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Il Volo - Sanremo 2015 1st episodeMany times we wrote this: “Il Volo in Italy” for one of the times that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are in Italy and made appearances on TV shows and special concerts. The Italian tour last year, although all the success was not out of the “Il Volo in Italy” usual sense of passage. But now something is changing increasingly. Yesterday Gianluca talked about one thing that we have already noticed: the great number of Italian comments and replies to them in the social networks (compare the comments of his photos on Instagram this week with 2 months ago).

Italian Ilvolovers are starring a new phenomenon on Il Volo’s career. And we have to be prepared for many changes that for sure will come along with the first place on the charts, the take over on the Radio, the signing tour of Sanremo Grande Amore and the Italian tour. The changes on the management of the social networks first announced by us is following the steps for a more professional relationship with fans, even though it is wise and a good manager for sure noticed this, the old informal, cosy way take the hearts forever.

Many long time fans are afraid of all these changes, although they are happy for them at the same time. The last “Volo” teenager is no longer teenager and now the take over Italy was the final blow on the established scenery.

Amazing times!

* on the screenshoot the firss standing ovation on the Ariston during Sanremo 2015.

In Italiano

Il Volo in Italia

Tradotto da Martina Maggi

Molte volte abbiamo scritto “Il Volo in Italia” riferendoci a quelle volte in cui Piero, Ignazio e Gianluca sono stati in Italia e sono apparsi in programmi TV, oppure in occasione dei loro concerti. Per esempio per celebrare il loro scorso tour italiano, anche se il successo non è stato diverso dalle solite apparizioni alle quali ci riferivamo scrivendo “Il Volo in Italia”.
Ma ora qualcosa sta cambiando sempre di più. Ieri Gianluca ha messo in evidenza una novità che noi avevamo già notato: rispetto a sole due settimane fa, sui social network sono apparsi un gran numero di commenti italiani, mentre prima le loro foto su Instagram contenevano risposte di fan prevalentemente inglesi e spagnoli.
Le Ilvolovers italiane sono le interpreti principali di un nuovo fenomeno nella carriera de Il Volo e noi dobbiamo essere pronti a molti cambiamenti che sicuramente giungeranno insieme al primo posto nelle classifiche, al passaggio in Radio, al tour per autografare le copie di Sanremo Grande Amore ed al tour italiano.
I cambiamenti nella gestione dei social network, già annunciati da noi in precedenza, stanno ponendo le basi per una relazione più professionale con i fan. Anche se si tratta di una saggia mossa gestionale, la vecchia informale, intima maniera di rapportarsi con i fan ha rapito i cuori per sempre.

Molti fan storici sono rimasti delusi da tutti questi cambiamenti, anche se allo stesso tempo sono felici per loro.
L’ultimo “teenager” de Il Volo non è più tale e ora il successo in Italia è stato il colpo finale sullo scenario stabilito.

Bei tempi!
*nello screenshot è raffigurata la prima standing ovation ricevuta all’Ariston durante Sanremo 2015.

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7 thoughts on “Il Volo in Italy

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  2. Yes, I also am a bit nervous about the change that this win will do to the guys! They have always been so humble and now ??? With Italy becoming so aware of Il Volo and each boy separately, they will not have the privacy and freedom to roam their favorite haunts that they once did before. Will this change them? How can it not. They will have people following them and trying to get close to them. It will be a new way of life for them. I pray they can handle it with Grace and “Humbleness” that Gianluca keeps saying they are told to keep by all of the famous people they meet! They will not have a place to get away to for rest, peace and relaxation with family and friends they once had.

    Be STRONG Il Volo and keep you “humbleness” that has made you so dear to all of us Il Volo Lovers! We have been with you over the years and intend to do so no matter what but it would be great if you stand strong and continue to sing your hearts out without getting too “big a head”! Love and hugs!

    • I completely agree with you, Sue. These change is also making me nervous. One of the reasons I love Il Volo is because they are different, they are the opposite of many singers who lost these contact that Il Volo has with us, fans. For one side, I am very happy for them – I always talked about how Italy wasn’t proud of them, they should recgonize, but now I am afraid of this to happen.
      On the other hand, I believe in them – true, humble and loving people.

  3. With all the recognition I hope they will stay true to themselves, that is what got them to where they are today.

  4. I am glad to hear that my thoughts are shared by others. I was beginning to think I was too emotional. The communications on social networks has changed a lot in that we almost never see English anymore and most of the photos are professional. They are beautiful but we love the selfies too. Seeing them with their friends and families and pet, being themselves is what we fell in love with in the beginning.

    I am most anxious about when there will be a new concert tour here in the US. Something was said a few months ago about a huge world tour but now we hear only about concerts in Italy. I love the CD’s and DVD’s but there is nothing like seeing them in concert in person. I miss them so much.

    • I feel exactly the same way. I also noticed the same thing that their social network does not have a lot of English messages any more. I am happy for their big success in Italy. But hope they won’t forget their fans in other parts of the world.

  5. There is a big change but this was bound to be, their voices , their songs ,the way they handle themselves on stage finely is what it should be, should have been .I’m sure they can handle all of it. ” Such talent”
    I have the digital album (waiting for the album to play in my car) I just love the songs each one is great. Be yourself always “II VOLO”

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