [the Malincomici] were good despite of all the criticisms»
Piero and Mirko, pretending to faint: «A CRITICISM!!!»
Because a great person is someone who’s able to joke, but a person is even greater if can accept the joke and make it his.
Gennaro: «I won’t say what Ignazio ate last night because it would take until four in the morning»
Ignazio: «Look, Piero eat more than me…»

Gennaro Scarpato then introduced the president of the UNICEF Napoli, who brought to Il Volo a surprise made by the Pigotte lab in Perugia: he gave the guys three dolls that look alike them, a well-accepted present. Then the president thanked the six guys but also their parents that educated them in such a great way. He said to educate kids in a good way, but it was also an invite to the people to have faith in the young generations, that often are victims of prejudices.

After that, the Malincomici revealed their dream: to duet with Il Volo. And they did it: they sang all together Beautiful Day by U2, that performed by Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca, Mirko, Gennaro and Oreste turned into a hilarious sketch. Every member of Il Volo was followed by his “double” who imitated their gestures (and vice versa); and in the final Il Volo hid behind I Malincomici and “dubbed” them.

The concert ended with Grande Amore and Il Volo went back to the hotel to rest before leaving early for Detroit: the audience rewarded them with a huge clapping. They were still moved by the medley of Pino Daniele’s song. In the interview for Music Box Italia, the guys had told that they were afraid of get the Neapolitan pronunciation wrong and offend the audience; but they won the challenge, in front of 60 thousand people in Piazza Plebiscito.
Il Volo connects people, as often people say. #NapoliGrandeAmore.

Many thanks to: Jole Andretti for the information about Il Volo in Naples,
Selenia Orzella and the interview for Music Box Italia,
Francesco Giordano for the videos of Il Volo ft. I Malincomici on YouTube,
the Facebook Page With love Il Volo -vogliamo#ilvoloapompei- for the idea of bringing the red heart-shaped balloons.

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