Il Volo links & news for jan 31, 2015

Il Volo links & newsThe first month of the year is ending and time seems to fly. Il Volo for sure is flying, spreading the wings on Sanremo winds and preparing to another level in their career. No more awesome children that sing like adults, but going mature artists facing the joy and the pain of building a career on the musical world.

I sent them yesterday my personal question, not an “All About Il Volo” question. And I hope to be among the 30 selected to be answered. Personally I have thousands of questions to them, as a writer another thousand and as the manager of All About Il Volo another thousand too. Maybe one day I can sit with them for a coffee and received the thousand of answers instantaneously through a simple eye to eye communication 🙂

But… the news!


22:15 – Just discovered one more Amazon store pre ordering Il Volo’s “Sanremo grande amore“: Canada: Sanremo Grande Amore – Notice that is considered an imported item. –  thanks to Vivian Liebgold and Mary Anne Marshall for the info!

22:10 – If you missed the update of our article about the press conference in Beijing: Global Spring Festival press conference – video edition by AAIV

22:00 – Gianluca among the Top Ten on Twitter – video news by Funweek – The Twitter ‘top ten’

22:00- – updating the news!

16:15 – Telesud Trapani launched a poll to the readers: to chose among 10 personalities identified as a highlight (not always positive) in the year of 2014. You can vote one time on the site or on the facebook page. Ignazio Boschetto is there with this review:

English: Ignazio Boschetto, Tenor of Il Volo.
The joy and the freshness of his twenty years are accompanied by an impressive tenor voice. From Marsala to the most important international stages the step was lucky and short; the participation on a regional singing competition and the encounter with the songwriter Franco Fasano led to his TV debut on the Rai program “Ti lascio Una Canzone”. There the meeting with his traveling companions Piero and Gianluca with the birth – in 2009 – of the trio “Il Volo”. Since then, five years of concerts and performances with great artists: from Pooh to Massimo Ranieri, from Anastacia to Barbara Streisand. And very soon will come the seal: Il Volo is in the race for the Sanremo Festival in 2015.

Italiano: Ignazio Boschetto, Tenore de Il Volo.
L’allegria e la freschezza dei suoi vent’anni accompagnano un’imponente voce da tenore. Da Marsala ai più importanti palcoscenici internazionali il passo è stato fortunato e breve; la partecipazione ad un concorso canoro regionale e l’incontro con il cantautore Franco Fasano hanno portato al suo debutto in tv al programma Rai “Ti lascio una canzone”. Qui l’incontro con i suoi compagni di viaggio Piero e Gianluca con la nascita – nel 2009 – del trio “Il Volo”. Da allora,cinque anni di concerti ed esibizioni con grandi artisti: dai Pooh e Massimo Ranieri,da Anastacia a Barbara Streisand. E fra pochissimo arriverà il suggello: Il Volo è in gara per il Festival di Sanremo 2015.

Let’s vote for Ignazio! – – SONDAGGIO “10 BEST 2014” Thanks to Madeline Vitela and Maria Leps for the link!

16:15 – New office! Let’s work Mari Russu!

9:00 – All About Il Volo will be out today. Time to move!

7:30 – Serena Brancale announced the release of her new album Galeggiare during the Sanremo Festival. The Album is produced by Michele Torpedine and Warner Music Italy.

Il Volo Fan Club Canicatt6:30 (9:30 Italy) – Massimo Messina, the president of the Il Volo Fan Club Canicatti announced that the Fan Club and also him are not more on Artefredda. The Fan club  moved to the “Chiosco” (photo). The Fan Club changed the name but all accounts on social networks remain the same.

On the photo Piero Barone, Massimo and friends. We wish all the best to the Fan Club Canicatti on it’s new organization and  headquarters.

6:00 (18:00 Beijing) – published an article by Luca Maggitti about Il Volo. The ‘abruzzese’ writer beggins talking about his citizen fellow, the superstar Gianluca Ginoble, who is in China along with his companions of Il Volo spreading the wings of the trio over Asia once again. On the article, Lucas announced that Il Volo will be in China for four days and will attend a talk show tonight (maybe in minutes) broadcasted to 300 million of viewers. Maggitti states that Il Volo are more famous abroad than in Italy and recall the performances of Il Volo in Asia (Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan) a success in 2011. China is a huge market for Il Volo that with Sanremo, where they are favourite to win, are preparing to higher level on the charts. Sanremo will be important, but Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio since very young are used to deal with international collaborations and worldwide performances. Magitti recalls the Nobel Prize performance in 2012, the tour with Barbra Streisand, the many awards Il Volo achieved and their amazing presentation on the Christmas Concert where Gianluca, who will be 20years old on the next February 11, received the greetings of the Italian president. – Gianluca Ginoble – IL VOLO ALLA CONQUISTA DELLA CINA, PRIMA DEL FESTIVAL DI SANREMO – by Luca Maggitti on – also published on Messaggero Abruzzo (Jan 31, 2015 in Italian) -m Thanks to Gaby Dion And Rockme Il Volo for the link.

The 20 “Big” first rehearsal and interview – Sanremo 2015

Il Volo - Aristonleggere in italiano

Since January 26, 2015 the Teatro Ariston is buzzing with the rehearsals and interviews of the contestants of the 65º Festival della Canzone Italiana – Sanremo 2015.

Il Volo was there early this week and almost all artists had their first encounter with the Orchestra and the scenery that soon will host the most important Italian musical event.

We prepared a playlist with the videos shared by RAI for you better know  the contestants and continue to warm up for the competition.

playlist AAIV, videos RAI

Testo in italiano

Il 20 “Big” prima prova e intervista – Sanremo 2015
tradotto da Bradamante

Dal 26 gennaio 2015 il Teatro Ariston è in fermento per le prove e le interviste dei concorrenti del 65 Festival della canzone italiana – Sanremo 2015.

Il Volo è stato là all’inizio della settimana e quasi tutti gli artisti hanno avuto il loro primo incontro con l’orchestra e lo scenario che presto ospiteranno il più importante evento musicale italiano.

Abbiamo preparato una playlist con i video condivisi dalla RAI per farvi conoscere meglio i concorrenti e continuare a riscaldare l’atmosfera in vista della gara.

Il Volo – Beijing Global Spring Festival press conference

Global Spring Festival 2015leggere in italiano

Today, Il Volo attended a press conference for the Global Spring Festival 2015 celebrations at Beijing Television News Office with another national and international artists. The Festival will be broadcasted on February 17, 2015. 19:35 Beijing TV.

The “Global Spring Festival” is an excellent showcase of the world culture, providing multi-cultural dialogue, harmony, warmth and friendship on an artistic event. This year’s “Global Spring Festival” have “Auld Lang Syne” as the theme, the audience will not only relive many popular world classics, but also feel a strong portfolio of popular genre. The “Global Spring Festival” brought the world’s top artists and art treasure to the event. The audience can experience the charisma of world culture and cultural affinity with China on the “Global Spring Festival” stage, with feelings of warmth and friendship between the peoples of the world and the fusion of the Chinese and Western charm.


playlist – videos by BRTN edited by AAIV

Original images:
. BTV – IL Volo

Testo in italiano

Il Volo – conferenza stampa a Pechino – Global Spring Festival

(tradotto da Bradamante)

Oggi, Il Volo ha partecipato ad una conferenza stampa per i festeggiamenti del Global Spring Festval 2015 al Beijing Television News Office con altri artisti nazionali e internazionali. Il Festival sarà mandato in onda il 17 febbraio 2015, ore 19:35 Beijing tv.

Il “Global Spring Festival” è un’eccellente vetrina della cultura mondiale, che procura dialogo multiculturale, armonia, calore e amicizia raccolti in un evento artistico. Quest’anno il “Global Spring Festival” ha “Auld Lang Syne” come tema, il pubblico non rivivrà soltanto molti classici popolari mondiali, ma avrà un assaggio di un intenso album del genere popolare. Il “Global Spring Festival” ha portato i migliori artisti mondiali e tesori di arte a questo evento. Il pubblico potrà sperimentare il carisma della cultura mondiale e le affinità culturali con la Cina sul palcoscenico del “Global Spring Festival”, con sentimenti di calore e amicizia tra i popoli del mondo e la fusione del fascino cinese ed occidentale.


红牛2015BTV环球春晚》新闻发布会 (Red Bull 2015 BTV Global Spring Festival “press conference”) – Red Bull 2015 BTV Global Spring Festival “press conference” – on BRTN

. 2015BTV环球春晚启动 龚琳娜将携新“神曲”现身舞台 (2015BTV Global Spring Festival starts Gong Linna will bring new “Divine Comedy” to the stage) – on ChinaNews (with photo gallery)

. BTV青年>2015环球春晚>幕后花絮> 意大利美声组合IL Volo亮相发布会现场 (Global Spring Festival 2015 – Behind the Scenes – combination of Italian bel canto IL Volo) – on BRTN

Sanremo Grande Amore – Il Volo

Sanremo grande amore:: leggere in taliano

All the fans of Il Volo are very thrilled about Il Volo on Sanremo 2015, about the possibility they go to Eurovision 2015, but above all wth the release on February 24 of the new EP.

As we had already announced here, Sanremo grande amore,  the new Il Volo EP, can be pre ordered on

You can pre order here: Sanremo grande amore on Amazon.

The EP by Columbia/Sony includes 7 songs:

  • Grande amore (Francisco Boccia and Tommy Esposito
  • Ancora (Eduardo De Crescenzo)
  • L’immensità (Don Backy),
  • Piove (Ciao Ciao Bambina) (Domenico Modugno),
  • Vacanze romane (Matia Bazar),
  • Romantica (Tony Dallara) e
  • Canzone per te (Sergio Endrigo)

* photo shared by

in italiano – Bradmante:

Tutti i fan del gruppo Il Volo sono veramente eccitati riguardo alla presenza del Volo a Sanremo 2015, per la possibilità che possano andare a Eurovision 2015, ma soprattutto riguardo all’uscita del nuovo EP il 24 febbraio.

Come abbiamo già annunciato qui, Sanremo Grande Amore, il
Nuovo EP, può essere prenotato su Lo potete prenotare qui: Sanremo grande amore – Amazon.

Questo EP della Columbia/Sony include 7 canzoni:

  • Grande amore (Francisco Boccia e Tommy Esposito
  • Ancora (Eduardo De Crescenzo)
  • L’immensità (Don Backy),
  • Piove (Ciao Ciao Bambina) (Domenico Modugno),
  • Vacanze romane (Matia Bazar),
  • Romantica (Tony Dallara) e
  • Canzone per te (Sergio Endrigo)

Foto condivise da

Il Volo links & news for Jan 30, 2015

Good morning, Beijing!:: leggere in italiano

早安 ! Il Volo is in Beijing and it is almost night there now 🙂 Considering my time zone, I am late for the Italian news and almost a fossil for Chinese news.

I hope Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are having a great time with amazing people of a ancient culture.

Let’s go to the news. Remember to come back here many times. we are always updating but we do not always disclose on the social networks.


Il Volo contest18:00 – Il Volo published: “Everything you wanted to know about us! Send us a personal question within 24 hours to the email
The 30 most curious questions will be published and the first 3 will receive our dedicated video. At the end of #contestgrandeamore each participant will receive an email with all the answers and a special thought from all of us.” – Wow! For sure no one #ilvolover will miss this!

16:00 – L’Orafo di Crotone Michele Affidato presenta i suoi premi per Sanremo 2015Michelle Affidato presented the awards for the several events of Sanremo 2015 prepared for his goldsmithery. – video (Jan 30, 2015 in Italian) More: Opere di Affidato ad Al Bano e Lara Fabian (Affidato web site) and L’arte orafa di Michele Affidato a Sanremo 2015 ( Crotone24news, Jan 30, 2015 in Italian)

14:00 – A Sanremo favorito il trio “Il Volo” – Gazzetta del Sud published about the preferences on the bets for the winner of Sanremo 2015. The numbers of SNAI indicates Il Volo with 2,5, followed by Lorenzo Fragola with 4,5 and Dear Jack and Malika with 11. – on Gazzetta del Sud (Jan 30, 2015 in Italian)

11:00 – Blog Sicilia highlights the presence of Sicilian artists in Sanremo 2015, mentioning Lorenzo Fragola from Catania, Ignazio Boschetto from Trapani and Piero Barone from Agrigento. – La Sicilia a Sanremo: Fragola e Il volo
Tra gli ospiti Vincenzo Nibali
– Blog Sicilia (Jan 30, 2015)

Amazon it Sanremo Grande Amore9:05 – Yesterday, Giovanni Nigro, the president of the FC Campobello di Licata, has already guarantee his copy of Sanremo Grande Amore, the EP of Il Volo that will be released on Feb 24. As we already announced the EP can be pre ordered on

The FC Campobello di Licata is a partner of All About Il Volo publishing together about Il Volo and helping us to keep a organized, complete and accurate archive about our favorite singers.

8:32 – Reality Show (Blogo) published an article about the guests for Sanremo 2015 confirming the same informations of the article of ANSA – Sanremo 2015: ospiti Conchita Wurst, Charlize Theron, The Avener, Antonio Conte, Vincenzo Nibali, riepilogo – by Fabio Traversa on Reality Show (Jan 30, 2015 in Italian)

8:30 – The guests and the new proposals are the theme of an article on ANSA – According to the article, Charlize Theron (with Sean Penn) and Conchita Wurst will be at the Teatro Ariston as special guests along with Will Smith and Margot Robbie, among others. The New Proposals for Sanremo 2015 are listed, including Serena Brancale with Galleggiare.- Charlize Theron e Conchita Wurst al festival di Sanremo – on ANSA (Jan 30, 2015 in Italian)

7:10 – We shared yesterday on our twitter, but it is nice to have here the link for this article about the 20 “big”artists of Sanremo 2015 and their relationship with the ‘social networks’ (this theme deserve an article not only in numbers). The article is in Italian but brings a ‘table’ that speaks by itself, look: The 20 big on facebook and twitter – and the complete article: Sanremo 2015: quali sono i cantanti più social? – on Musickr (Jan 30, 2015 in Italian)

7:00 – Nice article in English sent to us by our collaborator Bradamante. An analysis about the Il Volo possibilities on Sanremo and Eurovision 2015 – Are they flying to Vienna? – SANREMO: ITALIAN GREAT LOVE TAKES FLIGHT FOR VIENNA? – by Ilkar on Blogilkar (Jan 27, 2015)

6:30 – (16:30 Beijing) – Il Volo probably are getting ready to perform. Although we have no information about their schedule there, it is a good guess 🙂 Mabe a performance Live and also some record session for the ‘main’ celebration that will take place on February.

In italiano

(tradotto da Bradamante)

Il Volo si trova a Pechino ed è quasi notte là, ora. Considerando il mio fuso orario, sono in ritardo per le notizie italiane e quasi un fossile per quelle cinesi. Spero che Piero, Ignazio e Gianluca stiano divertendosi con persone straordinarie eredi di un’antica cultura. Passiamo alle notizie. Ricordate di tornare qui spesso, facciamo sempre l’aggiornamento ma non lo sveliamo sempre sui social network.

18:00 – Il Volo: “Tutto quello che vorresti sapere su di noi! Inviaci una domanda personale entro 24 ore alla mail
Le 30 domande più curiose saranno pubblicate e le prime 3 riceveranno una nostra video dedica. Al termine del #contestgrandeamore ogni partecipante riceverà un’email con tutte le risposte e un pensiero speciale da tutti noi.”

7:10 – Ieri l’abbiamo condiviso sul nostro twitter, ma è bello averlo anche qui il link a questo articolo riguardo i 20 “big” di Sanremo 2015 e le loro relazioni con i “social network” (questo tema merita un articolo, non solo cenni). L’articolo è in italiano ma contiene una tavola che parla da sola, guardate: i 20 big su Facebook e Twitter – è l’articolo completo: Sanremo 2015: quali sono i cantanti più social? – su Musickr ( 30 gennaio 2015)

7:00 – Bell’articolo in inglese mandato dalla nostra collaboratrice Maria. Un’analisi riguardo alle possibilità del Volo a Sanremo e all’Eurovision 2015 – Are they flying to Vienna? – SANREMO: ITALIAN GREAT LOVE TAKES FLIGHT FOR VIENNA? – Ilkar su Blogilkar (27 gennaio 2015)

6:30 – Probabilmente Il Volo sta preparandosi per l’esibizione. Sebbene non abbiamo informazioni riguardo i loro programmi là, è una buona intuizione. Forse ci saranno una performance dal vivo e anche una sessione di registrazione per la celebrazione principale che avrà luogo in febbraio.

In linea diretta con… Il Volo – videos: Witty TV

Screen shot Witty TV videoIl Volo interview to Witty Tv, Jan 26, 2015 in Milan. During the press conference of Il Volo related to their participation on Sanremo 2015 and the release of their EP Sanremo Grande Amore

Original video: In linea diretta con… Il Volo (Jan 27, 2015 in Itaiian)

* the photo is an screen shot of the video

alternative video:


They introduced themselves and the interviewer talks about their success abroad and the reasons for being in Sanremo. Ignazio said that they want to have this experience in Italy, to participate with the very spirit of the competition, to have this experience with their colleagues Italian singers. (They name some singers that will be in Sanremo and the friendship they made. Gianluca said they can’t wait to be there on the stage. Then they talked about Grande amore, a pop song that they will sing on their style, with their voices. Piero said that they will also sing Ancora, a cover song by Eduardo De Crescenzo… Gianluca talks about his birthday on February 11, during Sanremo and that he will be 20 years old. Who sings ’20 years’? (they joked with the song Vent’ Anni, Massimo Ranieri; Piero sings a little) The interviewer mentioned that Ancora is a difficult song to sing and they agree. Ignazio said that it is a good challenge. Gianluca said that they will be accompanied by the sax of Stefano Di Battista. The interviewer asked about standout moments on their career. Gianluca said that 2 concerts were amazing: Radio City Music Hall (2013), that their dream are not only conquer the Italian people abroad, but to conquer all abroad. And the concert in Mexico City, Auditorio Nacional, where there are thousands of little girls screaming and singing along… Ignazio said about the emotion of the concerts with Barbara Streisand. Gianluca said that they are about to leave to Beijing, they are guests to the great celebration of the Chinese New Year, also a television event with more then 400 million of viewers, all the China will see us on television. The interviewer said that after this there will be Sanremo, although are less viewers… Piero said that they can’t wait to share their music with the Italian audience. They said good bye.

Il Volo press conference – videos: Aska News

Il Volo - AristonOn Jan 26, 2015  in Milan, Il Volo attended a press conference and interviews to several media. Now the videos are being released and we will published them here. The interviews are in Italian and almost all the news shared are here: Il Volo great News! Italian tour and more!.

Let’s start with this nice video published by AskaNews of the press conference attended by Il Volo in Milan, yesterday. – Il Volo a Sanremo con “Grande amore”: pop lirico parla  ai giovani (youtube Jan 27, 2015 in Italian)

alternative video by AAIV

After the international success, the stage of Sanremo. Il Volo, the trio of singers composed by Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble, debuted in competition at the Festival with “Grande Amore”, a song that highlights their vocal talents, with the aim to be known and appreciated by the Italian public with their gender, the pop lyric. “After the many experiences abroad we thought why not go back to Italy and sing on the most important musical event of the year? It’s a good opportunity to spend more time with Italians, explained Gianluca.

In Italy the three singers, two tenors and a baritone, enjoy a television popularity, their debut was in the talent show “Ti Lascio Una Canzone” in 2009 and since then they have done a lot of road. They were the first Italian to sign a contract with Geffen, the US major, the only ones invited by Quincy Jones to “We are the world for Haiti” with 80 stars, have singed with Barbra Streisand and sold millions of copies worldwide, winning two Latin Grammy Awards nominations and winning the Latin Billboard.

They have are not snobs, due to the great international popularity, nor fear the “competition”. “We will do all on the right time, we have seen in the past that colleagues as Pavarotti and Bocelli, the most important tenors, have had to succeed abroad before returning” said Piero. “We did concerts all over the world and we always take everything with great humility: there are guys who would do what we do. Our goal is not to win Sanremo, we take everything with fun and passion,” added Ignazio on the meeting with journalists.

The song that present Ariston is “Grande amore” about the love seen by the boys of 20 years. The song is included in the EP “Sanremo Grande Amore” that will be released on February 24, produced by Celso Valli, which collects famous songs of the history of the Festival on new arrangements: there’s “Ancora” by Eduardo De Crescenzo, which Il Volo will sing on the evening of the cover songs. “The guys of 20 years do not speak like the people of 50, they have a different vision of the text. The text is simple for all, to bring this genre to young people,” said Ignazio, speaking about “Grande amore”.

In the album, the trio decided to collaborate with Italian musicians: among others stands the name of Stephen of Battista. The next projects: a tour in Italian prestigious venues, from the Arena di Verona to Pompeii, and pending a international album, to be released by the end of the year.

Article: Il Volo al Festival con “Grande amore”: pop lirico per i giovani – on AskaNews (Jan 27, 2015 in Italian)