Il Volo links and news for Feb 21, 2015

Links and NewsThe amazing times! Today we launched something new here: our own opinion with a dedicated space: the editorial – Il Volo in Italy

Some themes need a special comment, a highlight, at least to be a counterpoint to the press. We were doing this on the beginning of our links and news, but a special space is better.

soon updates!

17:00 – The Brazilian site Grande Amor Il Volo, from which I am proud to be the godmother of the name 🙂 , published a nice report about the videoclip Grande Amore. They shared added the parts os the movies used as reference: Ghost, Spiderman and Back to the future. You do not need to speak Portuguese to enjoy – CLIPE GRANDE AMORE.

14:00 – Article with an interesting point of view. Excerpts: Il Volo is liked not only inside a “teen phenomenon” (more visual than musical), there is a public for their genre of music (400.000 listeners on Spotify x 270.000 of Nek; Followed by a regular male public on twitter – 38%). Il Volo e Sanremo Grande Amore: le ragioni del successo – by Alessandro Alicandri on Panorama.

14:00 –  Il Volo first place on the FIMI (Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana) chart: Classifica settimanale WK 7 – from Feb 9 to 15, 2015. Also published by Reality Show (Blogo) Classifica Fimi Sanremo 2015: singoli-Il Volo al 1° posto/album: Dear Jack al 2°, Mengoni al 4°, Annalisa al 7°.

Il Volo on Gulp9:00 – Il Volo will be on Gulp Music, today – “Special episode of ‘GULP MUSIC’ dedicated to Il Volo, today at 17:50, the winners of the Sanremo Festival and acclaimed International ‘superstar’: we will present the new album and the new tour and answer your questions.”

Watch Gulp Music Live here: RAI Gulp – in diretta.

7:00 We already did not talked about the Interview of Il Volo to Il Messaggero (published yesterday) and they launched the answers of Il Volo to the fans Il volo a Messaggero Tv – Le domande dei fan.

6:00 – MARSALA HA DIMOSTRATO DI AMARE IGNAZIO BOSCHETTO – The Comune di Marsala published a press release about the event were Ignazio Boschetto was pointed as Ambassador of Marsala in the World.

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