Il Volo week – everybody is Ignazio

Lazy weekend

We are saying that ‘everybody is Ignazio’ because this last days all Il Volo were trying to hide pretty well. Neither our social networks lover Gianluca has not show up so much.

But the last weekend began with Gianluca saying that it was a lazy weekend and publishing this lovely photo. It is not needed to say that all #ilvolover are volunteers to be lazy with him…

And the weekend was quiet (at least for us). A time to think of the future for our team. Small team now 🙂 Hazel and me have some decisions to take and, some of them are not easy.

Pietro and Piero

Happy Birthday, Pietro!

And the next news we had came from Piero announcing the birthday of his beloved nonno Pietro, what gave us the opportunity to share nice informations about this amazing poet of Sicily, who is the grandfather of Piero Barone. We are so glad that Pietro share his birthday with All About Il Volo. Because

And we took advantage of the lack of news about Il Volo and finished our birthday articles. We consider our birthday the day of the Il Volo concert in Porto Alegre, because it was on this day that I, Mari Russu, build this site on my mind. And after a year All About Il Volo is a reference in content about Il Volo.

Our inertia was broken when we found the press release of RAI 1 announcing the appearance of Il Volo on the show Porta a Porta of Bruno Vespa. Just when Il Volo announced they are going to Rome on Nov 10 and we all are waiting for news.

False alarm… Soon we received a message of Paolo Di Vincenzo informing that the performance of Il Volo will be aired soon on Porta a Porta. And here we return to the always mentioned gap on the communications of Il Volo. They need a press assessor to take care of their agenda and the communications with media and fans. We trust Paolo Di Vincenzo because he is a great writer and journalist and also because he did an amazing job for Il Volo during the Italian tour but they must have official communication channels. Mr Paolo Di Vincenzo can be a good choice!

In Rome, where we do not know for sure what they did, Il Volo met Alberto Di Chiara – the former soccer player and sports director -, and beautiful photos were shared on the networks.

Piero on the train to Bologna

Piero on the train to Bologna

From Rome, Piero went to Bologna and about Gianluca and Ignazio, I think they come back home. Ignazio, as always, share his thoughts through music: L’Emozione Non Ha Voce.

… Let’s say that I always wanted an Ipod with glasses… seriously!

And the week that began with not so many news brought us one more: Paura D’Amare, the song composed by Ignazio Boschetto and presented on the 57º Edizione del Festival di Castrocaro by Chiara Cusumano and Giorgia Vassalo – the Duo Sisters -, was recorded and will be released with the CD compilation of the Festival. On Nov 14 in digital format and until the end of November on the stores.

Emma Marrone and Gianluca

Emma Marrone and Gianluca

On Nov 11, Gianluca attended the concert of Emma Marrone at the Palasport Giovanni Paolo II in Pescara. Gianluca shared a picture and wrote: – Brown sei mitica @MarroneEmma xxx #emmamarrone Emma Marrone soon reply!

At the end of the concert, Gianluca posed with the banner of the campaign “Il sogno di Iala”, about which we did an article.

It is Friday again and another week is ending. Let’s see what happen on the Il Volo land. For now, keep voting on Il Volo for “Best International Male Artist Or Group Of The Year”on the Latin Music Italian Award. If it is not the Grammy, on the other hand it is an excellent opportunity to unite the Fan Clubs and to share Il Volo with the fans of other artists.

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