Il Volo – closing November with USA on the horizon

Il Volo on Ballando Con Le StelleWhat begins to be a quiet week reaches the highlights with the participation of Il Volo on Ballando Con Le Stelle, the TV Show of RAI 1 and literally explode with one of the news Il Volo shared on the interview: they soon (next week!) will be leaving for concerts in San Francisco and Dallas.

Our dearest Dallas paparazzo almost faint last night 🙂 Well… we all are baddly wanting to be there!

Piero Barone - Rome Nov 24Our last daily end with all together in Abu Dhabi during the events of the Grand Prix of Formula1 hosted by Etihad Airways. They surely had a lot of fun and nice pictures are appearing on the networks since then.

On november 22, they performed on a private event at Yas Marina Abu Dhabi. You can see many pictures on this gallery. The next day they all go to the race and greeted Hamilton for the victory! Then Rome >> Bologna >> spread! Continue reading

Il Volo on Ballando Con Le Stelle – gallery


This gallery contains 28 photos.

On November 29, 2014 Il Volo attended a hard mission: they are “Dancers for One Night” on the Italian TV Show Ballando Con Le Stelle, conducted by Milly Carlucci on RAI1. Photos are screen shots and shared by Il Volo. … Continue reading

Il Volo on Ballando Con Le Stelle – Dancers for one night! / Il Volo a Ballando Con Le Stelle – Ballerini per una notte

Il Volo on Ballando Con Le Stelle

On November 29, 2014 Il Volo attended a hard mission: they are “Dancers for One Night” on the Italian TV Show Ballando Con Le Stelle, conducted by Milly Carlucci on RAI1. The show is a competition between couples of dancers. – Read in English.

Il 29 novembre 2014 Il Volo ha partecipato a una missione difficile: sono “Ballerini per una notte” sul programma Ballando con le stelle, condotto da Milly Carlucci su Rai1. Lo spettacolo è una competizione tra le coppie di ballerini. – Leggi in Italiano.

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Il Volo guests in a concert for Iaia

Gianluca Ginoble and Iala dreamAccording to the Comune di Roseto and also published on Teramo News, Il Volo will be guests on the concert of the Masters Band in benefit of Iaia, on Sunday November 30, 2014 at Parco Dei Poeti, Comune di Cellino Attanasio, 9pm.

The event is supported by the Comune di Roseto.


:: Roseto, domenica la raccolta fondi per la piccola Iaia – Teramo News (Nov 27, 2014)
:: Domenica serata di beneficenza per raccogleri fondi a favore della piccola Iaia – on Comune di Roseto (Nov 27, 2014)

:: A Roseto Masters Band in concerto con Il Volo per la piccola Iaia – on Radio Giulianova (Nov 27, 2014)

About Iaia: Gianluca Ginoble – and the Dream of Iaia

Update Nov 30, 2014 – according to Il Volo on their official twitter account, the event will be a fundraising dinner.

In everything give thanks … Em tudo dai graças…

thanksgivingIn many countries today is the day to thank. What each of us will thank and how much is an individual decision. What we have to thank is often very relative. What seems to be a small thing to someone, it is immense to others.

The photo shows a monument surrounded by scaffolding, obviously being restored. The eye deceives even looking live and what you see there planted in the middle of the park is a photo on natural size, hiding what is being restored out of the sight of the passers-by. Magic? Ideology? The chiaroscuro of reality that shows up more on what it hides.

It is like that with what we have to thank. It is not always obvious, visible, beautiful and good. And to see beyond what the reality shows is a difficult exercise, sore up. It is not easy to see what most people do not. The story created, the photography hiding the ruin, it seduces and calm down, while the real can hurt or shock.

If today I had to pick something to thank, I choose to thank for the life of the one who taught me to see beyond appearance. Who showed me that things contains within itself its own negation. And it does not point opposite sides, truths or lies, beautiful and ugly. Understanding this double aspect of all things is to recognize the movement, the complexity.

Today I read and saw many people thanking for Il Volo, for the lives of these three young men who touched different people, each one on a different way. And I realized that each one thanked for a different Il Volo, according with the image, the impression and the recreation each one made for themselves of Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero. My hope is that they can live free and happy in the midst of these many personifications we created, understanding the role they have in many lives, fulfilling empty spaces, the life support that they are. And that in all these things they can save each one his essence, in the purity of all its perfect imperfection.

* the photo is from Parque Farroupilha, Porto Alegre and the poem is to my dear teacher who passed away this week.

Em português (original):Em muitos países hoje é o dia de agradecer. O que cada um vai agradecer e em que medida é uma decisão individual. E o que se tem a agradecer é, muitas vezes, muito relativo. O que parece pouco para uns, é imenso para outros. Continue reading

Il Volo links and news for Nov 27, 2014

links and news:: November 27, 2014 – Il Volo ballerine per una notte – on Ilsussidiario – more about the participation of Il Volo on the TV show Ballado Con Le Stelle of RAI1 – They will dance in front of a jury and their points will revert for one of the couples of contestants. They will compete 🙂

:: November 27, 2014 – Il Volo guest star a Ballando con le stelle: i tenorini nella semifinale del 29 novembre – by Claudia Gagliardi on Optimagazine – “Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble will have the task of learning a choreography in a few hours with the help of professionals of the cast and realize it in the dance hall of RAI 1, and then to ask the opinion (usually very tender with the guests) of the jury of the program.”

:: November 26, 2014 – More links about Il Volo on Ballando Con Le Stelle:
. Ballando con le Stelle 2014 anticipazioni semifinale sabato 29 novembre 2014: ospiti Il Volo – on Urbanpost
. Ballando con le Stelle 2014 | i ragazzi de ‘Il Volo’ ballerini per una notte ospiti di Milly Carlucci – Zazoom Social News

Il Volo links and news for November 26, 2014

Links and News:: November 26, 2014 – Video – Milly Carlucci: Il Volo saranno… Ballerini per una notte! – Milly Carlucci announcing Il Volo on Ballando Con le Stelle. – Saturday, November 29, 2014, 9:15pm.

:: November 26, 2014 – Il trio IL VOLO ballerini per una notte sabato prossimo scriveteci le vostre domande – on Milly Carlucci website – Milly will chat with Il Volo and all the fans can send questions. Post your question on her site, twitter or facebook.

:: November 26, 2014 – Il Volo saranno “ballerini per una notte” – on Ballando con le Stele – RAI 1 – announcing the participation of Il Volo on Ballando Con le Stelle. – Saturday, November 29, 2014, 9:15pm.

:: November 26, 2014 – Il Volo a “Ballando con le stelle 2014″: anticipazioni e semifinalisti – on TV Fanpage – also announcing Il Volo on Ballando Con le Stelle.

:: November 26, 2014 – Ballando con le stelle: i ragazzi de “Il Volo” saranno ballerini per una notte nella semifinale – on La Nostra TV – as ‘dancers for one night’, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca will be at the TV show Ballando con le stelle with Milly Carlucci. – Saturday, November 29, 2014, 9:15pm.

:: November 26, 2014 – Emma Marrone: “Gossip? Ho imparato a fregarmi di tutto quello che si scrive del mio privato” – on Blogo – Gianluca Ginoble is mentioned on an article about Emma Marrone and her possible boyfriends. “For a boyfriend, no time …”- she said.

:: November 26, 2014 – Ricardo Montaner presenta su nuevo álbum “Agradecido” – on Noticia al Dia – Report about the press conference of Ricardo Montaner yesterday, presenting his new album Agradecido. The collaboration with Il Volo is mentioned and there is a video of the press conference.

:: November 25, 2014 – Ricardo Montaner – Conferencia De Prensa – on Sony Music Mexico – video of the Ricardo Montaner press conference about the release of his new album Agradecido.

“Premio Letterario Caccuri 2013” – a nice #throwback

Il Volo awarded on the press conference of Premio Caccuri 2013On August of 2013 Michele Torpedine and Il Volo received a recognition on the presentation of the award created for the “Premio Letterario Caccuri 2013”.

Let’s remember this beautiful moment:

:: Il Volo and the “Premio Letterario Caccuri 2013”
:: Il Volo and Michele Torpedine awarded at Castello di Caccuri – gallery

* photo of the visit to Affidato showroom (by Affidato)

Il Volo in Abu Dhabi – gallery


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Since Nov 19 Il Volo was on Abu Dhabi during the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Here a gallery of photos. We thank all friends who shared! . photos since Nov 21, 2014. to be updated! . updated on Nov 30, … Continue reading