Il Volo – second dress rehearsal / jury rehearsal on May 22, 2015

Il Volo rehearsals EurovisionVienna, May 22, 2015

by Bradamante

Yesterday night at the Wiener Stadthalle at 21:00 took place the jury dress rehearsal for the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

This dress rehearsal was very important, because the performances were going to be evaluated by the juries of every country participating to the contest. Each jury, composed by 5 members from the music world, was watching the show via streaming and giving marks. The jury of the same nationality of the act that was going to be evaluated could not vote. So the Italian jury could not vote for Italy. The jury’s vote makes the 50% of the outcome, while the other 50% is made by the European audience’s televote.

We have not seen so far videos of the Il Volo performance. We have to rely only on the reports of those who were attending the jury dress rehearsal show in the Wiener Stadhalle yesterday night. Those accounts, besides articles on the Eurovision dedicated websites, are popping also as messages on the social media, via Twitter and Facebook.

The majority of the reports talk about a flawless, powerful, exciting performance. Let’s see about them:

First of all from one of the most reputed sites about Eurovision in Italy, reports by Michele Imberti and Cristian Scarpone from Stadthalle:

“M: It’s all very elegant and bombastic. They sing well and look to the camera with conviction and charisma, more than in Sanremo. The press room listen in silence. In the arena there is a huge cheer. It is entirely convincing. There’s really not much to say. We are on course for victory. The song is finished… and in the press room all applaud in a resigned manner.

C: The staging is impressive, everything just right and fits perfectly with the song. Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio have charisma to spare, and they know how to play with the cameras, something to not to be underestimated on the Eurovision. The audience is roaring, they receive the most thunderous roar of the arena and the press room, which does not emit a breath for three minutes, and applauded with conviction. We tremble to say … but we can fly high.” – Eurovision 2015: la cronaca della prova finale dedicata ai voti delle giurie – on Eurofestival News (May 23, 2015 in Italian)

Another report of Il Volo performance in the jury dress rehearsal is from the site Esctoday:

“The final act of the night is Italy along with their selected trio, Il Volo. Pillars appear in the background of the performance with ancient statues. Vocally, the trio have a strong performance on stage throughout the entire show with the crowd erupting into applause at the end of the performance.” – Vienna Calling: Grand final jury show LIVE – on Esctoday (May 22, 2015 in English)

The team of Escgo! was live blogging the event:

“Our three Italian heartbreakers are spot-on from the first second on. In the first verse, there’s this vibrating tension thing in the air, similar to Cinquetti’s “l’atmosfera” moment in 1974. Finally it gave me goosebumps, and then Red Glasses Guy delivers an incredibly strong part. Bombastic, gorgeous delivery.” – Rehearsal live: Jury Final of the Grand Final – on Escgo! (May 22, 2015 in English)

Another impression on Il Volo performance from the live blogging on the site ESCkaz:

“ITALIAN Il Volo is an absolute winner of this year even though I don’t like it as much as some other singers. Very confident and strong performance. Being the last ones to perform makes them winners. And they definitely deserve it. Italy leaves such an impression that you don’t want to listen to other songs. I came up with this idea when they started repeating all the songs to remind all of them to the voters. I think there is no doubt about this year’s winner.” – UPD – Jury Final Dress Rehearsal – on ESCkaz (May 22, 2015 in English)

* photo Farouk Vallette

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2 thoughts on “Il Volo – second dress rehearsal / jury rehearsal on May 22, 2015

  1. They are the best … Good luck ITALY! … Good luck ILVOLO … Now the excitement begins … Bring it home IL VOLO!!!

  2. Wonderful reviews. The excitement builds and so do the nerves! Wishing Il Volo, their families and the entire team the victory to bring home to their beloved Italy for Eurovision 2016.

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