Il Volo links & news for April 18, 2015

Il Volo at the Strawberry Fields MemorialBuongiorno! And Il Volo continues in New York with ‘zio’ Bruno Vespa filming, performing, all for the special of Porta a Porta (or more) that will be aired on June, according to people who was there. From the Central Park to the Ribalta Pizza with the team of I-Italy, for sure they are enchanting New York.

:: But let’s begin the news with 3 boys enchanting the audience of a TV show, a throwback. Six years ago, in this same day took place the 3rd episode of Ti Lascio Una Canzone 2nd edition Let’s remember when on Ti Lascio Una Canzone 2009, 3rd episode – Gianluca Ginoble won again! Il Volo, I mean Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca together, still did not exist. The TV show was aired on Saturday like today and on Monday they received the song to sing on the other Saturday. They were about to receive the information that on the next episode they must sing together and the rest we know.

:: Last night I-Italy published on facebook photos of Il Volo performing and filming at Pizza Ribalta in New York. Work in progress for the special that will highlight Italian people who succeed abroad.

* video by Rosario Procino

:: Locarno, Switzerland are ready for the Il Volo concert on June 12, 2015. Read the report published by Lago Maggiore Locarno: il 12 Giugno il concerto de ‘Il Volo’ (April 18, 2015 in Italian)

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1 thought on “Il Volo links & news for April 18, 2015

  1. It is so nice to have our guys back here in the good old USA and see them enjoying themselves in NYC… A little work, a little leisure and certainly a lot of fun for them and all who are around them… Fun for us to get all these great picture… Thanks Mari for the updates and pictures… You do a great job of keep up with Il Volo and that is no easy task … Grazie

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