And today Bologna – probably Il Volo future nest

Il Volo Sanremo 2015- 4th episodeAnd today… Bologna, the city where Il Volo usually stay to record. And, according to Il Resto del Carlino, the city where they are planning to build a nest: “E adesso il nostro Volo planerà in un nido qui”. On the article it was announced the signing session at Mondadori Megastore today (17:30) and commented what we already know, that Michele Torpedine lives there and the city is a musical, artistic center. Beside, Piero and Ignazio studied with the maestro Sergio Bertocchi there and Celso Valli, who made the arrangements of Grande Amore is from Bologna too. And now with the huge success of Il Volo after the victory in Sanremo, Bologna is another time on the center of the musical scenery. The interview:

What was the most exciting moment of these past days on signing the CD?

Boschetto: “In Milan to lean out to the balcony to greet the fans at Piazza Duomo in a row in front of the store was exhilarating.”

What is the difference between these Italian promotions and the ones in America?

Ginoble: “In Italy now is happening exactly what happened a year ago in Miami or New York. On this side of the Atlantic we have never been so popular. To our home audience our tour with Barbra Streisand or a concert sold out in Manhattan are not as prestigious as the victory on the Festival. Besides, at Radio City Music Hall it was only a few country fellows listening to us, while on the Festival we were in front of the whole country.”

Even institutions have begun to take an interest in you. Today at noon awaits the Quaestor of Bologna …

Barone: “An institutional meeting important as it was the Christmas concert on the Senate. We hope to make others and to be able to conquer Mattarella as we were able to do with Napolitano.”

What are your relations with the city?

Barone: “It is nice to get into the taxi and hear the taxi driver offer the race because he is a fan. It means that we are in the tissue of the city.” Boschetto: “Thanks to the stories of Torpedine we realized that in Bologna is made of the legendary places of Italian song like Trattoria Da Vito. But also dear to the memory like the Hotel Roma, where we sleep often, a few steps from Dalla’s house.”

“Sanremo grande amore” you’ve registered on Fonoprint …

Barone: “It’s our third album recorded in the city, but will not be the last because next month we begin to work here on the new album for the international market that we want to give to the press in the fall.”

Always with Celso Valli?

Barone: “He is the number one and we have a great relationship with him as a team. We are also looking for a house in town. We love Strada Maggiore, the district Santo Stefano and via Independence.”

“E adesso il nostro Volo planerà in un nido qui” – Ii Resto del Carlino (Feb 26, 2015 in Italian)

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