Sanremo 2015 press conference

sanremo 2015 press conferenceOn Jan 13 2015 took place the press conference of the 65º Festival della Canzone Italiana at Teatro dell’Opera del Casinò in Sanremo, 12:30 (ITA). Whatch the video on RAI 1: Sanremo 2015 – press conference.

The press conference started with Carlo Conti greeting the audience, thanking Sanremo and introducing the personalities: the Mayor of Sanremo Alberto Biancheri, Emma Marrone, Arisa, and the directors and staff of RAI 1. The Mayor Biancheri welcomed all in special about the importance of the festival and also talking about the famous flowers of Sanremo.

Giancarlo Leone, director of RAI 1, greeted the presents and talked about the festival highlighting the : the presenter Carlo Conti is of the staff of RAI 1, the hostess will be singers, winners of previous editions of the Festival, there will be 4 different voting systems – televoting, press room, jury of experts and opinion poll.

Carlo Conti thanked and said he feels home in Sanremo. He also said that on selection of the songs he thought of the world of radio: songs that can be proposed on radio and sung by all. The goal is to bring out a good portion of those songs that can be sung, because everyone sings Sanremo, he added. After the presentation of the ‘promo’ “Tutti cantano Sanremo” Carlo said that Sanremo will be a pop festival, funny.

He explained how Sanremo will works on the 5 episodes, like a soccer competition – he said -, with quarterfinals, semifinals and a great final. On the first episode on February 10: 10 unreleased songs will be presented by the “big artists” and evaluated on the basis of 50% journalists + 50% televote.

On the second episode, on February 11, will be presented the next 10 unreleased songs by the “big artists” and evaluated on the basis of 50% journalists + 50% televote. Then there will be presented 4 songs of the “new proposals” and with the same voting system 2 songs will be chosen for the final. In the end of the second episode will be released the rank of the “big artists” related to this 2 first episodes.

sanremo 2015 press conferenceThe 3rd episode – February 12 – There will be presented the next 4 songs of the “new proposals” and evaluated on the basis of 50% journalists + 50% televote, determining 2 songs to the final. After the competition of the “new proposals”, the “big” will perform the cover songs with the same voting system. The cover songs are famous or traditional Italian songs, which will be interpreted with special arrangements and on the style of each participant. The winner cover song will receive a plate and will give name to a new flower created by the local breeders.

On the 4th episode the jury will be changed: 30% experts – 8 members related to the world of music, not journalists or DJs -, 30% opinion poll – 300 people, aged 16 and older, who will vote from home with a special application -, 40% by televoting. On this episode will be determined the winner of the “new proposals” and 4 songs of the “big artists” will be eliminated based on a weighted average of the score in the first classification (1st and 2nd episodes) and the score achieved on this evening.

The 5th episode, the final, we will have the same voting system of the 4th episode for the presentation of the 16 songs of the “big artists”. After this, the scores will be reset and the televoting will be reopened for the 3 finalist songs to determine the winner of Sanremo 2015.

Then Carlo Conti presented Arisa and Emma Marrone, hostess on Sanremo 2015 and they greeted the audience. Carlo announced the 3rd hostess: the actress Rocio Munhoz Morales (Un passo dal cielo) and declared that the scenography are ready, a magnificent work of Riccardo Bocchini. A computerized version of the changes made in the theater is shown to those present. The director Pagnussat explained about the 9 cameras, including 3 ‘Fly-by-wire’ remotely controlled and all about the technical support to the Festival and the dedicated team that is working on it. Carlo Conti announced that radio 2 will be the official radio of the Festival and then the session is opened to the questions of the journalists.

The next official event will be a pre-festival press conference on February 9, 2015.

:: The cover songs that will be performed by the contestants:
– Annalisa / Ti sento
– Bianca Atzei / Ciao amore ciao
– Malika Ayane / Vivere
– Biggio e Mandelli / E la vita, la vita
– Alex Britti / Io mi fermo qui
– Chiara / Il volto della vita
– Dear Jack / Io che amo solo te
– Grazia di Michele e Mauro Coruzzi / Alghero
– Lara Fabian / Almeno tu nell’universo
– Lorenzo Fragola / Una città per cantare
– Irene Grandi / Se perdo te
– Gianluca Grignani / Vedrai vedrai
Il volo / Ancora (see the video of the song by Eduardo De Crescenzo on Sanremo 1981)
– Marco Masini / Sarà per te
– Moreno / Una carezza in un pugno
– Nek / Se telefonando
– Nesli / Mare mare
– Raf / Rose rosse
– Anna Tatangelo / Dio come ti amo
– Nina Zilli / Se bruciasse la città

:: The members of the jury of experts:
Claudio Cecchetto, Carlo Massarini, Massimo Bernardini, Andrea Mirò, Camila Raznovich, Marino Bartoletti, Paolo Beldì e Giovanni Veronesi. More on Sanremo 2015: la giuria di esperti (TV Blog in Italian)

:: update: read the article on RAI Sanremo Blog: Sanremo: Emma, Arisa e Rocio all’Ariston con Conti (Jan 14, in Italian)

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  1. Yes! Complete and valuable information! I agree. Thanks for describing this complicating sounding voting system. We shall have to be alert as far as perhaps we might have to or be able to vote! I am sure, you keep us informed, Mari! 😉

    • I did not go deep on this, but I think the televoting will be by fixed phone (I do not know if this is the expression, I mean the conventional phone, not mobile). Thank you Geerti 🙂 I am trying to do my best, with the resources I have now. The come and go slow internet is a mess!

      • A “fixed phone” is called a land line in the USA. I don’t know if it’s called something else in other English speaking countries.

        • Thank you Mary 🙂 “fixed phone”is a portuguese/english literal translation 🙂 because I had no clue how to say it in English.
          Now I know :))

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