Il Volo links and news for March 6, 2015

Laura Pausini and Il VoloLet’s start this “links & news” with an old “news”, in fact a throwback. Last year, exactly on March 6th, Il Volo attended a concert at the Madison Square Garden in New York to celebrate with Laura Pausini her 20 years of career.

:: Laura Pausini and Friends – impressions of the concert – by Mari Russu


:: Il Volo is performing on the gala dinner of  the 2015 Worldwide Staff Conference – “Etihad Airways is hosting its 2015 Worldwide Staff Conference on Thursday 5 March and Friday 6 March, with more than 650 members of staff attending the event at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. The conference will conclude with a gala dinner and awards ceremony on Friday night, with 27 members of staff from across the business set to be recognised for their performance in the Etihad Excellence Awards.” (from the press release by Etihad Media Center)

In Italiano tradotto da Bradamante: Il Volo si esibisce alla cena di gala della worldwide staff conference 2015 – Ethiad airways ospita la sua worldwide staff conference 2015 giovedì 5 marzo e venerdì 6 marzo, con più di 650 membri dello staff che partecipano all’evento al Palazzo degli Emirati ad Abu Dhabi. La conferenza si concluderà con una cena di gala e una cerimonia di premiazione venerdì sera, con 27 membri dello staff da tutti i settori dell’attività che riceveranno un riconoscimento per le loro prestazioni nel Premio Ethiad Excellence.”
Da una nota di stampa dell’Ethiad. Media Centre.


– watch a little video by Ines M.:

:: Amazing video, for sure one of our next #throwbacks. On August 8, 2008 Piero Barone won the Festival Città di Villarosa organized by Musicart. – IL VOLO GRANDE AMORE PIERO BARONE MUSICART VILLAROSA – video by Giacomo Baglio

:: New video: Eleonora Ventinovezerosei made this compilation of the Instore appearances of Il Volo: Instore Il Volo “Sanremo Grande Amore” ITALIA. Enjoy!

:: Amazing Abu Dhabi (to honor my friend on Instagram), Il Volo are already there and having fun.

:: And the Gold Record to Sanremo Grande Amore: Sanremo Grande Amore is Gold Record. If I had not seen the guys riding camels, I would think they were floating ‘on the clouds’.

:: And the night, yesterday bring me a gift. I was researching, a little upset because RAI Italia did not air Porta a Porta, when Google (yes, Google) bring to my screen the tweet of UNICEF Italia: Il Volo the new ambassadors of UNICEF Italia:
UNICEF Italia tweet

It was my first “print screen” Retweet 🙂 What a joy! Congratulations Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca for this great honor and responsibility!

:: Yesterday, the participation of Il Volo in the episode of Porta a Porta was aired on RAI 1. A great special conducted by Bruno Vespa with amazing guests. While we prepare a special report, you can watch ithe show here: Il Volo, storia di un successo – Porta a Porta del 05/03/2015 – on RAI on Demand.

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3 thoughts on “Il Volo links and news for March 6, 2015

  1. Just finished watching the entire Porta a Porta show for the entire 2 hours. It is the third time. I will probably watch it many many more times. Even though I do not understand Italian, except for a few words here and there, I have no problem understanding emotions. Emotions are something that Il Volo never has trouble conveying; whether singing or speaking, or for that matter, saying nothing at all. I am always mezmerized by their honesty, natural charisma, and humility. They are, who they have always been, and have genuinely earned the respect of all their fans no matter the age. They are like part of our family, and loved beyond what they could ever imagine. I thank God for them everyday, and I know that they thank Him also for the gifts that they have been given, that they can now give to the world. What a blessing for them, and for us.

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