Il Volo in Cervia – videos

On July 18, 2015 Il Volo made a great concert in Cervia.

Il Volo a Cervia – video

Il 18 Luglio 2015, Il Volo ha tenuto un grande concerto a Cervia.

Watch the playlist with the videos by Ele Crosses: / Guarda la playlist con i video di Ele Crosses:

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7 thoughts on “Il Volo in Cervia – videos

  1. Marirussu,
    Cannot thank you enough for the ever-flowing updates, photos, and videos of these very talented young men! I look forward to each new post:-)

  2. Thanks for sharing this wonderful concert! They have grown so much in the past year! Their voices are incredible if they could get any better. Love this young men. Hugs for sharing this music with us!

  3. Thank you, Marirussu, for all of your videos and postings of these terrific guys.
    Il Volo has brought so much joy to my life. I look forward to seeing and hearing them wherever they perform.

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