Il volo links & news for Feb 2, 2015

links and newsIt is a holiday here – Our Lady of the Navigators, the patron saint of my city, a faith that born here with the Azorean colonization. For those who do not know, Portugal sent 20 Azorean couples to the south and they founded Porto Alegre. Then we received couples from Germany and Italy and Gisele Bundchen was born 🙂 A good mix!

Il Volo is coming home and China did well for them. I never see a bored person so happy as Ignazio on that ‘selfie’ of the airport :)) But let’s go to the news. Tomorrow I begin to work and the news will late 🙂


16:00 – Well remembered by Beverly Olson on facebook: today, one year ago Ignazio Boschetto and Roberto Amadè performed a beautiful concert at the Teatro Impero in Marsala. We followed close all the events around the concert and made great friends as Gino de Vita, Abele Gallo, IsaBand, Isabel Salinas, the Sound & Voices Gospel Choir and many others. All we wrote, translate, photos, videos are here: Concerto Amadè-Boschetto – a nice throwback!

9:50 – Another bad review to Grande Amore, this time by Cosi è – the journalist honor Il Volo for the technical difficulty of the song, although they came from a ‘competition of stereotypes’ and that the song is redundant in the use of the word Love… Sanremo 2015: le canzoni in anteprima – by Wannabefre on Cosi è (Jan 2nd, 2015 in Italian)

8:00 – New video published: Il Volo interview on Mediaset (Modamania/Pret-a-Porter) – during the Emporio Armani Fashion Show last month – L’uomo per l’inverno 2015 Emporio Armani – (in Italian) Our edition soon here: Il Volo on Emporio Armani Fashion Show – interview – Thanks to Cristina Gio for the Tip!

7:20 – The Fan Club Ilvolovers Brasiliane is on a new house: IlVolovers Brasiliane – visit the beautiful, clean and interactive site and leave a comment.

7:00 – It was announced the presence of Biagio Antonacci among the guests to Sanremo 2015. Here an interview with the singer on TG1: Biagio Antonacci Super Ospite #Sanremo2015 – video by rossana biagio (Feb 1st, 2015)

6:30 – An interview with Serena Brancale 10 days before Sanremo 2015 and just after the first rehearsals at the Teatro Ariston. Serena is produced by Michele Torpedine and the favourite of Il Volo among the “new proposals”. – Intervista a Serena Brancale: mancano 10 giorni a Sanremo 2015 – video by Giuseppe Rana – Bisceglie in Diretta(Feb 1st, 2015 in Italian)

6:15 – Music Fanpage announced that missing ten days only to Sanremo 2015 Il Volo led the Snai charts with a 2,5. I really do not know how work this previsions of bookmakers related to music (here in Brazil we have this only on sports and hidden). The article brings all the contestant numbers. – Sanremo 2015, gli scommettitori dicono Il Volo (e Lorenzo Fragola (Feb 1st, 2015 in Italian) – link thanks to Gaby Dion.

6:00 – A not very nice criticism on this article of QN ( Written by Cristiana Mariani, according to her after she listened ‘as much as she can’ the discography of the contestant, the review start saying that Il Volo are kids who sing… opera. Great voices, but opera bored her. Well … the rest of the article is a kind of misinformation and a total lack of sense of professional preservation. She said that on the stage of the Ariston they will be not much more than a freak phenomena. I will not translate but I link here to you can go there and do a favor to the author clearing the things. – Festival di Sanremo, ecco i pre-giudizi: Il Volo – (Feb 1st, 2015 in Italian)

5:30 – Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero are  coming back to Italy.

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5 thoughts on “Il volo links & news for Feb 2, 2015

  1. Christiana listen hard to these YOUNG MEN ,sorry that music bores you
    Your comments do not mean much to Il volo lovers.

    • Not everybody will like them and their music. it is a fact and normal. But I think everybody will recognize their value.

  2. This woman apparently should not be critiquing music, as she does not know the difference between the different genres of music. She said they have good voices – no kidding? Tell us something we don’t know.

  3. Mari
    Your response to Madeline is so right. My son accompanied me to their concert this past summer. He doesn’t particularly care for this style of music, but said they have great voices and he liked “We Are Love” very much. He also said that Ignazio’s voice is so powerful and he has a great personality. I totally agree!!!

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