Ignazio Boschetto and “La Buona Scuola”

Aula Magna - La Buona ScuolaOn October 22, 2014 at 11am on the Liceo Statale Pascasino in Marsala, Anna Maria Angileri – Director of the Liceo – opened the Aula Magna where important themes about the education and the school were discussed. The national project “La Buona Scuola” was the main theme presented and discussed by Dr Luca Girardi, Director of USR, Dr Maria Luisa Altomonte and the professor Mila Spicola, collaborator on the text of the reform. Educational institutions of the city of Marsala and Petrosino, with a delegation of school principals, teachers and students contributed to the debate. Among them a special guest: Ignazio Boschetto of the trio Il Volo, former student of the Liceo Pascasino.

The aim of “La Buona Scuola” is to have the education as an investment to the country. Mila Spicola explained to the audience the 12 points on which the reform is based. A visionary project, unique in Italy, that congregate all the people – not only the school staff – around an ideal.

A photo gallery with images of the Aula Magna:


:: Al Liceo “Pascasino” si è parlato di “Buona Scuola” in vista della riforma con i dirigenti degli uffici scolastici e Mila Spicola – by Claudia Marchetti on Itaca Notizie (Oct 22, 2014)
:: “La Buona Scuola” al Liceo “Pascasino” di Marsala – on Marsala News (Oct 20, 2014)
:: Liceo “Pascasino” di Marsala: incontro dibattito su “La buona scuola” – on Marsala Viva (Oct 16,2014)

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3 thoughts on “Ignazio Boschetto and “La Buona Scuola”

  1. I like to see that the guys are involved in community affairs. It is good to see they are more than their music

  2. One of the group went from a baby faced mega great singer to an extremely handsome man. I’m impressed!

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