Il Volo – a meeting with the children in Napoli

Il Volo on the Ludoteca in NapoliOn September 12, 2014, Il Volo attended an event on the district Sanità in Napoli. The district of Sanità is part of the Stella district, time ago a noble neighbourhood and now one of the areas of the city that have more needs on the social field. The Municipality of Napoli along with other social institutions are great making efforts to support the neighbourhood concerning social, health and cultural needs. A wonderful job that brings to people beautiful experiences as that with Il Volo.

The event was organized by the Municipality, in special by the Councillor for Youth Alessandra Clemente, and took place at the City Ludoteca in Piazza dei Miracoli at 12pm Ignazio Boschetto, Gianluca Ginoble and Piero Barone met the children, attendees of the ludoteca, and the young artists of the youth choir of the Teatro San Carlo. According with Alessandra Clemente, the meeting was part of the efforts for the development of the district with  cultural events promoting experiences and contact with music and all kind of arts.

Alessandra Clemente said about the event:

Today in the Town Ludoteca supported by the Administration, that operates promoting game activities and free creative expression of children in Piazza dei Miracoli, the students of the Youth Choir directed by Carlo Morelli welcomed the boys of the musical group “Il Volo”, in concert in Naples on their first Italian tour. We intend to encourage the spread of musical culture as a stimulus for artistic and civil growth. The music is an essential instrument for cultural growth and development. All of us, along with the families of the Ludoteca, thanks to the synergy aggregated, will participate in the concert of Il Volo, tonight at the Arena Flegrea, for sharing together the thrill of a live concert.[1]

Congratulations to the Comune di Napoli and to the Councillor Alessandra Clemente for this wonderful event.

These videos were published by Pupia Campania TV:

video by Pupia Campania

video by Pupia Campania

[1] – Meeting with Il Volo – Alessandra Clemente on facebook

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