Il Volo: Abroad wins only the “bel canto”

Il Volo Grande AmoreIl Volo interview to Vanity Fair:  Il Volo: «All’estero vince solo il bel canto» – by Silvia Gianatti (March 2nd, 2015 in Italian)

translated by Mari Russu

So, guys, how are you going after the victory?
“Very well. At Milan signing session there were over a thousand people. And there were lots of girls who sang our song for us.”

It is the first time you really encountered the Italian public, how is it going?
“I think of a story happened in the United States. We approached an elderly lady with her daughter and granddaughter. She makes us compliments, because we were able to unite with our music three generations. Our dream was that it could happen here, in Italy. And finally it is happening.”

The criticism against you are many.
“You know what makes us laugh? That everything is coming out now. Until two months ago we are not mentioned, nothing was considered. I think it’s envy, always directly proportional to the success. There is not, however, ruining the party. We do not respond, the only way to endure the criticism is avoid them.”

But you don’t think that maybe you are acting in the wrong way?
“I do not know why they have it with us. Perhaps because we are young. Eventually all criticized even Justin Bieber, the child who sold millions of copies, or One Direction, who continue to be criticized. The criticisms are there and will always be. Maybe they can not understand that the ‘bel canto’ is the only music that can get out of our country, at least until now.”

You have also been accused of not having thanked those who created you. It would be enough a simple thanks to Roberto Cenci or Tony Renis and there would be no controversy. Forgetfulness or choice?
“May I tell you the truth? When we won the award at the Billboard we have not thanked anyone, not even our manager or our families. Sometimes you forget, sometimes the emotion prevails. We do not deny the past and do not forget anything. We will always remember those who created us. Then of course, so many things happen in life, it’s like in the relationship, when love ends. I just hope we will not have to talk about it anymore.”

Let’s talk about the Eurovision Song Contest, the next big goal.
“We will go to Vienna with the same spirit with which we went to Sanremo. We can not wait to get on that stage. It is for us a great return, after the European tour a couple of years ago. We will leave a few days before, around May 17th, for rehearsals and we will sing Grande Amore there too.”

And now?
“This week we finish the signing sessions, I will have time to spend a few hours in Pescara, my hometown. Then we will depart for Dubai and Abu Dhabi for some events. But what we really expect is, finally, the tour in the most beautiful places in Italy!”

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17 thoughts on “Il Volo: Abroad wins only the “bel canto”

  1. Congratulations on a great interview. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca so proud of you, hold you heads up high and don’t listen to any of them they are all jealous and green with envy because of your success. You just have to see what had happened in the past week Italy loves you. You have each other, your families and millions of fans around the world who love and support you.

    I’ve heard them thanking
    Tony Renis and Roberto Cenci many times before so I don’t know what’s the problem.
    I live in Europe and I will be voting for Il Volo and Italy to win Eurovision Grande Amore.

    Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put into AAIV very much appreciated.

  2. Can’t say enough about these three young men. God has blessed them and now they are blessing us! I live in the United states. California. I pray they come to the U.S. again, I will go and see them wherever they go. Unfortunately not able to travel to Italy . I wish il volo much love and happiness!

  3. How grand they are and very smart ,they gave the right answers.
    They may have been pointed out by Renis and Cenci but these three young men made it happen with their talent ,hard work ,personality ,not to mention how handsome these young men are. Always the best to you and your families
    “II VOLO”

  4. I think Bieber has deserved some of the criticism – he has acted badly on many occasions. I don’t know One Direction at all. The only thing I can say is that Il Volo has been kind, modest, humble, and gracious to all. It is easy to see that there is a great deal of jealously – they were not the critics first choice, but they are certainly the public’s first choice. They should avoid answering the nasty remarks. They have no need to apologize and to make any comment would be to lend credence to what the “nasties” have to say. You don’t engage people like that — they aren’t honest.

  5. I love these guys so much very happy for there success In Italy (finally ) but it seems a bit vain to me that that do not thank anyone after receiving awards it is a bit strange And somewhat disappointing. Also critics are harsh but all famous ppl have to deal with them . Somtimes critasizme can be constructive and help you along the way I still love them but and hope to see them soon

    • All this thank “theme” seem to be a form to be on the news. It is not bad to Il Volo too.
      Maybe is not good of the affective point of view.

  6. Il Volo está estudando português. Estou emocionado. Sempre confiei no meu país , no potencial , Bocelli não cantou em nosso idioma a toa , nem a Laura Pausini vem toda hora aqui , nos programas globais. Vamos Brasil mostrar nossa força.

  7. Yeyyy! Loved it. Thanks, MR!

    And I’ve been saying exactly what they said about the criticism.
    Italy has to decide: a month ago they didn’t know them, now they hate our boys!? Decide!
    (And decide for the best..haha)


    • Laís
      As coisas são deste modo em todo lugar. A imprensa já está mudando o discurso com os resultados das vendas. É como nossos comentaristas de futebol. Falam mal até o time ganhar o campeonato…

  8. Yes, Boys, I am very proud of the way you answered these questions. you really are pro’s now and know just how to deal with these questions. like you said, every famous person gets criticized and that is what the press plays up. you stick with your fans opinions, the ratings speak for themselves, let the critics run themselves hoarse into the ground. they can always think of something to bring up, just keep doing what you are doing: answer politely and move on, we are not listening to them anyway, so they might as well shut up. Love is more powerful than Hate.

  9. Happy that the guys are smart not to get into long conversations regarding the critics. Answered politely and move on. Happy that Italy finally recognized IL VOLO for the great talents that they are. The new CD is mesmerizing. Fabulous songs. Can’t stop listening to it. Keep your feet on the ground guys and don’t let success ruin you. Be humble always. Your millions of fans all over the world are so proud of you. Thank you to your families for sharing you with the entire planet. Best of luck in Vienna, Austria. Love you.

    • I agree Prese!
      The best answer is the short, informative and that put a ‘period’ on the discussion 🙂

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