Il Volo links & news for Oct 31, 2014

Ernesto Ginoble:: Tomorrow, Nov 1st,  is the birthday of Ernesto Ginoble, the brother of Gianluca, and we wish him a new year of life full of joy, dreams coming true and many brand new dreams to seek 🙂 oh ok… and a lot of soccer too.

New videos on youtube! Considering that many videos disappear of youtube (the copyright!) it is very good to have alternative channels to our favorite videos.

:: Oct 31, 2014 – Evolution 03 – channel on youtube with videos of Il Volo uploaded today.

:: Oct 31, 2014 – Top 15 – Músicas ITALIANAS que fizeram muito sucesso no Brasil – Best Songs – by MusicTheBest – ‘TheBestOfMusic’ on youtube – a list of the Top 15 Italian songs that are/was hits in Brasil. Il Volo appears singinging O Sole Mio 🙂

… to be updated 🙂

Il Volo links & news for October 30, 2014

1° MEMORIAL SCIREA - FACCHETTIWhile Il Volo is silent (sometime it is Gold) let’s collect here what we found and shared on the networks:

:: October 30, 2014 – Today is the Birthday of Mr Vito Boschetto – beloved Dad of Ignazio – and we wish him a long life full of joy and health with his family and dear friends.

:: October 29, 2014 – 1º Memorial Scirea – Facchetti – the event planned for November 14, 2014 has a page on Facebook. A soccer meeting with friends in benefit of the AIRC (Associazione Italiana per la Ricerca sul Cancro) , with the participation of great guests. Among them Ignazio Boschetto.

:: October 28, 2014 – Tres jóvenes con un sueño compartido – on Tempo (in Spanish) – This newspaper / site of Honduras published an small article about Il Volo talking about their carrer, important collaborations, tours and music.

Let’s Feel Better – with Roberto Amadè

Roberto AmadèWe are glad to accompanied the release of the single “Let’s Feel Better” by Roberto Amadè. This beautiful song is part of the new album “Bravery”, which will be out on December 2014.

Roberto Amadè and Isabel Salinas directed an amazing video clip, a challenge that begins in May, 2014 when Roberto asked for videos of all over the world. United to save the future seems to be the theme, but you also can think of peace, friendship, love, happiness, solidarity … Many people attend and, among them, many #ilvolovers that met Roberto through Ignazio Boschetto back in February with the Amadè-Boschetto concert. They send videos showing their thoughts on expressions like “save the music”, “save the art”, “save our souls”, “save life”!

On his words:

“My friends, I can finally publish my project “Let’s Feel Better”.
His message is very important. For me, for you, for the Nature in which we live.
I’ve written this Single to commemorate the history of human being.
In this serious moment of the world we should all be united.
In the same pain we are all brothers. Art is the thread that binds us together… from Africa to Europe …from South America to Israel…Iceland.
Never forget dignity, innocence and respect.
Under the same sky we all see different stars.
But if we don’t unite in a Revolution we can’t live in the world we want.”

Enjoy this beautiful project and amazing song and do not miss the #ilvolovers 🙂 Among them our friends Joanie Greenspan and Wendy Campbell.

Bravo, Roberto! Really, there are many important words and many things to save, but the most important is CHANGE. We are our future!

Read also the interview of Roberto Amadè to Fabio Pellizzari on La Sesia (in Italian) – Trino, tanti cittadini nel video di Amadè – Oct 28, 2014 – Roberto mentioned Ignazio Boschetto and the concert in Marsala on February, 2014 as the seed from which his project was born.

Il Volo new videos!

Il Volo videos - belindaYesterday, I researched some new videos of/about Il Volo and found several new videos. I shared on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram. Some are not new, but are new publication, never shared before.

Videos of #ilvolovers but also of press and sites. People liked, although a few say a nice ‘thank you for sharing’. And this are not links  easy to find in many cases. Well… at least Il Volo is shared, but I can’t help to think that world will be a better place with more “thank yous’ 🙂

It will not stop me to share 🙂 We can found more happiness on give than on receive 🙂 And let’s feel better today 🙂

Videos shared yesterday:

:: Belinda nos Cuenta Sobre Su Disco “Catarsis” – an interview with the singer Belinda taken by Ishowbusiness and shared yesterday on their website. The interview took place in Miami, hosted by Carlos Bowers but we do not know the date. Belinda talked about her collaboration with Il Volo. She said they are three talented guys with marvelous voices, very adult and serious guys. Belinda said that she was surprised because all them have the same age and she is more naughty and restless and they are so serious. But very beautiful and talented – she add. (Business Show Extra)

:: Il Volo in Pescara – by Daniel Woolley (Spritez) Recorded in September 5, 2014 on the Il Volo concert in Pescara, Italy

:: Il Volo Maria in Puerto Rico (part 1) – recorded in 2013 on the Il Volo concert in Puerto Rico one year ago on October 27.

:: Il Volo Maria in Puerto Rico (part 2) – recorded in 2013 on the Il Volo concert in Puerto Rico one year ago on October 27.

:: Il VOLO “Il Mondo'” and “O Sole Mio” – New Wave 2014 Новая Волна – videos by Nikolai Smirnov of the IL Volo’s performance on New Wave 2014 on July 23, 2014 at Dzintari Concert Hall, Jurmala.

:: the videos of Roberto Amadè, the 2 shared early morning yesterday, will receive a special post.

Il Volo daily – to Rome and …

The time literally takes “Il Volo” and we are getting closer to the summer in my side of the planet. Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero will lose the summer tan and the scarfs will be more and more warming our precious and favorite necks 🙂

Piero BaronePrecious necks that I was about to wring when I discover the Telethon Award and no sign from them about this. Oh ok… we are only fans… creative writers (some) not journalists 🙂

So… they went to Rome #havingfun according to Piero that posted a little video early morning. A internal fun I think…

They arrived in Rome on Oct 23, in the very day of the Gala event of Telethon and Piero posted a photo when they are ready. The Italian press do not cover the event as I thought they were. A few reports appear next day, mainly in fashion sites, talking about… fashion things 🙂 We did a review and are waiting for news from Telethon.

The photos of the event are few too. We did a gallery with photos shared by the people who attended the event. The professional photos are copyrighted and it is not a good idea to edit this pics. It was a great event and we hope to know more about soon. Please guys, post photos with the ward!
One of the best writings about the event came from Francesco Facchinetti, who hosted the ceremony. He posted a photo with Il Volo and said:

Loro sono: Gianluca, Ignazio e Piero; in tutto il MONDO li conoscono con il nome de IL VOLO.
Nonostante le milioni di copie vendute, le collaborazioni con i più grandi artisti del pianeta, i concerti con migliaia di persone, le nomination ai più grandi premi e i contratti con major americane, SONO RIMASTI I RAGAZZI UMILI DI UNA VOLTA. Potrebbero volare a 6 metri da terra, potrebbero snobbare tutti, potrebbero sentirsi superiori ma non lo fanno. La somma di tutto quello che hanno fatto certi cantanti italiani, che se la menano più di loro, non arriva neanche alla metà di quello che hanno fatto questi ragazzi in pochissimi anni.
Complimenti amici miei. Portate alta la bandiera del nostro paese. Ci vediamo in AMERICA. Vi voglio BENE. F.

(( They are: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero; and they are known around the WORLD as Il Volo.
Despite the millions of copies sold, the collaboration with the greatest artists on the planet, the concerts with thousands of people, the nominations for the biggest awards and the contracts with the major American labels, they REMAINED HUMBLE GUYS AS ALWAYS. They could fly to 6 meters off the ground, they could snobs everybody, they could feel superior but they do not. The sum of all that they have done some Italian singers, …, do not even get the half of what these guys have done in a few years. Congratulations my friends. Bring high the flag of our country. See you in AMERICA. I love you.))

So… they are home now. And today, while they shared beautiful photos of their recent visit in Russia, Circuiti Sonori – a studio that works with production and formation in music – shared photos of Piero Barone and Alina Nicosia in a meeting for a possible project together. Alina Nicosia recently won the Festival de Castrocaro, as we reported here, and is another great talent of Sicilia.

Let’s wait for this project!

Il Volo on the Galà Dinner Telethon – gallery


This gallery contains 9 photos.

On October 23, 2014 at the Open Colonna – Palazzo delle Esposizioni of Rome, took place the Galà Dinner Telethon. Il Volo attended this event as special and awarded guests. See the photo gallery with photos shared by the Institution, press and … Continue reading

Il Volo on the Galà Dinner Telethon Italia

Gala Telethon 2014During the Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma time and space for solidarity: a Gala Dinner in support of Telethon research on rare and genetic diseases. The great event, organized by Tiziana Rocca Comunicazione,  was held yesterday, October 23  at  Open Colonna – Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome. Guests of the Institution and celebrities of the world of entertainment, fashion, music, sports and cinema attended the Galà Dinner giving their contribution to the evening and to the cause of the Fondazione Telethon, chaired by Luca di Montezemolo with the  general direction of Francesca Pasinelli.

Gala Telethon 2014The evening was conducted by Francesco Facchinetti after the entrance of the guests that posed for photos and are encouraged to share “selfies” on the social networks in behalf of the Telethon researches. The Award Telethon was given to important personalities including the American actor and director Paul Sorvino and the singers of Il VoloIgnazio Boschetto, Piero Barone and Gianluca Ginoble -, who performed some songs  – “Il Mondo” and “Smile” – for the delight of the presents.

Telethon do a great job researching on a field were few institutions agree to invest time and resources, although the genetic diseases are increasingly being diagnosed and requiring the establishment of new protocols and treatments. According to La Presse, “Telethon has invested in scientific research over € 423 million, supporting the work of 1,547 researchers working on 2532 projects and research on 449 different rare genetic diseases”.

For those who have accompanied the social networks last night is sure that Telethon reached all its goals with this magnificent event in Rome.

:: see the photo gallery

(this article is temporary, it will be revised and updated with more information and photos)


:: Telethonenglish version
:: A galà Telethon Valeria Marini a Matilde Brandi scelgono il rosso fuoco – on La Presse – video (Oct 24, 2014)
:: Francesca Pasinelli – by Valeria Vantaggi on Vanity Stories – Vanity Fair (Oct 23, 2014)

In Italiano (by Margherita @edoslaugh) Continue reading

Il Volo voting Blitz, Today!

As we have announced all the week on our facebook, twitter, instagram, the voting Blitz is today. Let’s put Il Volo far ahead of the other contestants! And pay attention to the Il Volo Flight Crew girls and boys on twitter: they will share a lot of funny things to improve our performance on voting 🙂

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LMIA 2014

Roberto Amadè and Ignazio Boschetto

Today, Roberto Amadè shared this amazing video, recorded on the Concert Amadè-Boschetto back in February 2014. This event thrilled the Ilvolosphere and left beautiful memories. However, the most beautiful of all is the message written by Roberto to Ignazio:

“A few years ago I met a great artist, a dear friend, an Amazing Singer, extraordinary, special. With him I have known many of you …
many of you will participate in my video “Let’s Feel Better”.
We sang this my song together one day.
I dedicate it to him, Igni, with all my heart.
I dedicate it to all of you.
With immense gratitude.

At the Teatro Impero, Roberto and Ignazio singing “Una Vita Migliore”

video by Roberto Amadè