Francesco Barone celebrates his Degree with Il Volo

Francesco Barone and family

Piero, Eleonora, Gaetano, Francesco and Mariagrazia

March 17th, 2015 was an important day to a beautiful family: the Barone family celebrated the Graduation of Francesco Barone. He graduated on Lettere Moderne in Bologna and his brother Piero has been always proud of him. This morning he published:

Un fratello da 110 e lode!!! Auguroni BRO #tvb
[I have a “110 cum laude” brother!!! Best wishes BRO #loveyou]

In an interview on the TV show Porta a Porta on June 4th, 2014 Piero said:

«I must say that when we talk about family, we obviously talk about parents; but even about brothers and sisters. For example, I’ve got an elder brother, Francesco, who is following his dream. He’s studying at University – he was born to study. He is in Bologna now and he is attending the major of Lettere Moderne (n.d.A. in English: Modern Literature – in this major people study Italian literature and latin, but not greek). Few minutes ago, my dad sent me a message on the phone, saying that Francesco have done an exam of dramaturgy and have took “30 cum laude” (which is the highest mark). When I receive this kind of news my heart melts because I’m really helping my brother – because now we have economic possibility. How I’m living my dream? I want my brother to live his.»

Let’s love a little bit of the celebration with Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio honoring Francesco.

images by Letizia Cini edit by AAIV

Francesco, our best wishes of a wonderful future and may you build it full of your dreams and illuminated by your talent.

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12 thoughts on “Francesco Barone celebrates his Degree with Il Volo

  1. Thanks, Mari. Sadly, I’m not able to see the photo you posted of the guys celebrating with Francesco. 🙁

  2. this is such a wonderful occasion for this beautiful family. I salute Piero for using his money for the things that really matter.these boys have their heads screwed on properly, thanks to upbringing which you very seldom see today. family is so important as they are proving and my wish for them is that they will always have the values they have today and always remember what is most important and not get fooled by the attractions of the world which are only passing pleasures

  3. Anne Barcant you are absolutely right it’s good to see families like that.
    You have a great evening

  4. It Just makes me SO proud and happy that they have always honored and loved their families so much. They have been raised with such strong family values. I am SO proud to be an Ilvolover, and I wish the best for Francesco. Maybe he will be a teacher, or a writer! He is Brilliant! And they are all so Proud of each other!

  5. Hi Donna, Madlene and Anne!
    I agree. I just send a message to Piero saying that he made a beautiful reality of his duty as a family member. And so young!

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  8. This is for Piero Barone. what does Francesco do now that he graduated from college, magna cum laude. WOW.

    Just wanted to know because I read at the Pope’s family festival that he is hardly around, or we hardly ever see him. Does he not live in Sicily.? Just curious,
    Thank you

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