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TV Sorrisi e Canzoni - Sanremo 2015In time of bets, and Il Volo is on the first place…, I bet that you were missing this post. Our links and news always come early in my morning, like 7:00 here or 10:00 Italy… But now things changed here, end of vacations, new schedule for 2015, my new year is beginning and it seems will not be an easy one. So, I had to take some decisions about the site and my commitment here.

All About Il Volo will be even more selective and a little more slow, not worrying with time, focusing on what is more important. Not all the links here and quick, only the best or those who brings really news. The others I will tweet when I can, as I did today on my intervals.


Itaca Notizie of Marsala published an article about Sanremo 2015, highlighting the presence of Ignazio Boschetto and Il Volo among the contestants and as a favourite on the bets to win the Festival. The article talks about Grande Amore and the new EP Sanremo Grande Amore. About the festival, Radio Itaca will be there: Dario Piccolo will broadcast from the City of the Flowers from February 10 to 14. – “Il Volo” di Boschetto al Festival di Sanremo con “Grande amore”. Radio Itaca seguirà la diretta dal Teatro Ariston. Ecco il testo della canzone – Itaca Notizie (Feb 3rd, 2015 in Italian)

TV Sorrisi e Canzoni (look the massive duck face photo above) published today a special about Sanremo, almost the same published on the special edition that is on the newsstands: Le ultime notizie e anticipazioni sul festival di Sanremo – and we published a report about Il Volo with photos, video and translations, including the lyrics of Grande amore: Il Volo on TV Sorrisi e Canzoni – Sanremo 2015 – Grande amore.

Yesterday was published on more Promo for Sanremo 2015: Promo Festival di Sanremo – Mercato dei fiori – RAI

A beautiful gallery with all singers, presenters, guests for Sanremo 2015, published by CNLiveSanremo 2015: presentatori, campioni, nuove proposte e ospiti.

Radio RTL 102.5 published a special section about Sanremo 2015 and will lauch a contest on February 10: a rank of the songs to each episode of Sanremo. The award is a trip to Zanzibar. From 21:00 of Feb 10 to 18:30 Feb 11, vote for a song of the “big”presented on the first evening. And the same for the next episodes voting on the “big” and new proposals. Read more on – VOTA LA TUA CANZONE PREFERITA DI SANREMO E VINCI UN VIAGGIO A ZANZIBAR ALL’IGV CLUB DONGWE! – RTL 102.5 (Feb 3rd, 2015 in Italian)

Gianluca Ginoble the most loved and also the most contested? Funweek published an article were it is said that Gianluca is idolized by the young girls but also a target to criticism. The article brought an old (2013) reference of Mara Venier that said that Gianluca is presumptuous, “always posing, half naked selfies tweeting ‘Good Night Girls'”. The article of Marco Del Bene on Funweek ends saying that Gianluca is loved by the fans that can’t wait to see him with Il Volo at the Ariston, a Sanremo Festival that will be a great birthday gift to him. – Sanremo, Gianluca, Il Volo: il più amato e il più odiato – Marco Del Bene on Funweek (Feb 2nd, 2015 in Italian)

According to several sources, Il Volo continues on the first place as a favourite to win Sanremo on the bets. The rate is 2,5, followed by Lorenzo Fragola with 4,5. – Sources: Snai – Quote Sanremo: Il Volo e Lorenzo sempre favoriti, si avvicina Lara Fabian (Comunicati Stampa); Sanremo, per i bookmakers vinceranno Il Volo o Lorenzo Fragola: sale la febbre per il Festival (Oggi); Scommesse, Sanremo: il Volo e Lorenzo Fragola sempre favoriti su Snai, si avvicina Lara Fabian (AGIMEG).

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