Il Volo week :) – Good bye April! / Ciao Aprile!

Well…. From April 22 to April 30 all the movements of Il Volo through the photos they, friends and fans shared. From Madrid back to Italy, Milan and the interview to TV Sorrisi. Passing by the anniversary of Il Volo – I mean the first time they sang together –, and the record session for Amici in Rome. “Canzone per te” – the videoclip – released and thrilling everybody. And then to Bologna, working on the new album and telling us that a Spanish version of Grande Amore is coming, in part broadcasted by Periscope. (Mari Russu)

Bene… ecco tutti i movimenti de Il Volo dal 22 al 30 Aprile grazie alle foto che loro, gli amici e i fan hanno condiviso. Da Madrid di nuovo in Italia, Milano e l’intervista con TV Sorrisi. Passando per l’anniversario de Il Volo – voglio dire, la prima volta che cantarono insieme – e la registrazione per il serale di Amici a Roma. “Canzone per te” – il videoclip –, è stato pubblicato e ha entusiasmato tutti. E poi Bologna, a lavorare sul nuovo album e ci hanno fatto sapere che la versione spagnola di Grande Amore sta arrivando, in parte trasmessa su Periscope. (Sara)

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5 thoughts on “Il Volo week :) – Good bye April! / Ciao Aprile!

  1. Oi Mari,

    Vocês vão fazer a tradução da entrevista de TV Sorrisi? Eu entendo o italiano, mas teve uma frase que o Piero disse, logo após o Gianluca chamá-lo de “autoritário” que ele falou muito rapido e parecia um pouco nervoso, por isso não consegui entender.
    Gostaria de saber o ele disse que o Ignazio o repreendeu chamando-o de insensível, etc…

    • Piero wants to know one of his merits (as asked by the reporter). But Ignazio don’t know what to say. He can only say “autoritario”. And Piero says that “autoritario” isn’t a merit and that after six years together, Ignazio is unable to find one for him.

      Josie, maybe is this?

      Let me know in what minute of the video you heard the confused phrase.

    • Oi Josie! Piero reclamou que em tantos anos eles não conseguem achar uma qualidade dele 🙂

  2. What a stupendous program you brought to us. Thank you so very much. There was no way I could have found all that information. It was wonderful. Many thanks to you Mari and to those who helped you.

    I have stepped back to May 3’s post as I have a question regarding the last picture in the gallery. It is a picture of Ignazio and someone else. Who is this other person? There is some resemblance to their manager but the hair is dark. Just wondering.

    Thank you again for your magnificent effort in bringing to us such great coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest. Huggs and kisses to you and your staff.

    • Hi CJ
      Sorry answering late 🙂 He is Giordano Mazzi, musicist and the photo is in Bologna (Fonoprint)

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