21 thoughts on “Il Volo and the Cenci-Renis controversy

  1. Thanks for clarifying the situation. How unpleasant that their triumphant win has to be tarnished. I hope the guys can look past this and enjoy their success . Nothing like fame or sudden gain of money to make those who have forgotten you come out of the woodwork. Ignazio, Gianluca, and Piero just keep on singing and let management handle this situation.

  2. Good comments!!!!!! It takes all kind,they should be ignored by “Il VOLO” and continue to be happy with the SUCCESS and VICTORY you three have achieved . My very best prayers and wishes to II Volo.

  3. The only people that can claim they were there from the “beginning” are the guys’ parents and I don’t hear them saying anything. It is so sad that their joy has to be clouded by this type of thing. I hope they can stay strong through this and remember that we love them and only wish the best for them. Keep going!!

  4. There will always be these problems in everything successful. They separate the men from the children. Fans are still with Il Volo but we try to understand and to forgive those who make mistakes in judgment or vanity. We know but for those who were there early on, we would not have Il Volo. Please be kind.

  5. Someone will always try to jump on the bandwagon as IL VOLO continues to conquer the world with their beautiful music. Stay the course! You will always have your fans support and your families support. Never forget about God.

  6. I don’t know where you saw this, but I have been wondering for a long time about Tony Renis and Roberto Censi, because I knew they were the ones that really gave Il Volo their start. And I had not heard them mention them. Thanks alot for posting this. Really too bad they cannot share in Il Volo’s happiness. I know The boys would never hurt anyone. Prayers for Il Volo’s continued success even through the contraversies. We love you guys!!

  7. How sad that our boys cannot enjoy their victory without all the controversies. Did Tony Renis and Roberto Cenci really have not contacted IL VOLO for years? What a shame. For sure the boys will always be grateful to them however, if they have been absent for many years during the careers of our boys, well then, they have should thank those who stuck with them. Please just allow IL VOLO to enjoy their victory.

  8. Thanks Marirussu for this article! I do not understand Italian so I did not know what was being said! I could, however, know something was not right!

    Yes, Censi and Denis did start them out but why did they not keep up with the boys and their training and tours? Now that they are winning, can’t they relax and be happy for the boys? Is there a lot of money involved or what???

    Can’t it be worked out like men and keep the boys out of it? It breaks my heart knowing this upsets them at a time when they should be happy and enjoying the “fame” they worked so hard to earn! Prayers for Il Volo and their families! Love them dearly and big hugs!

  9. Seems to me that early on, the boys gave full credit where credit was due. Tony had his say – he was even in that first intro video about the boys – no problem there. And The boys spoke of how the producer put them together. Pretty sure they still do. And we fans, too, have sincerely thanked Roberto for the genius move of putting the 3 together. But Roberto is not associated with Michele’s company at all, so can claim nothing except the thought to put the three together on Ti Lascio. So it means that it has to be about money, then. I’m guessing Tony is regretting that he is no longer in partnership with Michele – especially now that the boys seem to be ready to be making a gazillion bucks. Yep, pretty sure it’s not exactly anyone’s fault but the fellow who made a decision to work with other acts that seemed to be a bigger draw sooner. Sometimes greed kicks you in the teeth that way!

  10. I do not know whats going on between Torpedine and Renis..but what I understand is that it is not only about money it is about showing gratitude and respect..if I were ”Il Volo” I wouldnt make comments in a magazine instead I would pick up the phone and talk to Renis,Gatica and Censi..show biz is a very tough world ,you never know who you will need in the future,”my humble opinion ”,keep a good relationship with everyone who contributes to someone’s life on the path to the fame..maybe Torpedine will not be with ”Il Volo” in two years time who knows?? Gatica,Renis are great musicians,and produced excellent albums for Il Volo..I heard that Gatica is working with Bocelli on his new album recently..,Ignazio,Piero and Gianluca are great guys ,I believe they will sort things out and will keep a good relationship with people who contributed to their fame no matter what people say and think and avoiding gossip and hard feelings..

    • I think you is right in many things you said. Il Volo and their management will deal well with it, I think.
      They have a lot of experience now.

  11. Congratulations Il Volo!
    It is for certain they are famous now! People fighting over their success! Everyone trying to climb aboard their train and and share in their light. Wait a minute…I have been here from the beginning, writing and promoting them ….They didn’t thank me either…where do I go to complain? Whaaa!

  12. They dont even write music or play instruments, I dont understand the hype. Slight talent for sure with voices, but they are NOT artists or musicians IMO.

    • You couldn’t be more wrong. Ingazio and Piero are both very proficient at the piano. Ignazio also plays guitar and drums (and just about anything else he picks up). Piero occasionally plays drums as well. Ignazio has also composed and performed his own songs. Gianluca is the only one who does not play an instrument. Their voices are outstanding and their harmonies exceptional for three such different singing styles. It is apparent that you know very little about them. That’s ok, but definitely reduces the value of your assessment.

      • Relating to CQ’s comment.

        Il Volo gives much joy and happiness to the millions of people whose lives they touch. Because of them I am trying to become a better person.

        What have YOU done to make people’s lives better?

        Are you a builder who works with care, measuring life by rule and square? Or, are you a wrecker, who walks the town, content with the job of tearing down?

  13. The minute these children were shipped off to NYC in 2009, a complicated big business was born. Think about it. Legalities, training, travelling, health care, housing, guidance, personal safety for 3 kids – all minors. A lot of major decisions in a short time. I remember thinking at the time – I hope they have the right people putting on this show which was getting bigger and better every day. Unlike many young celebs, their image has been kept clean – no scandals or bad publicity. Who’s in charge ? Torpedine? There are bound to be noses out of joint in the middle of a hurricane. It’s all about money. When you bet on a horse, you only get paid once – unless you own the horse!

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