Gianluca Ginoble: there’s the cinema in his future?

Original article: Il Volo won 2015 Sanremo Festival – Gianluca Ginoble: there’s the cinema in his future? – by Luca Maggitti on

Translated by Martina Maggi

Il Volo - Sanremo 2015A prophet is never respected in his own home. At least, that is what is had been said for ages.
One of the exceptions to the rule is Gianluca Ginoble, who has to become first a great international and atypical star before knowing the success in Italy with the victory at Sanremo 2015.
A star that was able to obstruct the traffic in Miami or New York, while in his own city was able to walk easily.
Gianluca’s father Ercole Ginoble had always followed him and that’s the reason why he is a precious historical memory. Ercole explains: «It’s ordinary for il Volo to have screaming fans in USA and Latin America. That’s why they were so at ease at Sanremo»

Il Volo reached one success after the others and did many tours in four continents (except Africa). This is something that could upset a teenager deeply – in fact Gianluca Ginoble remembers one day, years ago, when they were in an airport in Latin America and they were treating like idols. «I had a flash of inspiration. I thought of how my life had changed radically in a very little time and I ran to my father to hug him. I asked him: “Dad, what will happen if one day this will finish?” and he smiled to me, answering: “Just live and enjoy every part of it, for the moment… And don’t forget to work hard to keep it”»

Il Volo week 15-21 Feb 2015They work hard, because now they are a war machine that employs hundreds of people and dozens of vehicles every time it moves. This doesn’t scare them, because they perfectly know they are (along with their manager Michele Torpedine) the bosses of a global brand name, which is able to get millions of dollars and to attracts more than 3 million of viewers on the video “Grande Amore” on Youtube in just three days.
The life of an international star is certainly beautiful and profitable, but is also made of sacrifices and responsibilities. «The salaries of many people depend on us – says Gianluca – and we know that. But we don’t get oppressed by pressure; otherwise little by little we would lose the joy of singing – that might be a problem»

We didn’t know how Gianluca wanted to use the profits of his five-year career, but we know his desire to improve lasts. His family remains down to earth and strongly attached to Montepagano.

Gianluca doesn’t own mansions or custom-built cars and wants to improve himself, improving at the same time his artistic qualities. «I love American culture. When I’m in the United States I feel better. It’s not out of questions that one day I will move there for a while, to study acting»

His favourite town is Los Angeles and Gianluca will not have problems of settling-in, because he speaks English and Spanish very fluently and lives abroad more than six month a year.
In 2015, il Volo could live abroad even nine months, considering their worldwide tour.

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7 thoughts on “Gianluca Ginoble: there’s the cinema in his future?

  1. Il Volo, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have given meaning to the lives of people like myself who have lost someone very dear and had an emptiness in our lives. The gentle nature of these young men and their families have given us something to enjoy and keep us smiling. They have woke us up from despair and given us the ability to love instead of grieve. Definitely heaven sent, but so naturally happy caring young people who absolutely love what they do and use their talen to the very best.

  2. Ai, meu Deus! Sinto-me como uma mãe vendo seus bebês crescerem!!! Ooohhh!!!
    Muito lindo e arrepiante tudo que está acontecendo depois de Sanremo!

  3. I was fortunate to see Il Volo on PBS several years ago. I always wondered what was going on with them between the times when the shows aired. After my husband passed away a little more than a year ago, I felt such an emptiness even though I have lots of family around. But something was missing. I had already had one son pass away 12 years ago and the second son 4 years ago. Nothing kept my interest, nothing moved me, there was just a big hole. Then after the Christmas show aired this year, I was desperate to hear them again. I Googled them and a whole world opened up to me. The music, Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio, their personalities, and the biggest surprise is the friends I have made who also love Il Volo from all around the world. For the first time in a long time, that hole is not so big as it was. I thank got every day I can hear their music and talk to the rest of my FB friends about them from around the world. Such a blessing.

  4. Thanks for your posts Lynda and Marlene! I do feel these boys have been given to us by God as they have touched ALL of us Il VOLO Lovers deeply! They have shared their God-given talent with us ALL! They continue to warm my heart and my whole being down to my toes wIth their voices, good looks and charm! I am not a “screaming teenager” any more but I love them deeply and will “ALWAYS be at their back” as Kitty put it!

    I can bearly stand to think of the day they decide go their separate ways! For now, I listen to them and their CD’s and DVD’s whenever I have a spare moment! I am waiting impatiently for their concert tour in the USA this year! I want to meet, hug and thank them for giving a retired lady an added joy to her life!

    Thanks for continuing to share the news about Il Volo in a daily blog, Mari! Hugs!

  5. They are an inspiration to everyone, but I don’t know…idolatry..doesn’t go together with his “humble” personality.

  6. They have indeed magical powers, for me at least. I’m an older fan (69), and when my husband of 45 years passed away 9 years ago, my life was sort of gray. My 4 adult children and 7 grand children, 5 are now adults, always called me or visit me to cheer me up. Not until I saw these 3 beautiful boys on American Idol then the PBS IL Volo takes flight, did I started to be interested in music again. I had the honour of attending their concert in Concord, Ca on 8/27/13 and met them after. They are more handsome in person. Very sweet young men. Their voices just keep getting better as they mature. I hope they stay together for a very long time. Being together is their POWER.

  7. Nothing on this earth can compare to these incredible men of IL Volo! I have been around the world and have heard all the famous singers! These three guys are thrilling to watch and to hear them sing is breathtaking! Gianluca is my favorite! Thank God he keeps that marvelous body in shape , those biceps, those abs, and thank the Lord no tattoos or stupid earring! Why would anyone want to mess with a body that looks like that!!! He is perfection! God made him special for our world to enjoy! I love to watch him walk across the stage, no one walks the way he does! He sings from his heart and that smile thrills me. God bless him and keep him safe along with his team. Prayers for them each day. At my age, l have at 80 seen the best, but IL Volo is the greatest of them all!

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